Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 31, Number 23 November 28, 2006

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am


(Jr. High School Fellowship)

Thursdays 7-9:00pm

Patrick Vaughn


Sr. High Fellowship

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Quinn Vaughn

December 1 River City Choral Christmas Concert 7:30pm at Faith

December 2 Hanging of the Green Rehearsal 9-10:30am

December 1-3 Sr Hi Camp at Westminster Woods

December 6 Advent Dinner 6:00pm  Advent Worship 7:00pm. Every Wednesday in Advent  Note that youth will combine into a "Youth Hang" on Wednesday nights.

December 24 Regular worship at 9 and 11:00am. Christmas Eve family worship at 5:00pm. Midnight candlelight service at 11:00pm


Sign-ups will be taken in the Narthex for anyone interested in donating poinsettia(s) for the upcoming holiday season. The flowers will be used as part of the Hanging of the Greens ceremony on December 3rd and will help us decorate the sanctuary during the Advent season. Cost is $7 per plant.

From Pastor Quinn

What’s with the incense? This may be a question that floated through your mind as the incense smoke and sweet smell wafted through the air at the 11:00 Worship Service this past Sunday.  Well, I am glad you asked and if you didn’t you now may be wondering. 

The use of incense in worship has a long history in both Judaism and Christianity.  A central practice of worship in the Temple at Jerusalem was sacrifice.  The sacrificial offering was usually an animal such as a bull, bird or lambs, but the fruits of the earth were also offered, including incense.  The necessity for such an offering of sacrifice was rendered obsolete by the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. With the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 A.D. the sacrificial worship practices of the Old Testament came to an end but the use of incense in worship did not end.

For those of you who come from a Catholic background the use of incense in worship is not foreign; but you may have thought it was only a Catholic! All the Eastern Orthodox Churches burn incense at most of their services, the Church of England used incense throughout its history, and currently, many churches have rediscovered the richness of burning incense as part of their worship. 

So, what richness does incense add in our worship of the Lord? 

First, our worship of God flows from our love of God and our desire to express that love “with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind, and will all our strength”; in other words, with our whole being. Thus, our Worship Services aim to stimulate and invite our whole being to worship God.  With singing our sense of hearing is stimulated, with the use of particular furniture and decor (such as the Lord’s Table or the stain glass Cross) our sense of sight is stimulated, with the use of incense our sense of smell and sight are incorporated into our worship of God.  All of these can lead us to ponder the mystery and reality of God’s presence. 

Secondly, there is rich symbolism in the use of incense. Symbolism points our minds in the direction of invisible realities and speaks to us in a language often richer than words alone.  There are two ways symbolism is at work in the use of incense.  One is that it draws our minds to two biblical text 1) Matt 2:11 where the Magi’s bring Frankincense (a type of incense) as a gift to Jesus Christ at his birth. Incense then serves to remind us that God drew near in Christ and is present with us today in the power of the Holy Spirit.  2) In Revelation 5:8 the burning of incense appears to be an important part of the worship of heaven. We read of "golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the Saints." Thus, when we burn incense we remind ourselves that our prayers like incense, ascent to the throne of God and mingle with the prayers of the Saints in heaven.  Two is that the sweet smell reminds us of the sweetness of Christ’s grace which covers our sins.  Three, although a sacrifice of incense is no longer necessary for the forgiveness of sins we still offer our lives as living sacrifices in response to God’s love. In 2 Cor.2:15 we read, "We are indeed the incense offered by Christ to God both for those who are on the way to salvation, and for those who are on the way to perdition. To the later it is a deadly fume that kills; to the former a vital fragrance that brings life." We can be reminded in the burning of incense and the rising of its smoke toward the heavens that we are sent by God into our communities, families and everyday dealings to be a fragrance that brings life.

That’s what’s with incense!



Faith’s Young Families


Are you in need of a day out?  Well, you are in luck!  Our December event promises you a few special hours to do whatever you want.  Ileana Maestas and Melinda Lewis will be hosting a KIDS DAY at FAITH on Saturday, December 9th from 11 am – 4pm. We will be having lunch, crafts, games, and much more.  If you would like your children to participate, please RSVP to Melinda Lewis at the church, 428-3439 extension 306.    

These folks were accepted into the Faith congregation on November 19. From left to right, they are:Kathleen(did not join)and Devin Brown; (two jr. high boys who came up by mistake) Liz and Doug Qua and their children - Melanie, Daniel and Johnny; Nancy Arkelian; Virginia Escalante; David Cox;

Rev. Joan Stock begins Advent Series


The Rev. Joan Stock, formerly an Associate Pastor at Faith, began her Advent series on November 26. Her series is called “Stories of Jesus’ Birth: Comparing the Gospels.”


The series will continue through December 17, 9:30-10:30am at Faith.

 Heath Ministry

The Health Benefits of Food - Part One


Protects your heart

prevents constipation

Blocks diarrhea

Improves lung capacity

Cushions joints


Combats cancer

Controls blood pressure

Saves your eyesight

Shields against Alzheimer's

Slows aging process


Aids digestion

Lowers cholesterol

Protects your heart

Stabilizes blood sugar

Guards against liver disease


Battles diabetes

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Controls blood pressure

Smoothes skin


Protects your heart

Quiets a cough

Strengthens bones

Controls blood pressure

Blocks diarrhea


Prevents constipation

Helps hemorrhoids

Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Stabilizes blood sugar


Controls blood pressure

Combats cancer

Strengthens bones

Protects your heart

Aids weight loss


Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Stabilizes blood sugar

Boosts memory

Prevents constipation


Strengthens bones

Saves eyesight

Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Controls blood pressure


Combats cancer

Prevents constipation

Promotes weight loss

Protects your heart

Helps hemorrhoids


Saves eyesight

Controls blood pressure

Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Supports immune system


Saves eyesight

Protects your heart

Prevents constipation

Combats cancer

Promotes weight loss


Protects against Prostate Cancer

Combats Breast Cancer

Strengthens bones

Banishes bruises

Guards against heart disease


Protects your heart

Combats Cancer

Ends insomnia

Slows aging process

Shields against Alzheimer's


Promotes weight loss

Protects your heart

Lowers cholesterol

Combats Cancer

Controls blood pressure

chili peppers

Aids digestion

Soothes sore throat

Clears sinuses

Combats Cancer

Boosts immune system


Promotes weight loss

Helps stops strokes

Lowers cholesterol

Combats Cancer

Controls blood pressure


 Senior Flu shot Clinics

Cost is $10 for the flu shot. $40 for a pneumonia shot.

Pannell Center  2470 Meadowview Rd.   Dec. 19  10AM – 2PM

Children's Ministry

Thanks to all who contributed to Operation Christmas. We bad about 54 boxes go out this year. It was nice fellowshipping with parents, kids and others. It was fin to watch the kids get boxes ready for someone else. Thanks to Melinda and Don Lewis for getting this organized and Kathy Healow for transporting those boxes for our Billy Graham project.


Sunday School will look like this for the month of December:

11 Chronicles 36:15-23-Strangers in a Strange Land- How Does your community

welcome newcomers? (We just did this on November 26”’)

December 3rd Micah 4:l-8-Micah’s Message- How can we bring peace and justice?

December 10th~ Luke 1:26-38 Messenger to Mary

December 17th Luke 2:1-7- Jesus is born.

December 24”’ Happy Birthday Jesus!

December 31st TBA


Pam Rock, C.E. Elder


Food Closet Line Waiting for donated Thanksgiving Turkeys

High School Students sort Donated KidsCan Food at Food Closet

River City Chorale Concert


    On Friday, December 1 at 7:30pm, the 65-voice River City Chorale returns to Faith for the annual Christmas Concert.  Titled "Now Is The Time Of Christemas", the Chorale is accompanied by the River City Orchestra and the Bel Tempo Handbells. Among the featured composers are Fissinger, Rutter, Ohrwall, Simeone and Aston.

    Tickets are $12 adults and $5. under 12. at the door, or in advance by check to:

"River City Chorale, 7432 Apache Way, Citrus Heights, CA 95621".

 Jim and Betty Park have a new phone Number


Tradewinds II Christmas Dinner


Please save SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th for our Tradewinds II Christmas dinner and evening of "talk and fun". 4:30PM to socialize - Hot entree buffet at 5:00 PM.

Aviators Restaurant Airport - 6151 Freeport Boulevard.

                      Easy parking, with ample handicapped spaces

  $22 PER PERSON.  Includes tax and tip.

What's for dinner??  Tossed salad, tri tip, lemon-pepper chicken, scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, stir-fry vegetables, rolls, tea/coffee, and cake. 


Make out your check to "Faith Presbyterian "Tradewinds" and mail or give your check to our treasurer. Bob Connett, P.O. Box 221666, Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone:  421-0430


Any questions?  Betty Lou Payne - 392-3652 OR Marge Smart - 428-6111

Kings Tickets

There are still tickets available to three Kings’ games this year. I have 2 tickets for the Tuesday, November 28 game with the Clippers; 4 tickets to the Saturday, December 16 game with the Suns, and 5 tickets to the Sunday, February 11 game with the Supersonics. Tickets are $25.50 each. Call Barbara Tracy at 428-0311 or e-mail her at if you want tickets.

ARCO Results for November 19


We had our best outing of the new season, earning $1237 for our Youth Ministry (including $27.04 in tips).  The ARCOfaithfuls welcomed Cindy Tom and Courtney Turner to the ranks.  Cindy and Courtney were both great runners, thanks to the effective training by Cindy Canaday (who also started the carpools from the Church We got off to a good start thanks to the set-up by Betty Keller, Audrey Liu, Pat Tatro, Claire Pisor and Ken Pisor, who all came an hour early (3 p.m.).  Pat Tatro handle the cash ($19,899.75 worth) with his usual skill, and Betty Keller and Audrey Liu counted inventory.


 Our team of 32 volunteers work really well together and did a great job.  Byron Tucker and Steve Rock teamed up to maintain the condiment stations.  Brien Bell was our REALLY COOL ICE GUY with some help from Dad, Chuck Bell.  Ken Pisor showed everyone who the"boss cashier" is by coming up with well over $1200 in total sales.  Thanks to Audrey Liu, Dr. Craig Yamada, Jeri Wormington, and Greg Hood who don't attend Faith but volunteered their time and talents to support our Youth Ministry.  Our next game is Saturday, December 16th.  We hope to have as many Crunchie alumnae, home from college or wherever, work the game so they can spend some time with us and each other.  If you know of a returning former Crunchie, let them know about the game.  We still need about 20 additional volunteers. 




Paul Keller  


Family Promise


As you know, our week for Family Promise is from 5:00pm Sunday December 10 to 8:00am Sunday December 17


If you are a new volunteer, please attend a brief training session after second service on Sunday December 10 in Room 5. Any other volunteers are most welcome.


On Sunday December 17 after the second service there will be a debriefing in Room 5. If you have comments or questions about the week, we will look forward to seeing you.


If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

Hymns of the Month—December 2006 by May Tucker, Director of Music in Worship

“Born in the Night, Mary’s Child” &  “Some Children See Him”

Text: Geoffrey Ainger            , 1925-                                                                                                                   Text: Wihla Hutson, 1901-2002

Music:      Geoffrey Ainger & Richard D. Wetzel, 1939-                                         Music: Alfred Burt, 1920-1954


“Born in the Night, Mary’s Child” is a hymn that moves me to tears.  Its simplicity and melancholy text takes us back to that night in Bethlehem where Christ was born.  The predicament of being born in a manger and His mission as our Messiah are all clearly stated in the hymn.  It is #30 in the Presbyterian Hymnal.  Often sung with the style of a “Spiritual” with deep personal interpretation and emotion, it is one of my favorite Christmas songs.


Geoffrey Ainger was born at Mistley, near Manningtree in Essex, England in 1925.  He was educated at Richmond College, London, and Union Theological Seminary, New York City.  A British Methodist minister, he served churches in Loughton, Essex, and at Notting Hill, London.  He finished his ministry in the Methodist Circuit of South East London before retiring to Staffordshire.  Even though he was not a prolific composer, his "Born in the Night, Mary's Child" has gained widespread popularity and is well cherished because of its heart-felt lyrics.  Dr. Richard D. Wetzel serves as a music professor at Concordia University Michigan.


Alfred Burt’s “Some Children See Him” is a carol that conjures up the image of Jesus’ portrait.  I grew up seeing Jesus with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, pretty fair skin, and a gentle smile—more of a Caucasian look.  As a child, I always wondered if Jesus really looked like that.  The text reads as:


                  Some children see Him Lily white, with tresses soft and fair.

                  Some children see Him bronzed and brown, the Lord of heaven to earth come down;

                  Some children see Him bronzed and brown, with dark and heavy hair.

                  Some children see Him almond-eyed, with skin of yellow hue.

                  Some children see Him dark as they, sweet Mary’s Son to whom we pray;

                  Some children see Him dark as they, and ah!  They love Him, too!

                  Like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace, and filled with holy light.

                  O lay a-side each earthly thing, and with thy heart as offering,

                  Come worship now the infant King, ‘tis love that’s born tonight.


On the pine-covered shores of Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan nestles the small town of Marquette. Here on April 22, 1920, the composer, Alfred Shaddick Burt, was born.  The son of an Episcopal minister, was a young jazz musician ?who composed fifteen now-famous Christmas Carols between 1942 ?and 1954.  In 1922 Father Burt accepted a call to the parish of All Saints' Episcopal Church in Pontiac, Michigan.  Alfred attended Sunday school, sang in the choir, served as an acolyte, and used the church gymnasium as his playground.  Through Father Burt's creative talents, the tradition began by sending an original carol as a Christmas card to friends and parishioners.  He wrote both the music of the season and the words of faith from 1922 to 1941.  The carols were as natural an expression of the Burt Christmas.


As a self-taught musician, Father Burt was delighted when Alfred began to show an interest in music.  When he was 10 years of age, he received his first instrument, a "silver trumpet" (cornet), as a bribe from his father to enter the local hospital for an appendectomy.  He learned the fingering while recuperating.  This horn would take him into bands, orchestras, and state competitions, where he would win many awards and become known as a "child prodigy".  He also studied piano, but never felt it was his major instrument.  Wihla Hutson was a prolific hymn writer and lived to be 101.  She collaborated with many well-known musicians.


“Some Children See Him” is one of The Fifteen Alfred Burt Carols for over 50 years.  Each Christmas since Alfred’s early death at the age of 33, the Carols reach a wider and more appreciative audience and gain international acceptance among orchestras, choirs, choral groups, civic organizations, and very ordinary people—you and I.

The ARCO schedule of games for the Kings' 2006/2007 NBA season.  Faith received exactly the games that we asked for as follows.

4.    Saturday    December 16th    7:00 p.m. start    Phoenix

5.    Saturday    December 30th    7:00 p.m. start    Golden State

6.    Saturday    January 13th       7:00 p.m. start    Houston

7.    Saturday    February 3rd       7:00 p.m. start    Denver

8.    Sunday      February 11th      6:00 p.m. start    Seattle

9.    Friday      April 6th          7:00 p.m. start    Utah

10.   Friday      April 13th         7:00 p.m. start    Golden State



Worship Helpers


December 3

December 10

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

David Nash

   Jim Park


Don & Jan Sperling

Bob & Tanya Anderson


Jim, Chris, Marilyn Becker

Carol & Howard Frank

Mary Nabers


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Donna Touros

Julie Axell

Tom Busch

Julie Davies


Sierra Brown

 Joey Healow

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Rick Crow

Nancy Remley-Johnson


Walt & Doran McDaniel

Jarvis & Glenda Arellano


Terry & Dave Williamson

Wayne Burkinshaw

Tom & Dorothy Hughes


Joe Parente Kevin Roberson

Coffee Servers

Marcela Fodor

Glenda & Jarvis Arellano


Bob Connett

Dick McClure

Kitty Tatro

Jarvis Arellano


Austin Reynolds

Preston Tucker

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