2019 Summer Sabbatical Schedule

The focus of our sabbatical will be sitting under the teaching of the church in Africa.

As a part of the experience, Pastor Jeff Chapman will be traveling with his family this summer for six weeks in Ethiopia and Kenya. During their time there they will have opportunities to experience the vibrant mission and ministry of the church in that part of the world. Among other things, they will travel to Abaya to visit the World Vision ADP (Area Development Project) we have been co‐sponsoring for years. We also will travel to Kisumu, Kenya, to visit the site for the One Child, One Hen project, which was first envisioned by our own Moses and Emily Osoro and has, with the support of Faith, grown in incredible ways. Additionally, they will have many opportunities to worship with local congregations, fellowship in the homes of Christian families, and hear the stories of Christ’s hand at work in individual lives.

Here’s your part of the sabbatical: There are three East African pastors and their wives who will be traveling to
Sacramento, with each spending two weeks preaching, teaching and fellowshipping here at Faith. While the Chapman’s are sitting under the teaching of the African church in Africa, you will be sitting under the teaching of the African church here in Sacramento.

Pastor Edward Karanja and his wife, Serah, are from Nairobi, Kenya, and will be with us from May 31‐June 17. Edward will begin his time with us as our guest at the Men and Boys’ Retreat!

Pastor Mamusha Fenta and his wife will be here from August 5‐19. What a treat it will be to have him preach on Hope Sunday!

Finally, Pastor Edward Buri and his wife, Mary, will be here from September 2‐16. He will be the featured speaker at our All‐Church Retreat at Zephyr Point.

Congregational Sabbatical Schedule