Ethiopian Vision Trip 2012 by Communications Elder David Nash

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Oct 142011

Water project sponsored by Faith Church in Abaya

I’m excited about leaving to Abaya, Ethiopia in February as part of our World Vision trip in behalf of Faith Presbyterian Church in Sacramento.  Over 100 church members sponsor children in the Abaya region, which is where Faith church has made a covenant with World Vision to sponsor an ADP (Area Development Project).  Thus far, we have built a water project, and are now building a school, in addition to over 100 children in the region are sponsored by the Faith congregation community.

My colleagues traveling with me as goodwill ambassadors are Jon Cash, Jenny May, Virginia Escalante, Natalie Reyes and Maria Rodriguez and Pastor Jim Zazzera.  We are lucky to have Maria on the team who took this trip 2 years ago, and  Jenny who visited Eagles Nest Orphanage in Zambia 2 years ago, and Natalie who just returned from a mission trip to Albania.  They are an abundance of information that will help us plan for the trip.

It looks like we’ll all be pin cushions after visiting the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  Several vaccinations are required from a flu shot to Yellowfever, OUCH!

The flights to the capital of Ethiopia- Addis Ababa will take 5 hours from Sacramento to Washington D.C., and then 12 hours 45 minutes from D.C. to Addis Ababa. Then we’ll travel about 6 hours via vehicle south to the remote area we are sponsoring.

I’ve been studying the history and customs, language and etiquette so I’m well prepared in advance of the vision trip.  I’ve also been researching what devices to take to record the trip- my sister just gifted me with an i-pad, and I just purchased an iphone4s global phone.

I encourage contributions to help our team to defray the costs of the trip and those peripheral costs associated with the trip.  Checks should be written and sent to: Faith Presbyterian Church, 625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA., 95831 and earmarked “Vision Trip”. Donations will be distributed evenly to the Vision Team. More to come.  I’ll be blogging daily during the trip and will be updating my planning as we get closer to the trip.  I pray that God will work through me and our team during the trip, and that his hand will be with us. I pray for our brothers and sisters in Abaya.