Online Worship & Other Shelter in Place Information


Through this time of shelter in place we will be worshipping online.  Though separated by space, we are still united by the Spirit.  Come join us for worship!

Online Worship Bulletin

How to Connect to the LIVE Online Worship Service

Click here after 9:50 a.m. for the LIVE feed of this Sunday’s 10 a.m. online worship service.

Recorded Online Worship Services

Click here for the recorded feed of the Sunday, August 2nd online worship service.

House to House UPDATES

See our daily message we are calling ‘House to House’ as yet another way for us to connect with one another during this difficult season of Covid-19. Some days these messages will be in the form of a video. Other days might be a devotional or invitation to a practice. To see ‘House to House’ or other videos on our YouTube channel click here.

Shelter in Place Rule of Life

Click here for suggestions of practices that help establish a rhythm of life with God during this season of shelter in place.

Children’s Online Sunday School

During this time of shelter in place, we are providing weekly Sunday School lessons for our families with children or grandchildren.

Contact Brett Shoemaker at to be included in a weekly letter to families each week, with links to pre-recorded video lessons by your teachers at Faith!

Join us online at 9:00 a.m. BEFORE WORSHIP to join Brett and other Sunday School teachers for a lesson, song, and some fun together! Click the link here!

To see Words of Hope from our children click here. If you would like to submit your child’s Words of Hope message email it to

Current Online Adult Formation Courses & Opportunities

Jesus & The Disinherited

Facilitator: Alice Parente
Pre-register for course by emailing Alice at 

Wednesday evenings, July 29-September 16, at 7:00 p.m.  Click here to join the class. 

You are invited to join an eight-week class dedicated to examining what it means for us to live The Compassionate Life in our current society. Jesus calls all of us to a life committed to compassion and justice for all peoples. In order to build on what Jesus taught, we will be using the book, Jesus and the Disinherited. Written by Howard Thurman, an African-American minister who worked alongside Martin Luther King, Jesus and the Disinherited describes Thurman’s lifelong attempt “to bring the harrowing beauty of the African-American experience into deep engagement with what he called ‘the religion of Jesus.’  If you would like to take part, RSVP to Alice at  Please acquire the book before the class.  You can purchase the book online, or download a free copy at

Practical Apps: Why Reformed Theology Can – and Must – Speak Hope to this Moment

Facilitator: Rick Hull

Sunday evenings, July 26, August 2, 19, 16 – 7:00 p.m.  Click here to join the course. 

Click here for the recording of the Sunday, August 2nd class.

God has given us a gift for the world … a theology that can transform lives and shape the cultural environment. This theology is not a dry academic pursuit – or simply a means of defining differences between religious systems. It is the foundation of a life-giving faith – the action plan of a sovereign Lord – and the real hope for a hopelessly confused and broken culture. Applied to this moment, it can become spiritual “corrective lenses” that clear fuzzy vision and bring fresh focus to the pathway that lies ahead. These four Reformation studies will offer insights and strength to live and act in the best traditions of our early ancestors who the Romans said, “turned the world upside down.”

Embracing the Gift of Life Course

(Ron Beams, facilitator) – Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. online.  Click here to join the course.

The Thursday afternoon discussion group has a whole new focus, and we hope you’ll check it out! However, the overall focus of the gathering and its weekly themes have been changed in an effort to make this gathering even more relevant to participants. Here’s what Ron says:
“This class is designed for seniors of all ages to celebrate what life is like right now. This includes how we see our life fitting into the broad spectrum of relationships, spirituality, and meaning and purpose. Each week’s gathering will have a specific focus or theme, which we will address together in a spirit of open discussion.”