Eighteen deacons are available to assist members of their parishes or visitors of the church with meals and prayers during times of family illness, crisis, or times of need. The deacons provide a deeply “personal touch” in the ministry of our church.  All those attending Faith on a regular basis are assigned a parish. If you need to reach your deacon but don’t know your parish, please contact the church office at 428-3439.

Helen Frisch

Parish 1

Betty McClure

Parish 2

Randy Smith

Parish 3

Stephanie Homen

Parish 4

Georgianne Becker

Parish 5

David Zinn

Parish 6

John Brophy

Parish 7

Georgina Borton

Parish 8

Sue Kim

Parish 9
 Sylvia Warner

Sylvia Warner

Parish 10

Jim Tracy

Parish 11

Selam Fanta

Parish 12

Kay Lum

Parish 13

Glenda Arellano

Parish 14

Kimberly Char

Parish 15

Pam Rock

Parish 16


Parish 17

April Reichert

Parish 18