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Volume 31, Number 22 November 14, 2006

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Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am


(Jr. High School Fellowship)

Thursdays 7-9:00pm

Patrick Vaughn


Sr. High Fellowship

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Quinn Vaughn

November 15 PW Meeting

November 19 Thanksiving Potluck for 20, 30 and 40 somethings.

November 21 Community Thanksgiving Worship - Greenhaven Lutheran

November 24 Office Closed

December 1 River City Choral Christmas Concert 7:30pm at Faith

December 2 Hanging of the Green Rehearsal 9-10:30am

December 1-3 Sr Hi Camp at Westminster Woods

December 6 Advent Dinner 6:00pm  Advent Worship 7:00pm. Every Wednesday in Advent  Note that youth will combine into a "Youth Hang" on Wednesday nights.

December 24 Regular worship at 9 and 11:00am. Christmas Eve family worship at 5:00pm. Midnight candlelight service at 11:00pm



When Scandal Hits the Church


The news these past couple of weeks has carried the story of a prominent pastor from Colorado who has been accused by a male prostitute of paying for sex and purchasing the illegal drug crystal meth.  If you didn’t know the name Ted Haggard before, you probably do now.


Mr. Haggard is the pastor of a large church in Colorado Springs.  He’s also president (though he has now resigned) of the National Association of Evangelicals.  In the past days much has been written about him and about this scandal.  I tread lightly here, wanting not to add to the speculation and choosing of sides, but to offer something helpful.


As a leader in the church myself, I always hate to hear these kinds of stories.  Whether or not anything has or will ever be proven in this particular situation, even the accusation does great damage to the body of Christ in our culture.  Those who already see Christians as hypocrites will now scream their charges even more loudly.  Worse, the extraordinary good news that the church has to share with the world and all the good work that is being done by followers of Christ to help people in need, will now be, at least for a time, drowned out. 


As I reflect on this situation, and consider what others have had to say in light of it (particularly writer and Timothy Merrill), let me offer the following observations (in no particular order).


  1. We, as Christians, must pray for Ted Haggard and others we know caught in similar circumstances.  Enemy or friend, we must at least do this.
  2. We are to be constantly reminded that temptation is a powerful snare.  None of us are immune to its power in our lives.  Leaders in the church would be especially wise to remember this.  The Lord’s Prayer reminds us all to pray, “Lord, lead us not into temptation.”  That’s probably a prayer that should begin our day every day. 
  3. When something like this happens, it’s hard to argue with those in the world who claim that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.   Every one of us lives in front of a watching world who will take notice, careful notice, as to how we practice what we preach.  With that in mind, every one of us should make sure that we talk less about the marriage and relationships of others and focus more on the relationships to which we have made commitments, and for which God holds us responsible. 
  4. No sin – Mr. Haggard’s sin, my sin, your sin – is so great that it cannot be completely and forever covered by the grace of  God in Jesus Christ.
  5. We must always avoid being self-righteous in our public statements and posture.  Every single one of us is a sinner saved by this grace of God.
  6. Every one of us needs to live in a community of other followers of Christ who know us well enough to hold us accountable and encourage us in our faithful obedience.  Our marriages, our families, our congregations, so much depends upon this.


As always, I know God will bring good things out of this difficult situation, both for Mr. Haggard, his family, others involved, and the church.  That’s just the way God works, always bringing resurrection out of crucifixion. 


Maybe one of the things that will come from this is an encouragement to all of you to pray regularly for your leaders, particularly your pastors.  The perils of leadership in the church are great.  None of us is above what we have recently seen happen.  Know that your prayers, at least for the pastors here at Faith, are eagerly coveted.


I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!


Grace & Peace,



Faith’s Young Families


Are you in need of a day out?  Well, you are in luck!  Our December event promises you a few special hours to do whatever you want.  Ileana Maestas and Melinda Lewis will be hosting a KIDS DAY at FAITH on Saturday, December 9th from 11 am – 4pm. We will be having lunch, crafts, games, and much more.  If you would like your children to participate, please RSVP to Melinda Lewis at the church, 428-3439 extension 306.    

Youth Group News:



Crew (9th-12th grade) meets Wednesday 7-8:30 / Munchies (6th-8th grade) meets Thursday 7-8:30 Until Advent when times and programs change.


 Heath Ministry


Think you're a multitasking wiz?  That may be why your memory's "slipping"
The more things you do at once, the less likely you are to remember any of them.
Sometimes that's no biggie-if you’re flipping through a catalog and watching a
sitcom, who cares?  But if you're hunting for flights on the internet while talking on
the phone and listening to the radio, well, good luck--both the flight info and the
conservation will probably be a blur.  The solution's obvious:  When something is
important, be single-minded.
To sharpen your recall of new information--whether it's
health instructions. vital dates or learning to work your new cell phone
make it easy for your mind to absorb it.  Limit distractions and focus on the matter
at hand, not three other things.  If other tasks keep popping into your head,
stop and jot them down on a notepad.  Then go back to what's really important.  It's
a good bet that this time it will stick with you.

 Senior Flu shot Clinics

Cost is $10 for the flu shot. $40 for a pneumonia shot.

Centennial Methodist 5401 Freeport Blvd.  Nov. 20  10AM – 1PM

Pannell Center  2470 Meadowview Rd.   Dec. 19  10AM – 2PM

Children's Ministry

Praise our Sunday School Teachers


 “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs,” Matthew 19:13.


The children have been blessed in indescribable ways

by the love and dedication of their Sunday school teachers.  Each week a minimum of four people volunteer their time to give the children a true experience of God’s love and how it pertains to their lives.

Andeen Lovett, Ann Johnson, Shari and Danielle Reyes                       


Each teacher exemplifies God’s love in everything he

or she does.  Over fifteen different people have taught this fall.  We will be celebrating these individuals on December 3rd.  There are many things these people could be doing every Sunday morning, but they have committed to teaching the children.  So, the next time you see a Sunday school teacher stop him or her and say thank you.  In the next PresbyNews we will feature more of our teachers.


Cathy Healow and Ileana Maestas

We are currently scheduling teachers for the winter term (January – March). If you would like be part of this team, please contact Pam Rock or Melinda Lewis

John Popham

River City Chorale Concert


    On Friday, December 1 at 7:30pm, the 65-voice River City Chorale returns to Faith for the annual Christmas Concert.  Titled "Now Is The Time Of Christemas", the Chorale is accompanied by the River City Orchestra and the Bel Tempo Handbells. Among the featured composers are Fissinger, Rutter, Ohrwall, Simeone and Aston.

    Tickets are $12 adults and $5. under 12. at the door, or in advance by check to:

"River City Chorale, 7432 Apache Way, Citrus Heights, CA 95621".


Tradewinds II Christmas Dinner


Please save SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th for our Tradewinds II Christmas dinner and evening of "talk and fun". 4:30PM to socialize - Hot entree buffet at 5:00 PM.

Aviators Restaurant Airport - 6151 Freeport Boulevard.

                      Easy parking, with ample handicapped spaces

  $22 PER PERSON.  Includes tax and tip.

What's for dinner??  Tossed salad, tri tip, lemon-pepper chicken, scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, stir-fry vegetables, rolls, tea/coffee, and cake. 


Make out your check to "Faith Presbyterian "Tradewinds" and mail or give your check to our treasurer. Bob Connett, P.O. Box 221666, Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone:  421-0430


Any questions?  Betty Lou Payne - 392-3652 OR Marge Smart - 428-6111

Thanksgiving Potluck for 20, 30 & 40 Somethings

On Sunday, November 19th, we will have the First Annual Faith Presbyterian Thankgiving Potluck Dinner and Social for 20, 30, and 40 somethings and those young at heart. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kristi Culpepper at dddusc@yahoo.com or 768-8988.  All are welcome!

Family Promise – New Direction                         


Faith Church has been successfully participating in Family Promise for 1 ½ years which includes 7 hosting weeks.  During this time our members have lovingly provided housing and meals to 23 families including 40 children. 

              To continue this success we need your help.  We need to form a Leadership Team which would meet 4 times a year in order to plan and organize our hosting duties.   The Leadership Team would consist of:

Set-Up/Take-Down Coordinator – Supervise the set up crew on Sunday afternoon as they set up the rooms and Link Hall. On the following Sunday (7:30a.m)  supervise the take-down crew in returning all rooms used to their “normal” state.  Receive and deliver mattresses.  Time required 3 hours.

              Meal Coordinator – telephone dinner team volunteers to coordinate menus and let them know how many to prepare for.  Time required 2 hours. 

              Shopper(s) – Purchase the food and supplies necessary for the week and store them at the church.  Food is needed for breakfast and bag lunches (for 7 days) and beverages for dinner.  One additional trip during the week may be necessary.  Time required 2-4 hours.

              Laundry Coordinator – See that laundry is bagged and then picked up by the laundry volunteers.  Make sure it is returned to the church and stored.  Time required  1 hour.

              Sign-up Coordinator – Coordinate sign-ups on white board to fill all slots. Time required 2 hours.

We will be at the table in the narthex on 11/19 and 11/26 after both services to take sign-ups for our Leadership Team. Cynthia Crow and Sue Hooper


An Evening in December


 Several of you joined us for 1st Covenant Church’s An Evening in December production last year, and this year’s promises to be just as entertaining. A few changes have occurred in their schedule, however. Instead of being presented at the Memorial Auditorium, this year’s program will be held at their church. 1st Covenant Church is located at 10933 Progress Court, Rancho Cordova 95670. Seating is done by rows—your ticket is for a row—and those who arrive first have their choice of seats in that row. The ticket price has been reduced by a dollar. Tickets are $7 no matter where you sit so purchasing your tickets early will give you a better seating option. Keep in mind that their new venue is smaller this year so an early purchase of tickets is a must, but they have also added shows to their schedule—it’s two full weekends instead of one.



While Jim and I are planning to attend on Saturday, December 2, you are welcome to purchase a ticket for any of the following performances: Thursday, November 30 at 7 p.m.; Friday, December 1 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, December 2 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday, December 3 at 2 p.m.; Thursday, December 7 at 7p.m.; Friday, December 8 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, December 9 at 2p.m. and 7 p.m.; and Sunday, December 10 at 2 p.m. Call me at 428-0311 or e-mail me at bjtracy@comcast.net ASAP if you would like tickets. I will call for tickets in blocks as I receive orders.

Kennedy High Students and Faith Folk Help SSIP Food CLoset

Charlie Tucker arranged for the food collected by Kennedy High students to be donated directly to the SSIP Food Closet at Bethany Presbyterian Church. This district wide food collection is most important to all the food closets in the area since there is never quite enough donated food to help all the families in need. Charlie Tucker was helped by Ken Pisor, Wally Smith and Kennedy High students who loaded the heavy boxes of canned food into Ken's truck.

Charlie Tucker and Marlene Calbo help at the Elk's Pancake Breakfast, rasing money for the SSIP Food Closet.


Sign Up to Help Family Promise

December 10 – December 17


You can sign up for our next week of Family Promise on the whiteboard on the wall opposite the church office. Volunteers are needed for dinner, evening activity, overnight teams, set up and take down teams, laundry and Coordinator of the Day (COD). If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex on November 19

If you have not volunteered but are interested, talk to someone who has or team up with them. If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

This is a flyer for this year's Christmas show.  Our son, Austin, and his cousin,Jordan still perform with the group.  Son Travis has retired, but cousin Jenna will come back for a special alumni performance. We hope you all can make it. For tickets please email or call 682-5902. It’s a great way to bring in the season... Tammi and Dave Whitted


The ARCO schedule of games for the Kings' 2006/2007 NBA season.  Faith received exactly the 10 games that we asked for as follows.

3.    Sunday      November 19th    6:00 p.m. start    San Antonio

4.    Saturday    December 16th    7:00 p.m. start    Phoenix

5.    Saturday    December 30th    7:00 p.m. start    Golden State

6.    Saturday    January 13th       7:00 p.m. start    Houston

7.    Saturday    February 3rd       7:00 p.m. start    Denver

8.    Sunday      February 11th      6:00 p.m. start    Seattle

9.    Friday      April 6th          7:00 p.m. start    Utah

10.   Friday      April 13th         7:00 p.m. start    Golden State



Worship Helpers


November 19

November 26

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Doran McDaniel

   Frank Abbott


Chuck Beal Mary Nabers

Hal & Ilah Turner


John & Sally Ravas

Mary Lou Bailey

Terry & Patrice Mangum

Andeen Lovett


David Nash

David Nash

Coffee Preparers

Ken & Carol Eikelmann

Walt & Doran McDaniel




Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Helen Frisch

Brien Bell


Renee Larsen

Melodi Anderson

Roy & Vicki Chastain


Glenda & Jarvis Arellano

Jeff & DiAnne Brown

Marlene Calbo


Ken Finch Carroll Collier

Coffee Servers

Mary Masterson

Paul & Betty Keller


Barbara Powell Charlie Tucker

Helen Christenson

Marilyn Becker


Bradley Collins


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