Online Classes & Other Shelter in Place Information


Shelter in Place Rule of Life

Click here for suggestions of practices that help establish a rhythm of life with God during this season of shelter in place.

House to House UPDATES

See our daily message we are calling ‘House to House’ as yet another way for us to connect with one another during this difficult season of Covid-19. Some days these messages will be in the form of a video. Other days might be a devotional or invitation to a practice. To see ‘House to House’ or other videos on our YouTube channel click here.

Children’s Online Sunday School

During this time of shelter in place, we are providing weekly Sunday School lessons for our families with children or grandchildren.

Contact Brett Shoemaker at to be included in a weekly letter to families each week, with links to pre-recorded video lessons by your teachers at Faith!

Join us online at 11:15 a.m. AFTER LIVESTREAM WORSHIP to join Brett and other Sunday School teachers for a lesson, song, and some fun together! Click the link here!

To see Words of Hope from our children click here. If you would like to submit your child’s Words of Hope message email it to

Current Online Adult Formation Courses & Opportunities

Between the Swastika and the Sickle: The Life, Disappearance & Execution of Ernst Lohmeyer

Sunday Evenings (Oct 25, Nov 1 and 8) at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom.  Click here to join the course.

Click here for the recording of the November 25th class.

Facilitator: Dr. James Edwards, the Bruner-Welch Professor Emeritus of Theology, Whitworth University 

On February 15th, 1946, the Soviet NKVD raided the home of Ernst Lohmeyer just hours before his inauguration as the president of Greifswald University in Germany.  Lohmeyer had survived active duty in both World War I and World War II.  He had resisted the rise of Nazi fascism as a member of the Confessing Church. Now it was his resistance to the Soviet occupation that would cost him his life.  With the exception of his correspondence from prison, Lohmeyer was never heard from again.  In this class Dr. Edwards will teach as a follow up to his recent book chronicling Lohmeyer’s life, disappearance and execution.  The story will become even more compelling for us as we hold it alongside the tumultuous interplay of faith and politics in current day 21st century America.  

True Confessions: Hope Beyond the Headlines

Schedule: Sunday Evenings at 7:00 p.m. on September 13, 20, 27 & October 4th.

Facilitators: Rev. Rick Hull, Rev. Lorie Sprinkle, Rev. Jeff Chapman  

Click here to go to the online class.

Click here for the September 13th class recording.

Click here for the September 20th class recording.

Click here for the September 27th class recording.

Click here for the October 4th class recording.

As Presbyterians we belong to a confessional church.  Put simply, though scripture is always our unique and authoritative witness, there are times in the history of the church when we have needed to articulate how God’s Word informs us and brings us hope and courage in responding to challenges, divisions, or untruths that unfold around us.  At critical moments, the Spirit-led church has done this so well that a confession from one historical context is able to speak to all historical contexts.  In this course we will take three confessions from our Book of Confessions to better understand how our forbearers’ faith response to challenges in their day can help to inform how we respond to challenges we face in our day.  To do this we explore confessions from Nazi Germany (The Barmen Declaration), the social unrest of the 60’s (The Confession of 1967), and the reuniting of denominations once divided (The Brief Statement of Faith).  

Ballot Proposition Forum 

We offered a forum October 6th intended to help voters understand each of the propositions on the ballot this coming November.  Our own Chuck Bell hosted the forum.  Chuck has hosted these forums for us many times in the past and has a unique ability to offer a fair summary of each proposition and the pro and con arguments.  Click here to view the forum recording.

God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and Its Aftermath

Wednesday Evenings beginning September 30th – 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Facilitator: Ron Beams

You are warmly invited to join an eight-week study of the book, God and the Pandemic, by N. T. Wright. This study will allow us to “discover a different way of seeing and responding to the Coronavirus pandemic … drawing on Scripture, Christian history, and the way of living, thinking, and praying revealed to us by Jesus”.  Using the Bible and Christian history, author N.T. Wright offers simple yet profound answers to foundational questions, including “What should be the Christian response?” “How should we think about God?” “How do we live in the present?” “Why should we lament?” “How do we recover?”  Wright is one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars and has been a major contributor to the Christian faith as a writer, author, teacher, and pastor.  Click here to join the class.

The Marriage Course

Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m. online beginning October 22nd

Click here to register.

The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.  The course helps couples understand each other’s needs, communicate more effectively, learn conflict resolution tools, heal from past hurts, recognizing how family history impacts marriage, improve relationships with parents and in-laws, and develop greater sexual intimacy.  Couples with a thriving relationship will discover an opportunity to grow an even stronger marriage.  Also, marriages that are struggling can be set on a road to greater health.  In other words, EVERY couple, regardless of age, can benefit from this course.
We are going to launch a new online version of the Marriage Course this Fall.  The course will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30ish p.m. beginning on October 22nd.  It’s a seven-week course and will run until December 10th (skipping one week for Thanksgiving).    Couples are encouraged to share a dinner beforehand (perhaps order take out from your favorite local restaurant!).  The course will livestream on Zoom.  You will not be asked to turn your camera or microphone and can enjoy the course from the privacy of your own home.  
The course fee is $20.  We encourage you to invite other couples to sign up, even if they live out of town.  Click here to register online. You can pay online with a credit card.  If you prefer to pay by check, just check the ‘pay later’ option and we’ll be in touch.  

Embracing the Gift of Life Course

(Ron Beams, facilitator) – Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. online.  Click here to join the course.

The Thursday afternoon discussion group has a whole new focus, and we hope you’ll check it out! However, the overall focus of the gathering and its weekly themes have been changed in an effort to make this gathering even more relevant to participants. Here’s what Ron says:
“This class is designed for seniors of all ages to celebrate what life is like right now. This includes how we see our life fitting into the broad spectrum of relationships, spirituality, and meaning and purpose. Each week’s gathering will have a specific focus or theme, which we will address together in a spirit of open discussion.”