Abaya 2014 Vision Team

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Mar 062014

On March 4, 2014 a team (listed below) from our church left for a 10-day Vision Trip to Abaya, Ethiopia. As they represent both Christ and Faith Presbyterian Church, their hope is to see in person all that God is doing through the ministry of World Vision in that community, a ministry FaithChurch has been partners with for nearly four years. During this trip they will meet sponsored children, visit water projects, tour schools, talk with community leaders, and worship together with their brothers and sisters in their own communities of faith. The team is going as ambassadors and will do their best to pay close attention so that they can come back and interpret what they have seen, heard and felt.

How can you be involved? In at least four ways:

One, read the team’s blogs. David Nash will be writing a blog on ourchurch website throughout the trip. You can check it out athttps://faithpresby.org/?page_id=48. Natalie Reyes will also host a blog about the trip at the following address: www.nmrey.tumblr.com. We encourage you to follow along with these blogs and keep updated.

Two, please pray with them. Here is a list of things we are praying for, and we would ask you to join us in prayer each day during our journey:

  • Lord, we pray for the team you are sending from Faith to Abaya this week: Sandi Bilbo, Isabel Chapman, Tracy Cumming, Mulay Gebrewahid, David Nash, Natalie Reyes, Kitty Tatro, and Jeff Chapman.
  • Lord, help us be open to meeting You in unexpected places and people along the way.
  • Lord, give us a genuine interest in the lives and hearts of the people we meet and an ability to connect with them across our differences.
  • Lord, help us to listen before we speak.
  • Lord, help us be transformed through this experience in ways that are pleasing to you.  May our hearts be softened with compassion.
  • Lord, provide your protection to our team and to those we meet along the way.
  • Lord, may we be attuned to your agenda and not our own agenda.
  • Lord, may we be an encouragement to those we meet, particularly to the World Vision staff who are faithfully serving you in Abaya.
  • Lord, prepare us to come back after this experience to tell our story in ways that further the work or your kingdom.
  • Lord, give our team unity in the Holy Spirit.
  • Lord, bless the people of Ethiopia. May their nation continue to move out of material poverty. Provide leaders who are full of competence and character.

Three, meet in the narthex between worship services this Sunday, March 9, for a live conversation with the Abaya Vision Team. They will be coming to you live from Awassa, Ethiopia, and they’ll share some of their early impressions of our time there. Bring your questions!

Four, make plans to join us for the “Walk4Water” event coming to Faith on March 22.  You’ll be hearing much more about this in the weeks to come.  It will be a fabulous opportunity to learn about what millions in our world have to go through just to get clean drinking water and, at the same time, to raise funds to help those same people have greater access to clean water.