Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 31, Number 11 May 30, 2006

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am

CREW Bible Study 2-3pm


(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.

Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


June 4 Pentecost Offering

June 4 Faith starts bus service

June 11 Music Recognition Sunday

June 4 Town Hall Meeting at 12 Noon

June 28 - July 4  Faith Fireworks Stand. Spend your money here and help fund the Faith Family Retreat.

Every Wednesday in July -- God at the Movies

 The Bus Is Coming... June 4, 2006


Faith is pleased to announce the beginning of a door to door, residence to church and return, transportation service for members and or regular attendees at faith who wish to attend the 11:00am Sunday morning service and have no alternate means of transportation or cannot afford alternate transportation.


This service will be provided at no cost to the rider.


Our beginning service area will include the Greenhaven- Pocket Area. You may sign up to drive between services or after the 11:00 am Service on Sunday May 21st. If you know of someone who would

benefit from this service; please call Pat Beal at 686-4814 and we will make arrangements to visit them at home.

The Pentecost Offering will be taken on June 4, 2006 at both services to further the reach of our church and the Presbyterian Church worldwide in ministering to children and youth.



Congregations are encouraged to keep 40 percent of the Offering to support work on behalf of children at risk.  In our case, the funds reserved have gone to support Family Promise.

The General Assembly Council divides the remaining 60 percent among:


Sue Kirk makes a Change.


 Change may not be either good or bad, it just is.  After 17+ years with Faith Church it is time for me to change.  June 4 is the last Sunday I will have the privilege of sharing my faith with your children.


There have been many challenges and changes.  The path has been an interesting one and one that God has always walked with me.


I want to thank you for all your support, leadership and the many friendships that I do cherish!


I remain,  as always,    In God's Care, Sue Kirk

Sue Kirk Moving On After 18 Years


It was with a mixture of sadness and gratitude that we announced the resignation of our Director of Children’s Ministry, Sue Kirk.  We are sad because we are losing a faithful member of our church staff who has served here so well for so many years.  Yet we are grateful to God because we know that many, many lives, young and old, have been touched through Sue’s ministry here.


Please take these coming weeks to personally express to Sue your gratitude and well wishes.  Our plan is to hold a reception on Sunday, June 25th, after worship in Sue’s honor. 


Grace & Peace – Jeff Chapman

 Finally, A Chance to Ask That Question You’ve Been Wanting to Ask

Town Hall Meeting Scheduled at Faith


The leadership at Faith is going to hold a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, June 4th, after both worship services.  The purpose of this time will be to give those in the congregation an opportunity to raise questions and issues with Faith’s staff and elders.  In an effort to facilitate better and better open communication in our church, we are exploring the possibility of holding these types of gatherings on a regular basis.  Please consider what questions or issues (either publicly or anonymously) you might want to bring that day.  Your leadership will be all ears.

Pastor Jeff lists

Top Ten Reasons Why You Need to Get Yourself to Lake Tahoe This September!


Picture the scene.  It’s mid-September and the pace is back up to speed as a new school year is underway.  New commitments, new responsibilities, new opportunities abound.  But instead of rushing around frantic like so many others you know, you’re sitting in the sunshine on the shores of Lake Tahoe enjoying one of the most gorgeous views in the world.


Our annual all-church retreat is scheduled for September 15-17 this coming fall.  One of the reasons I often hear from people who believe they are unable to attend is, “We’re just too busy that time of year.  Things are crazy in the fall.”  And that is exactly the reason why I tell people they should set aside the time to join us.  In my life – my guess it’s the same for you – there is absolutely nothing that helps me counteract my tendency to rush than stepping out of the rat race for a time to be still and slow down.  I love retreats like this.  And even at my busiest, I have never once regretted taking time to slow down.  When I do, I am, almost without fail, reminded of what really is most important in my life.


Many of you have already signed up for this fall’s retreat.  Others are still considering taking part.  If that’s you, let me offer you my Top 10 list of reasons why you need to find your way to Tahoe this September.

10. It’s an absolutely amazing setting.  We’re right on the shores of Tahoe and the scenery alone is worth the price of admission.
9. The retreat is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others from Faith.  A weekend away like this can do more to connect you with other in the church than a year of just coming Sunday morning.  Particularly if you are new to the church, this is a great way to build some friendships here.
8. The pace of the weekend is not jam-packed.  There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy as a family, a couple, or on your own.
7. I anticipate that our adult speaker, Fil Anderson, is going to be first class.  Our staff read his book this past year and was so encouraged by it that Jim and I decided to see if we got convince him to come speak for this retreat.  And he said yes!  If you are experiencing busyness and feeling overwhelmed and, at least from time to time, have a hard time connecting with God in the rush of life, his message will be for you.
6. We have lined up phenomenal children’s leaders.  Peggy Prior and Stephanie Saunders were with us last year and people were thrilled with the program they provided for our children.  It was so good we begged them to come back.  And they said yes!
5. Ditto on our youth program.  John Seibug is back from last year and will again provide a fantastic program for our junior and senior highers.  If all goes well, we may have our new youth pastor with us as well.
4. The food…it’s actually quite good.  And the best part is, you don’t have to cook or do the dishes!
3.  For what you get in return, the price is really quite low…
2. …but if, financially, it’s still a stretch, please contact Jim Zazzera or myself confidentially.  We have plenty of scholarship money set aside to help families participate.  We don’t want anyone to miss this opportunity for financial reasons.
1. Lastly, if you go, you will be glad you did.  Anytime we take a retreat like this to seek God and rest, we will come home refreshed and with renewed perspective.  That has always been my experience.


One important reminder, we are trying to have sign-ups completed by mid-June so we can make proper arrangements with the retreat center.  So let us know soon.  You’ll be glad you did!


I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.


Grace & Peace,




Da Vinci Code Classes


Pastor Jeff is conducting interactive classes on The Da Vinci Code Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.  This began on May 17 and will continue for three more Wednesdays, starting with May 24th. This is not just a critique of the Code but is also an exploration of what each of us believes about Jesus and God.  Each session can stand alone, each having a different focus, so if you missed the first one, you can fit right into the upcoming session.


There are two articles about The Da Vinci Code on the web page. Go to and click on the link about the Code.  These articles can be helpful to those who cannot attend Wednesday evenings.

More Information

        The May 29 issue of Newsweek has a good article about the women around Jesus, Mary Magdalene in particular. For example, her reputation as a wanton woman was created by Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th century?  The article contains other comments on The Da Vinci Code.


God at the Movies -  Coming in July! 


Save these dates for our Wednesday Night Movies at Faith:

July 5th                                  Walk the Line
July 12th                               Millions
July 19th                               The End of the Spear
July 26th                       Chronicles of Narnia

Though not all explicitly Christian, all of these stories are tales of hope, redemption, and transformation.  Each week we will meet and view the film and discuss what insight we might discover about our own faith and life.


Sunday School News





Summer Sunday School Training

A session will be held Thursday June 1 at 7:00pm at Faith. Curricula will be handed out. Everyone is invited to come and see what is involved. This is your chance to serve our children without making a long commitment - just for the summer.

Elder Pam Rock needs all the help she can get. Call her at 393-1493

Summer Sunday School


This summer we will be learning about the lives of Daniel, Esther and Jesus as a child.  We will explore their lives through Drama, Storytelling, Art, Music, etc..


The first Sunday of the month we will use storytelling to investigate, the second Sunday - Art, the third Sunday - Drama, and the last Sunday of the month we will use various tools to reinforce what we have learned so far.


In June we will begin with "Jesus as a child".  We need people who are willing to serve Christ through sharing his word with the children.  If you enjoy storytelling, sign up for the first Sunday of each month.  Do you enjoy art?  The second Sunday is for you.  Drama, Music, Cooking - what is it you enjoy?


We need 4 people for each service.  Two for the younger students and 2 for the older students.  Please let Pam Rock know if you can serve in this ministry.





"A Visit to the U.S.A."  Vacation Bible School July 10-14


We need 14 more people to fill out our VBS team!  Our next meeting is June 4, 2006 after second service.  We need travel guides and station leaders for all ages and stations.  Please contact us ASAP so we can move "full steam ahead"!.


California Trivia from Narthex


The name "California comes from            (a fictional island in an old Spanish romance tale.)


Los Angeles was the first city in the U.S. to have    ( a movie theater 4-02-1902)


Castroville, California, is known as the    (artichoke capital of the world.)


San Francisco was once covered by  ( sand dunes).


Burlingame, California, has a museum for   ( Pez candy).


The number of identified languages found in LA county is ( more than 200).


The state motto of California is     ( Eureka).


Check out the Florida trivia at the Sunday School table in the Narthex!


Our New Deacons

Bill Welch Kent Kim Virgina Northrop (new elder Jim Hill) Jean Kern  Betty McClure  Mary Masterson

Our New Elders

Georgianne Becker  Jim Hill Jon Cash  Kitty Tatro


Joys and Concerns

           We are joyful that Richard (Dick) Willey had a successful two hour surgery for a tumor at the base of his brain. We will be concerned as we pray for his recovery during six weeks of radiation treatment for what was found to be an aggressive cancer.


We are joyful that Cheryl Finch graduated from the seminary at San Anslemo. The paper bag hat was worn by four graduates to honor a favorite teachers who had said if it rained on his graduation, he would wear a paper bag and keep his morterboard dry..



Join the Movement

Take the pledge to prevent and overcome stroke.


Stoke is the No. 3 killer in America.

High blood pressure usually has no symptoms.  It’s truly a “silent killer.”  Get tested - it’s simple, quick and painless. Regular physical activity helps control weight and lower blood pressure.

The three R’s

 Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know experiences these signs of stroke:


Your PresbyWomen Board of Directors for 2006-07: (front row, from left to right) Lois Chan, Joyce Hathaway; (second row, left to right) Brenda Norris, Vernice Brooks, Dian Frye, and Andeen Lovett; (third row, left to right) Hilde Tetlow, Mary Nabors, Marlene Calbo, and Mary Patterson; (back row) Barbara Tracy. Not pictured: Kitty Tatro.


Debbie Conover (left) greets PW Moderator Marthe Sweet as she was greeted when visiting in India. As the guest speaker at its May meeting, Debbie shared her experiences traveling alone in India

Ethiopian Orthodox Congregation to Begin Worshipping At Faith


Our Session has been meeting with the leaders of a local Ethiopian Orthodox congregation which has just begun and has, at this point, no facility in which to worship.  We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement to allow these new friends to begin worshipping here at Faith.  Beginning in June, this small congregation of about 30-40 people will worship Sunday mornings in Link Hall from 7:00-10:00 a.m. Their priest, Father Abba, has expressed deep excitement and gratitude towards Faith for the opportunity to have a building in which to worship.


Those who have been around Faith for some time remember that years ago, when our congregation was young, we too were without a place to worship on Sundays and so relied on the grace and generosity of more established congregations in our area for worship time and space.  What a joy it is not for us to turn around and give back what was once given to us.


In the near future we hope to have leaders from this young church in our worship so members of Faith can meet them.  Leaders of both congregations are also looking forward to opportunities down the road for our two churches to come together for fellowship, worship and service.  In the meantime, please take time to welcome our new friends when you see them around on Sunday mornings.


Dictionary Gathering Dust?

       If you seldom use your print style dictionary, the people who come to the SSIP Food Closet will be very happy to get it. Bring to church and give to Betty Park. And remember to bring your food donations on June 4.


Nugget Receipts 

        Remember to save your Nugget receipts and to put them in the box by the church office ASAP before the summer vacation.


Crafters on Vacation

         The Monday afternoon Crafters’ Club takes a summer holiday and resumes the first Monday after Labor Day which is September 11. Ruth Burkinshaw for information.

May Tucker Presents the Hymn of the Month – June, 2006


“We Gather Together”—1597


By May Tucker, Director of Music in Worship


Nederlandtsch Gredenckclanck, Translation by Theodore Baker (1894), Harmony by Edward Kresmer (1877)


Some of you who know this hymn rather well may wonder why I have chosen this to be “The Hymn of the Month” for June.  Though you know the hymn, perhaps you do not know the fascinating story behind it, a story that will help us contemplate the great gift of religious freedom we enjoy at this time and in this place.


Even those of us who have visited the Netherlands with its picturesque dikes and windmills may be unaware of the terrific struggle for religious freedom that took place there in the 16th and 17th centuries.  In 1555, the Low Country was given to King Philip II of Spain by his father, Emperor Charles V of Germany.  Philip was an arch-Catholic, but the winds of Calvinistic Reformation had reached the Netherlands.  Roman Catholic churches were plundered, and the authority of Spain resisted.


In 1557, King Philip sent the dreaded Duke of Alba (Fernando Alvarez de Toledo) to bring the Netherlands back into the Pope’s fold.  He established a reign of terror during which ten thousand people were executed and another forty thousand exiled.  His ruling counsel was called the “Council of Troubles”, but it is better known to history as the “Blood Council”.  The bodies of thousands of people were hanged in the streets on the doorposts of houses.  Alba did not hesitate to massacre the whole cities.  An attack on Leiden was stopped only by cutting the dikes and flooding the countryside.


On January 6th, 1579, The Catholic southern regions of the Netherlands (modern Belgium) declared their allegiance to Philip; but three weeks later the northern part (modern Holland) refused to submit to the Catholic rule of Spain.  In 1581, Holland declared its independence, led by the William of Orange.  Holland was devastated by warfare, and in the process William was cut down by an assassin’s dagger.  But the brave nation would not be denied, and eventually Spain lost its hold on the Dutch Republic.


This hymn, “We Gather Together”, which most Americans often associate only with Thanksgiving holidays, was actually written sometime in 1579 to celebrate Holland’s freedom from Spain.  Its author, an unknown Dutchman, was full of thanksgiving that his people were finally free from Spanish tyranny at the time and free to worship as they chose. 


Please treasure the three beautiful verses on how he expressed this theme.  The verses symbolized the power of God and how He had remained faithful to His people.  It is not about trashing the Catholics.  It is about religious freedom.  As we celebrate Memorial Day, Flag Day, and our Independence Day on the fourth of July, let us always be mindful of the greatest and most loving God we serve everyday of our lives.  Amen.


“So the nations shall fear the name of the LORD, and all the kings of the earth Your glory.”  Psalm 102:15



Ice Cream Social


On Friday June 16, Belle Coolidge Library (Fruitridge and South Land Park Dr.) will host an     Ice Cream Social from 6 to 8:00pm. There will be several flavors of ice cream (donated by Crystal) and toppings – all free. There will be family centered entertainment and a book sale. The purpose of the ice cream event is to kick off the Summer Reading Program by getting sign-ups early. The reading theme will be animals “Paws, Claws and Jaws”.  Bring a folding chair and a blanket and enjoy the evening.  Betty Park for information.

Tradewinds II Meeting


 It will be held on Saturday, June 17th, 1:00pm,  at "Bridges on the River" restaurant.  Meet at Faith at 1215PM and car pool to the restaurant.  We need volunteers to offer rides to those who don't have their own transportation. It will mean more people can attend. 


The sign-up sheet is on a table in the Narthex.  If you have not signed up, please do so, and be sure to write in your choice of entree for each person.  Cost is $26.00 per person.  We MUST give a final count to the restaurant by June 10.  If you have signed up, but not yet paid, please write your check made payable to Faith Presbyterian Church and give OR mail to Dick McMillan. 


This promises to be a great day, with lunch being served outdoors right by the river.  Yes, there will be umbrellas over your heads!! 


Please try to make it.  I know you will enjoy the food and the fellowship.


Dick McMillan

  Andeen Lovett struts her stuff at the

Jazz Jubilee. She would be right at home in New Orleans.


Family Promise July 16 to July 23


You can signup for this week of Family Promise on the whiteboard on the wall opposite the church office.

Volunteers are needed for dinner, evening activity, overnight teams, set up and take down teams, laundry and Coordinator of the Day (COD). If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex on June 25..


If you have not volunteered but are interested, talk to someone who has or team up with them. If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

Faith’s Annual Trip To The Music Circus


Do you like musical theater? Then join other members of the Faith family and attend the Music Circus production of The Music Man on Thursday, August 10.  This age-old favorite is appropriate for both children and adults. Tickets are $42 for adults ($4 off the regular price) and $31 for children under 12.  Tickets are limited so sign up now on the sheet in the narthex or e-mail Barbara Tracy at You can also call her with questions or to sign up after May 4.

Preston Tucker is featured in Youth Service America's Stories of Everyday Young Heroes

Preston, age 12, from Sacramento, CA, is a peacemaker. Preston created a 30 minute presentation called PROJECT: PEACE to challenge and motivate his peers to create positive change. "PROJECT: PEACE ? What Kids Can Do to build a more Peaceful, Positive, and Tolerant World", explores issues youth face, such as bullying, violent media, and intolerance, while presenting strategies for youth to be successful peacemakers. Preston has presented PROJECT: PEACE at his school, and gives presentations to other schools, churches, and youth groups. Sharing the idea of peacemaking with his peers in the community has become a mission for Preston, “Each time I present it, it reinforces my own convictions to be a peacemaker.” Recently Preston won a "Peace Award" prize, locally given out by Northminster Presbyterian Church, for PROJECT: PEACE.

Preston understands first hand how important peace can be in healing and responding with positive action. Earlier this year his family was in a fatal car accident, in which Preston is credited with saving the lives of both his mother and grandmother. In the aftermath, Preston has been a pillar of strength to those around him, motivating them, and inspiring them with his actions. Preston, continues to excel in school: honor roll, second place in the science fair, running a 6 minute 41 second mile, teaching Taekwondo to beginners (he is a Second Degree Black Belt) every Saturday, and winning a nomination as a heroic youth and for exemplary community service with the County of Sacramento.



This Summer’s Faith Rivercats’ Trips


Faith family members who love baseball are invited to attend join other church members at two Rivercats’ games this summer.  Games dates are Friday, June 16 with the Tacoma Rainiers and August 5 with the Memphis Redbirds, and tickets are $17 each. The last game has fireworks after the game. Sign up on the sheet(s) in the narthex or e-mail Barbara Tracy at  to guarantee yourself a spot. You can also call her with questions


Faith's Fall Retreat

September 15-17

                              at Zephyr Point


Fuel for the Road of Life

with Fil Anderson

Come to Zephyr Point and experience restoration in your soul. Join other Faith friends to welcome Fit Anderson. Fil is a dynamic speaker and an insightful author who will help you learn how to connect with God in the midst of everyday life and ministry. Fil will help us leave the road to exhaustion and discover the road to intimacy and transformation as we learn to live WITH God rather than FOR God.

Also back again are Peggy Prior, Stephanie Saunders and John Siebug with exciting

programs for thor children and youth.

Register Sundays after either service from June 4 - June 11

Deposit required: $7O per adult and $35 per child

           With Housing:                                                 With Your Own Housing:

           Adults                           $140                           Adults                     $72

           Youth 10-17                      70                          Youths 10 - 17          55

           Children 3-9                      35                           Children   3-9           30

        Under3                           Free.                         Under 3                    Free


If your family would like a cabin, please talk with Barbara Tracy. For large families, there is no charge for children after the second. If you would like financial assistance, please talk with one of the pastors.


Worship Helpers


June 4

June 11

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Ross Leader

Ruth Warner


Bruce & Bonnie Alexander

David & Janet Leader


Bill & Em Baker

Patty Boyd

Terry & Patrice Mangum

Marthe Sweet


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Ann Johnson

Jeff & DiAnne Brown


Spencer Hankey

  Jacquilyn Mendoza

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Barbara Tracy

Doug Johnson


Hal & Ilah Turner

Richard & Gwen Markuson


Bob & Barbara Powell

Walt & Doran McDaniel

Rick & Cynthia Crow

Julia King


Joe Parente Brien Bell

Coffee Servers

Debbie & Nate Barton

Gwen Markuson


Barbara Powell Charlie Tucker

Helen Christenson

Marilyn Becker


Maegan Davis

Sierra Brown

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