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Dawn is breaking in Kalaltu village, Ethiopia. In the distance many kilometers away down the valley of this mountainous area, you can hear a call to worship from loudspeakers emanating from the top of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church steeple in Dilla. Roosters are crowing and there is a scent of eucalyptus wood smoke as the townspeople awaken and begin to make breakfast. As the men prepare to work the fields of their family farms, Zinabua Moroma, her sisters and mom get their water containers and begin the 5 kilometer roundtrip trek to fetch water.Zinabua Moroma In 2010 World Vision capped a spring downhill from their mud walled straw roof home near the creek where they fetched contaminated water for 7 generations. The family was always ill from water born sicknesses until 2010  when Zinabua and her mom Birkinesh began filling their containers from the pristine spring that was capped by World Vision.

Similar stories like this happen every day in developing nations around our globe. But, the story doesn’t always have a happy ending like this one where the families benefit from clean water projects provided by World Vision or other organizations or governments. More often than not women and young girls trek much further than a kilometer for filthy contaminated water resulting in rape, sickness, and even death.

Every Spring on a Sunday morning between worship services Faith church conducts a fundraising event to benefit the World Vision Abaya Ethiopia Area Development Program W.a.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene) projects and to raise awareness of challenges the world’s poorest of the poor to have access to clean potable water each day. We walk one mile to the Cabana Club South private swimming pool with empty water containers to fetch water. Participants arrive at the Cabana Club and fill their water containers. They quickly learn the hardship of what it is like to have to acquire their own water and the value of every single drop of clean water.

All donations are directed to our partnership with the World Vision Abaya, Ethiopia Area Development Program, earmarked for clean water projects.


Join us the 9th annual Walk4Water May 22nd. All proceeds from the event will benefit a World Vision water project in Abaya, Ethiopia, providing clean water to thousands of people in need. Through World Vision’s water projects, $50 provides one person with clean water for life!

WHAT: Two-mile walk while carrying water to simulate the walk done by millions of people every day looking for water, or walk virtually.

WHEN: May 22nd, 10:15 a.m.

WHERE: The walk route begins at Faith Presbyterian Church, with a turnaround point at Cabana Club South on Gloria Drive.

REGISTRATION: $25 for adult walkers, $10 for children, and free for children 5 years and younger. Family registration is also available for $75 for families with two adults and three or more children. Registration will take place in the narthex between worship services or you can register online by clicking here or scan the QR code.


WHAT TO BRING: A clean container for carrying water. You will carry your empty container for one mile, filling it with water at the turnaround point and walking back to the start. Container ideas include a water bottle, milk jug, bucket, clean gas can – whatever you can carry!