Faith Presbyterian Church is

a community loving Christ, building disciples, serving all.

A Community

As somebody once said, “Christianity is always personal, but never private.”  The Christian faith is, by nature, communal. Though God knows us and invites each of us into relationship by name, he then calls us into the community of his people called the church.  At Faith, we are committed to doing all things – worship, formation, service, mission – with one another.

Loving Christ

According to Jesus, the greatest commandment we have ever been given is to love God with all we have – heart, mind, spirit, strength.  In all we do as a community, our hope is to demonstrate our love for Jesus Christ.

Building Disciples

Jesus’ last words on earth included the command for the church to go into all the world and make disciples.  At Faith, we don’t just want to know about Christ, we want to, with God’s help, become like Christ in the way we think, speak and act in this world.  Because of this, we have a strong commitment in this community to Christian spiritual formation and growth as disciples for people of all ages.

Serving All

We believe that the church exists on earth, ultimately, for the sake of those outside its walls.  That’s why this is a community deeply committed to discerning how God is leading us to serve the needs of the community and the world around us.  From its very beginning, Faith has been a congregation with a heart for mission.

To learn more about how the people of Faith are endeavoring, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to live into this vision, read our church's 2023 Annual Report.