Adult Christian Formation

Wendy Benjamin

The mission of the Adult Christian Formation Team is to provide a variety of learning opportunities for adults to grow spiritually as Christian disciples. Faith is nurtured through classes, Life Groups, and seasonal retreats, all of which are intended to engage head and heart in service to Christ, the church, and the world.

Family Ministry

Barbara Tracy

Faith’s Family Ministry aims to equip and support parents and others as they disciple children and teach them to love, obey, and follow Jesus. Children learn and are supported through a weekly Sunday school program. Parents are encouraged and equipped to nurture the spiritual life of their family by participating with their children in daily spiritual practices. Annual events, such as Vacation Bible School, provide additional opportunities for children and youth to learn and work together. Families are also encouraged to participate together in mission projects, fellowship activities, retreats, and other events that bring the generations together.

 Suzy Hughes


Suzy Hughes

The Communications Team directs the flow of information internally to the congregation and externally to the wider community. The team oversees Faith’s various digital and print communications, as well as the people and the technologies that help produce them.



The Fellowship Ministry’s purpose is to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, through which members and friends of the Faith community can come together and develop closer personal and church ties.

 Jeff May


Jeff May

The goal of the Finance Team is to provide oversight of the finances of Faith Presbyterian Church, thereby ensuring that financial gifts and pledges are secure for use in the ministries of our church within the congregation and out in the world.

Lay Ministry

Renee Larsen

The purpose of Lay Ministry is to assist members of the Faith community in finding ministries or activities that they love to do. The team believes that if you find what you love to do, then you have found your gifts, talents, and passion. You are also likely to experience more joy as you serve from your God-given strengths and spiritual gifts.


Lillian Wanjau

The Mission Team encourages and equips followers of Christ to serve Him by living out their faith inside and outside the walls of the church. A significant portion of Faith’s budget is dedicated to our many local, national, and international mission projects, such as Family Promise, South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership Food Closet, Moral Values Program, World Vision, and One Child One Hen. The mission team also plans and coordinates the annual summer mission trip and Faith’s Team World Vision run, which raises money for clean water in Africa.


Erwina Bush

The mission of the Outreach Team is to equip members of Faith Presbyterian Church to be more intentional in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others and to provide opportunities for them to do so. The Outreach Team offers a multi-faceted ministry of hospitality for newcomers to our church, with the aim of ensuring that those who come to Faith experience the welcome of Jesus Christ through their engagement with the congregation.



Rebecca Westmore

The Personnel Ministry Team administers the employment relationship with Faith’s ordained and lay staff. We encourage and support Faith’s staff to utilize their unique gifts and talents in the service of our Lord. We maintain personnel policies, assist in annual personnel reviews, interpret employment policies and procedures, and make salary and staffing recommendations to the Session.

Property & Building Maintenance

Mark Laybourn

The Property Maintenance Team cares for and maintains all physical facilities of the church buildings and grounds. The Building Ministry Team provides for and plans the updates of the church’s facilities master plan. It also prepares for the expansion and improvement of the facilities and manages the construction of facility improvements.


Lucy DaCastello

At its heart, stewardship is an ethic of taking care of something that is not our own. Christian stewardship is a commitment to use all the gifts God has given us — our time, talents, and financial resources — in ways that further God’s work and God’s will in our world. Broadly, then, the role of the Stewardship Team is to encourage biblically informed Christian stewardship in all members of the Faith community. Specifically, the team directs the annual stewardship campaign and any other major fundraising initiatives and offers the congregation opportunities to learn and apply essential principles of Christian stewardship.


Emily Martin

The Youth Ministry Team seeks to guide Faith’s youth in deepening their relationship with God through meaningful interactions with peers and adults who are rooted in Christ and through worship, memory-making, playfulness, and sharing our stories. We have two youth groups — one for those in grades 7 & 8 and one for those in grades 9-12. We offer a mentored Confirmation experience for high-school students, and we encourage and provide opportunities for all youth to grow in service, both in the church and in the world.


Dawn Vollmar

The mission of the Worship Team is to provide an opportunity for people of all ages to experience meaningful worship at Faith, with the prayerful expectation that they will encounter the living God here. The Worship Team works with pastors, other staff members, and volunteers to coordinate many aspects of the worship service. The team oversees the host of volunteers who help prepare for and lead worship every week. The team’s hope is to encourage widespread participation in worship, with the result that everyone may have a deeper worship experience as part of the Body of Christ that is gathered to praise our resurrected Lord and Savior.