Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 30, Number 20 September 27, 2005

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831



Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am

CREW Bible Study 2-3pm


(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.

Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


October 2  Harvest Dinner & Auction

October 8 Golf tournament

October 8 Medicare Drug Plan Presentation 9-10:30am

October 16 -22 Family Promise at Faith

October 16  CROPWALK 12:30pm

October 22 Ototo African Children's Choir at Faith

Harvest Dinner and Silent Auction

                Our annual Harvest Dinner and Silent Auction, is on Sunday, October 2 at 6:00 P.M.

                This will be a potluck, so use the following when preparing your contribution for the dinner:

A-K Main Dish

L-P Dessert

Q-Z Salad

                The “Silent Auction” is an exciting event that will again raise money to support the campership find. Start working on your contribution for the silent auction now so you’ll be ready on October 2nd. You will find auction donation forms in the Narthex.

                We look forward to seeing all of you at the Dinner and Auction. If you have any questions, please contact Doran McDaniel at 683-4687.

Pastor Jim writes:


Last week’s all church retreat opened me up to many new thoughts about our life as Christian people. But one unexpected thought came to me – seemingly unrelated to the retreat topic itself. I was struck by how hard it must be to come to an event like this for the first time as a relatively new member of the church. Imagine, committed to a weekend for a gathering with people you know very little! What will be asked of you? Who else will be there? Will anyone else understand your life situation? How will your children be treated? Will anyone even ask your name?


Coming to a congregation’s worship service for the first time must feel the same way. Will anyone even notice me? (Or maybe you don’t want to be noticed.) Will anything seem familiar? What demands will be made of me? Will I see anyone I know? What will I take away from the experience? What am I seeking? What do I bring to the experience?


I think it would do well for all of us who have “been around” any situation for a long time to imagine what it would be to experience this retreat, this service of worship, this youth meeting -  whatever – for the first time. It is a helpful thing to imagine the fears and expectations of the newcomer. It is instructive to try to see what they see – to step out of our comfortable corner and see with fresh eyes.


When I see church life with a newcomer's eyes, what then? I suggest two things. First, reach out. It is the responsibility of those of us who have been here a while to provide welcome to the stranger, the visitor, the new person in our midst. After all – they have taken the huge step of walking through the door. They have taken the big risk of entering our life together. We owe them nothing less than simple hospitality. Share your name, ask a few simple questions, bring a cup of coffee or a cup of cold water, help them find a room, make them feel truly at home.


Secondly – notice what they notice. How was worship today? Is the building easy to navigate? Are visitors being greeted by anyone beside the “official” greeters? Were their children made to feel at home? Was our communication only focused “inward” or do we as a congregation show a regard for those who are not present? There are a million things to pay attention to when you put on a “beginner’s mind”  – a newcomer’s outlook.


Finally, if you are a newcomer in any way to this church – first time at worship, first time at a retreat, first time meeting the pastors, first time at a Bible study or small group, first time at Sunday school, first time at a youth meeting - we are delighted that you are here. Sometimes we show that well, sometimes we fail. But we want you here – not for statistics, not for money, not for your many skills and gifts – but because this is a community founded in Christ Jesus, and it is his command and intention that we welcome all. Jesus reaches out with a warm and loving embrace to welcome in all God’s children. And though we are imperfect, sometimes shy, often stumbling – so do we.



Adult Education


 "Searching Our Spiritual Gifts"


Join us Sunday mornings (September 25th - October 16th) during our adult education hours (9:30- 10:30am and 10:30 - 11:30am)as we reflect on our spiritual gifts and our ministry as Christian people. Our study will utilize the morning sermon with questions and scripture texts provided by Pastor Jeff or Pastor Jim. You are invited to participate in one session or all the sessions.



"If You Want to Walk On Water You Have To Get Out Of the Boat!"


Continuing on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:30 pm as we explore the amazing life to which Jesus invites us. Through discussion, video presentation, Bible study, and prayer we will explore what it means to step out in faith and embrace the gifts and call we are given as people of God. We are using materials from John Ortberg's book of the same name. Claire Pisor serves as instructor for this class. Please come even if you can come only once - or take the opportunity to participate in as many sessions as you are able.


Martin Beal Big Band Concert at Crest Theater

If you enjoy the sounds of a big band in live concert consider attending Martin's 1940's BIG BAND RADIO SHOW September 30, 2005 at 8:00 pm at the CREST THEATRE 1013 K Street.

Martin Beal is the vocalist and Band Leader.

Tickets are $15.00 General Admission $10.00 Senior's 55+ available through TICKETS.COM or CREST THEATRE BOX OFFICE Open

Monday-Thursday 4:30-8:00 pm Fri-Sat-Sun 12:30-8:00 pm or call Pat Beal at (916) 686-9657.

Don't miss the fun, music and pure entertainment!


Gaither Tickets

Due to an unexpected business trip, I will not be able to use the Gaither band concert tickets on October 17th at Arco Arena.  Any one interested in purchasing the two seats for a discounted $30.00 total, please call Tammi Whitted at 682-5902 or email: davntam@softcom.net



10 k, 5 k and Executive Walk (1k) 

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Registration 12:30 PM, Walk 1:00 PM

West Steps of the State Capitol


The CROP WALK is an annual event organized by local interfaith groups and other organizations. Held in nearly 2,000 communities in the U.S., the  CROP WALK has two purposes: (1) to raise awareness about people who must walk to find food, water, firewood, freedom and other necessities of life; and (2) to raise funds to help communities stop hunger wherever it exists. It is organized by local churches and by Church World Service.

Each event selects local organizations serving the needs of the local community to receive 25% of the money raised through the walk.

75% of the funds aid the work of Church World Service to:

  a.. Support sustainable self-help development projects - digging wells, providing tools and seeds, rebuilding homes, teaching a trade through micro-enterprise loans;

  b.. Meet emergency needs - such as hurricanes, floods, fires other natural and man-made disasters;

  c.. Aid Refugees (Includes resettlement in the U.S. through affiliate offices such as Opening Doors, Inc. in Sacramento);

  d.. Address root causes of poverty and powerlessness; 

  e.. Designations may be made by sponsors to other international relief agencies.

Please see John Sugar or Donna Touros if you are considering walking.  If you can't walk but would like to help serve water or put up signs, please call Conney Willis.  Finally, please give generously when asked to support a walker.

Family Promise October 16-23

 As you know, Family promise is coming to Faith October 16th at 5:00pm to October 23rd at 8:00am.

If you are a new volunteer or missed the training in April, please attend a brief training session after the second service on October 16. Any volunteers with questions are welcome to attend in Room 4 with Cynthia Crow and Sue Hooper.

              On Sunday October 23, after the 2nd service, there will be a debriefing in Room 4. If you have questions or comments about the week, we look forward to seeing you there. Per Sue Hooper 393-2633.



Watoto Concert


On Saturday, October 22, Faith church will host the Watoto African Children’s Choir.  The choir consists of AIDS orphans who are traveling throughout the United States raising money for their orphanage. The concert is sponsored by the 15 churches of the South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership ( S. S. I. P.) who are asked to provide six homes to house two children and one adult each. (This a different choir than the African children’s choir that recently performed in our area) Tickets will be $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for children.  Charlie Tucker is the contact person at Faith if you have questions or want to volunteer to house performers.

Dear Faith Worshippers---UNICEF


Since 1950, American children have been Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF.  So far, their efforts have raised more than $123 million to help improve the lives of children around the world and to help build a better future for us all.  With just one of those dollars, UNICEF can immunize a child against measles for life, provide 33 children with a year’s supply of vitamin A to protect them from blindness or provide enough water-purification tablets to make five gallons of water drinkable.

            This year our children are being asked to become World Heroes.   Funds raised on behalf of UNICEF will be used to bring education, clean water, nutrition, immunizations, and emergency relief to children hit by Hurricane Katrina, the Southeast Asia tsunami, and starvation in Niger.  

            You are invited to help our Faith children make a difference by continuing the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF tradition on Sunday, Oct. 30.   Our children are invited to come in costume that day and trick-or-treat through the congregation at the designated time during both worship services.   We hope you will choose to support our children in helping other children worldwide through this quality program.



Alice Parente                     Conney Willis                       Sue Kirk

Adult Education Elder       Mission Elder                   Christian Education Coordinator

A message from Pastor Jeff Chapman

What’s With the New Pastor Search?


Is Jim leaving? Isn’t Kesley working with our youth right now? What’s this I hear about Faith beginning to look for a new pastor?


Recently there has been some confusion about the creation of a brand new Associate Pastor Nominating Committee. (In the Presbyterian Church, nominating committees like this are created to search for new pastors the church is looking to hire. This committee was elected in August and already hard at work.) Seems like a word or two of clarification might be helpful.


No, Jim Zazzera is not leaving.  We’re thrilled that Jim continues to sense God’s call to the ministry of Faith.  


Yes, Kelsey is heading up our youth ministry now and, along with a great youth staff, doing a fantastic job.  But Kelsey is also sensing God’s call to head this next year to seminary and begin working towards ordination as an minister in the Presbyterian Church.  (She plans to begin seminary in September of 2006.)  I really believe this is a good next step for her.  Kelsey is a remarkable young woman and in my time with her this past year it has become clear that she has the gifts and passion necessary to pursue this path. 


Thus, with Kelsey’s pending departure, the Personnel committee and Session made the decision this past summer to move towards replacing her with an ordained pastor.  In essence, we see this not as a new step as much as a return to the staffing arrangement Faith enjoyed when Dan Fowler served here so capably as youth pastor, and Peter and Joan rounded out the pastoral staff. 


Why hire an ordained pastor to focus on youth when we seem to have been getting along fine with a non-ordained youth director?  There are at least three reasons Session considered in making this decision.


One, youth ministry is only partially about working with youth.  To be an effective youth worker these days, one has to be able to work well with parents and families as well as students.  Therefore, we really want to hire somebody with some life experience and theological training, that they would be better equipped to partner with parents in caring for and discipling the young people of our congregation. 


Two, a theological education is an invaluable asset in youth ministry.  Having served as a youth worker prior to and after seminary, I can testify that a seminary training made a marked difference in the quality and content in my teaching, gave me a much wider perspective of the church beyond the youth ministry, and better equipped me to lead students (and families) in pastoral counseling, worship, and host of other areas.


Third, a third pastor will provide the extra ordained leadership we need as we continue to grow.  Returning to an ordained staff of 2 ½ pastors will enable the staff here to be more effective in several areas including: preaching, adult education classes, staff supervision, pastoral care, weddings, etc. 


Hopefully, this helps gives some clarification to the direction the leadership of Faith has sensed God leading with our staffing.  Certainly, if you have questions as we proceed in this process, we would be happy to address them.  In the meantime, please pray with us that God would continue to provide the leadership here at Faith necessary to guide us in the days to come.


I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!


In Christ,




P.S. In case you missed the congregational meeting, the following Faith members were elected to serve on the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee: Cindy Canady (chair), Vicky Chastain, Rick Crow, Carey Kincaid, Jennifer Smith, Becky Bell and Shari Reyes.



The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) has begun its work to call a new associate pastor. We are excited about our work, and also humbled at the task put before us and the trust placed in us by the congregation.

The APNC will be spending the next several weeks preparing the Church Information Form, a demographic and narrative portrait of our church and the position we seek to fill. This information form will introduce us to prospective candidates, and help our denomination match our needs with eligible candidates. We look forward to completing this important first step, with help from the Session, its committees and our pastoral staff, among others. We ask for your prayers as we seek God's will in this endeavor.

Becky Bell is the contact.

Health Ministries

Mediterranean Menu

Eating Mediterranean-style meals could reduce the risk of dying from heart disease.   Studies show that when people with coronary heart disease shift their diet toward more Mediterranean cuisine, it can reduce mortality rates. To live a more Mediterranean lifestyle, boost the presence of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy on the menu while limiting red meat, sweets, and saturated fat.

More about this Tip: When making your menu more Mediterranean, stick to the dishes of the south, rather than the north. Northern Mediterranean cooking can be high in saturated fat with more cream-based sauces, cheese-influenced dishes, and red meat. A traditional southern Mediterranean diet may include fruit, whole-wheat toast, and a cup of yogurt for breakfast; couscous, skinless chicken, and mixed vegetables grilled with olive oil for lunch; and fish, beans, hearty vegetable stew, and a glass of red wine for dinner. For snacks, reach for olive tapenade on crusty whole-grain bread or crackers or a handful of nuts, Southern Mediterranean diets are low in saturated fat, limiting red meat, butter and eggs. Sweets are consumed sparingly as well. Round out your Mediterranean lifestyle with a program of regular physical activity.


Medicare Prescription Drug Plans Come Saturday October 8 from 9:00am to 10:30 am to learn about Medicare Part D which you need to join between November 15 , 2005 and May 15, 2006. HiCap (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) will present unbiased information to help you decide which Medicare Drug Program is right for your individual needs. (See August 30 PresbyNews for a full page description of  and answers about the various plans) Mary

Nabers can give you more information


Your Editor finally cornered the Carpenter family for a picture to go with the biography. Kurt and Madelyne joined in August. Kyle will join with the confirmation class. The Carpenter’s search to find a nurturing place of worship in the community where they live ended when they were introduced to Faith by friends in the congregation and by their son Kyle’s involvement in Faith’s youth ministry.  Their decision to join Faith was sealed when Pastor Jeff accepted the permanent position to lead the congregation.  Kurt and Madelyne Carpenter have been married for twenty-one years originally meeting in Los Angeles, the city where both spent their childhood.  Their son Kyle is beginning his freshman year at John F. Kennedy High School and their daughter Kara is in the fourth grade at Matsuyama Elementary School.  Madelyne Carpenter is a Vice President with Merchants National Bank in downtown Sacramento and Kurt Carpenter works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and also serves as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy Reserve.   



 Florin Mall "Drive Thro October 21      10:00a.m.--2:00p.m.

 65th St.Expressway, Sacramento, 95823


 Pannell Meadowview  October 25          10:00a.m.--1:00p.m.

 2459Meadowview Rd. Sacramento,  Ca.95832


 Centennial United Methodist   October 27 10:00a.m.--1:00p.m.

 5401 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, Ca. 95822


 Fruitridge Community Center    November 8   10:00a.m.--12:00p.m.

 4000Fruitridge Rd.  Sacramento, Ca.95820


There will be a $10.00 charge for the flu shot.  It will be provided to seniors 60 years and older, and to persons who are chronically ill under the age of 60 --with a note from their physician.

Persons with Medicare Part B without HMO coverage may qualify for Medicare billing.  YOU MUST BRING YOUR MEDICARE CARD TO THE CLINIC.

Tetanus will be offered for $10.00. Pneumonia shots $35.00.


Mission Committee Plans for Katrina Aid


              Faith’s Mission Committee is studying various ways that Faith could respond and help those victimized by Hurricane Katrina. Ways of responding that are being studied are Spring/Summer Mission trips, work with our neighborhood to rebuild a devastated neighborhood, adopt a church in the area, have additional special offerings, and recruiting Red Cross volunteers. We have already had a special offering and have sent hygiene kits.

              The Mission Committee is looking at ways to make this more than a one time event for Faith, to be involved over a longer term.  Katrina struck about a month ago and it is too soon to get solid information about adopting a church, doing mission trips or rebuilding a neighborhood.

              We are checking with Presbytery, other churches not in our Presbytery, and Presbyteries in the Gulf States, Presbyterian Disaster Relief, and churches in our own neighborhood. If you have some thoughts or ideas, please contact Conney Willis, Mission Elder.

              As Ron Dotzler (2005 Retreat speaker) said “Churches are the hope of the world”. Please keep us in your prayers as we study how to be a part of that for Hurricane Katrina victims.


Eagle Wings Thanks Faith


Dear Faith Presbyterian:

              We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support towards the children of Zambia. It was an honor to be at your church and we trust and pray that our Lord’s name be glorified at times through you all.

              God bless you and we hope to see you again.

                            Love in our Lord’s name,

                                          Mark, Graham and Sonya

  George and Ruth Warner host a BBQ and potluck for the Tradewinds group.

Congratulations to Bill and Marge Miles, and, Wayne and Ruth Burkinshaw for celebrating 65 years of marrriage.


Worship Helpers


October 2

October 9

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Frank Abbott

David Leader


Steve & Collette Benson

Jim & Betty Park


Sally & John Ravas          Sandra Trezise

Carol & Howard Frank


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

John Sugar

Ann Johnson l


Zoe Bill

Joet Healow

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Nancy Aaberg

Walt McDaniel


Rick & Cynthia Crow

Dick & Betty McClure


Dorothy & Tom Hughes      Julia King

Barbara & Jim Tracy     Melodi Andersen


Joe Parente

Brien Bell

Coffee Servers

Debbie & Nate Barton

Glenda & Jarvis Arellano


Helen Christenson Marilyn Becker

Bob Connett Dick McClure


Sophia Bagby


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