Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 32, Number 11 May 29, 2007

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am


(Jr. High School Fellowship)

Thursdays 7-9:00pm

Patrick Vaughn


Sr. High Fellowship

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Quinn Vaughn



June 3 Reception for May Tucker after second service

June 3 Youth Sunday

June 10 Recognition for Carolyn Tillman and Gail Alexis

June 10 - 17 Family Promise

September 14 - 16 Faiths Annual Fall Retreat

Staff Receptions Planned for May & Dennis

This coming Sunday, June 3rd, we will hold a reception in honor of May Tucker, our long-time organist/pianist and Director of Music and Worship who recently left for another position.  Please join us after the 11:00 service in Link Hall.  Also, on June 10, will have a reception between services (i.e. 10:00-11:00) on the patio for Dennis Merwin, who is retiring that day as our Chancel Choir Director.  On both occasions, a basket will be set up on each occasion to receive donations of gratitude for May and/or Dennis.  If you write a check, please make it payable to either May or Dennis. Lastly, at the June 10th reception we will also honor Carolyn Tillman and Gayle Alexis who have faithfully served our Young Faith Singers Children’s Choir for so many years.


Move When the Spirit Says Move


Most all of us have had the experience.  Maybe you’re sitting in worship listening to a sermon, or your praying or reading the Bible on your own, or you’re just going about your business on a day like any other day.  And all of a sudden you’re overcome by a clear conviction that God wants you to do something very specific.  The Spirit says, “Move.” 


What does God want you to do?  Could be all sorts of things.  Maybe you’re aware that God wants you to go and speak to somebody, to share with them hope, or to say that you are sorry, or to invite them to join in, or to offer a word of encouragement, or to challenge them about some behavior which is doing damage.  Maybe you’re aware that God wants you to give something away – perhaps some of your money, maybe some of your time, maybe some ability or talent you possess.  Or, maybe there is some injustice in the world God wants you to speak out against in some way, even if you are a lone voice.


Do you know what I’m talking about?  These instances where we have this clear sense within us that God’s Spirit is prompting us to take some action.


The more I live, the more I am convinced that we would be wise to pay careful attention to these promptings.  In fact, more and more I believe that the best thing we can do is to act immediately when we sense God’s leading.  For if we don’t, if we waver out of fear or complacency, we may miss an opportunity to see God work or to be used by God in some extraordinary way.  And that opportunity may then, forever, pass us by.


Recently, I felt God’s Spirit leading me to invite a friend out to lunch.  This friend is not a Christian and may not know much about the grace of Jesus Christ which has been offered him.  So I felt like God was asking me to contact him and invite him to lunch so we could just get to know each other better.  So (with some hesitation, I admit) I did my best to obey.  I invited him to lunch.  And he accepted.


Now, I don’t have a script for that day.  I don’t know what will come of our conversation.  But I believe that, for some reason, this is what God wanted.  And so I will go to lunch looking for an opportunity to see God work, an opportunity I may have missed if I had ignored God’s leading.


I recently read this short, but powerful prayer and have been trying to use it in my life when I sense God leading me at times during the week: In this instance, Lord, I am delighted to obey you.


This week, when you sense God urging or prompting you to follow his lead in some way, why not trust God and obey.  Step forward in faith and see what God might want to do through you, to bless you, others, and the world around you.  If we refuse to act, or even hesitate, we may never know how God planned to use us.


I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!


Grace & Peace,



God at the Movies -  Living in this World

Coming in July!


Save these dates for our Wednesday Night Movies at Faith:


July 11                 Freedom Writers

July 18               The Queen

July 25               Pursuit of Happyness

August 1             Bridge to Terabithia


Though not explicitly Christian, all of these stories are tales that tell of challenge, despair, and hope as we seek to live in this world.  Each week we will meet and view the film and discuss what insights we might discover about for own faith and life. Look for details in upcoming newsletters! Movies will be shown at 7pm in Link Hall.  Pastor Jim Zazzera will facilitate the discussion.

Christina Canaday is doing a really great job covering the complicated duties of Faith's Office Manager. With the hiring of a new Office Manager, we thank Christina for her good work.

Kristi Kampel Named as New Office Manager

The Session has approved Kristi Kampel to begin as our new office manager on Tuesday, May 29th.  Kristi will be in the office on a full-time basis after that date.  After reviewing dozens and dozens of resumes (nearly 75!) and interviewing several qualified candidates, Kristi was chosen because the experience she brings, the hospitality she demonstrates, and the faith she practices.  Next time you’re by the church office during the weekdays, stop in and introduce yourself to this newest member of our staff team.



Spices not only add a lot of flavor to food with out adding fat or calories-- they can also promote better  health!! So why not work some good-for-you seasoning into your menu today? You can cut your cancer risk with oregano, thyme, coriander, rosemary, fennel, turmeric, caraway, anise, cumin, and tarragon.  Boast your immunity with a little paprika, saffron, nutmeg, garlic, or cloves or help your body keep blood sugar in balance with cinnamon.

Need some ideas to get cooking?  Its easy to work spices in if you think creatively!!!  For example,

you can put cinnamon in smoothies, on fresh fruit, in your cup of tea and even on yogurt.  Add some

coriander, saffron and cumin to meat for an East Indian flair.  Spice up pasta sauce with extra garlic, oregano

and thyme.

Nugget Receipts

It’s time to round up all those Nugget Market receipts and put them in the box by the church office door as soon as you can before June 15th. Ruth Burkinshaw will collect them and turn them in for the rebate that Nugget Market gives Faith church. There is a pause during the summer and you can start saving them in September. Over the years the rebate has amounted to a substantial amount of money for camperships.


Children’s Ministry

 Vacation Bible School- July 9-13

If you haven’t already signed up your child, we would love to have him or her participate in our program. Our theme this year is Soaring to New Heights with God.   Our program is designed for children from 3-12 years old.  Each year the children have so much fun that they actually are sad when the week is over.   For the children of our church we will be offering both a day and evening program.  The day program is from 9:00- 12:00 noon and the evening program is from 6:30-8:00pm.  If you are interested in the evening program, please note that space is limited.  We only have a few more slots left.

 For grades second through sixth, Children’s Worship will begin in just two short weeks.

The children will still go to the first part of the Worship service and will continue to leave after the children’s message.  Children’s Worship will be held for the remaining thirty to thirty five minutes of the service.  We will be starting with Music Appreciation Sunday.  Then, we will begin exploring the book of Jonah.  We are excited about the ways God is working through our program and we hope that it is a place where your children will experience His love and grace.


I look forward to seeing your child share God’s love this Sunday- Youth Sunday!   ~ Ms. Melinda   


Important dates:

  June 3rd –Youth Sunday Rehearsal June 2

  June 10th – Children’s Worship Begins
   July 9-13th – Vacation Bible School


Questions??? Call Pam Rock, C.E Elder at 393-1493 or Melinda Lewis, C.E. Director at 428-3439   ext 306.

A Child is Waiting Results


I want to thank everyone for making our "A Child Is Waiting" event at Faith such a huge success!


Thanks to our Pastors for leading by example.  Thanks to our Mission Committee for giving me time and space for this wonderful ministry, and thanks to all of YOU, who are sponsoring a child in need!


20 children were sponsored during our 2 week "A Child Is Waiting" event, held the past 2 Sundays at Faith.  Since beginning this event one year ago - 58 children have been sponsored by Faith Families!


Our next "A Child Is Waiting" day at Faith will be held in October.  Please prayerfully consider if God is calling YOU to join us in child sponsorship at that time. 



Donna Touros 

What Are Those Elders Up to Now?

Highlights from May’s Session Meeting


The following are some of the decisions which were made this month at Session and some of the areas of ministry which were celebrated.  We hope you share in the enthusiasm of Session in all that God is doing in our midst.  As a reminder, Session meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 in Room 2.  Unless otherwise determined, they are open meetings and church members are always encouraged to come listen in.  We’ll even share our snacks!


“For Everything There is a Season…”(Eccl.3:1):  With poignant reflection and appreciative acknowledgement, we bid farewell to our retiring elders:  Pat Beal—worship; Jon Cash—Youth; Doug Johnson—personnel; Alice Parente—Adult Education; and Wally Smith—property and maintenance.  In addition, Elder Joyce Hathaway retired as Clerk of session after 15 years of service.  Replacing these folks will be Elder Rick Crow—worship; Kim Char—Youth; Walt McDaniel—personnel; Bill Frye—adult education and Ken Finch—property and maintenance.  Claire Pisor was elected for a three-year term as Clerk of session and Bill Baker was re-elected for another year as church Treasurer.


Down to the River to Pray…and Baptize!  On May 23 at 7:00 p.m., the congregation is invited to join Pastor Quinn, Crew and Crew Advisors as they gather at Garcia Bend to baptize Greg Rapier in the Sacramento River.  This sign of God’s love and our commitment to Him will be prefaced with a homily by Pastor Quinn on baptism. 


Pentecost is just around the Corner:  On May 27 we will observe Pentecost—remembering the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church.  That day will also be baptism Sunday.  In addition to a number of baptisms that are scheduled that day, the entire congregation will be given the opportunity to re-affirm their baptismal vows.


Temporary Office Manager:  We are thankful for the 70+ applicants for the Office Manager position.  Interviews are underway and we expect Sue Nolan’s position to be filled before much longer.  Our thanks go to Esther Chapman, Jennifer Kincaid, Betty Keller, Dick McMillian and Sandi Bilbo who, together covered the office for a month.  Christina Canaday is now here full time until we make a permanent hire.


Triennium Delegates Commissioned at Presbytery:  Two of our youth participants, Nate Barton and Lauren Michelson, along with Pastors Quinn and Patrick were commissioned by the Presbytery for their journey to Indiana this summer.  On July 15, Faith will be commissioning all nine of our youth and our pastors for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Over the highways and to the WOODS:  Westminster Woods, that is.  It’s not too late to sign up for camp this summer.  Kim Char, our Youth Elder-elect and Paul Keller, Crew Advisor, will be attending too.


Stewardship Plans Underway:  Ensuring the funds are available for the many growth opportunities before us is a huge task and Elder Jim Hill, with the concurrence of session, is preparing the Fall stewardship campaign with great care and attention to detail.  We are thankful for his vision and look forward to hearing more from him in the coming months.


Founders’ Day:  This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the start of worship services for a small cadre of believers who became the chartering membership of Faith Presbyterian Church.  There are plans underway to celebrate this anniversary in a very special way on July 15th.  Details will be forthcoming.


Other Bits & Pieces: Don’t forget the receptions of thanks for May Tucker on June 3, Dennis Merwin, Carolyn Tillman and Gayle on June 10.

Joyce Hathaway Completes 15 Years as Session Clerk

At our June Session meeting we took time out to honor Joyce Hathaway who has faithfully served as clerk of that body for fifteen years now.  The elders were unanimous in their deep appreciation for her compassion, care, leadership and guidance during that time.  As elders and pastors have come and gone, Joyce has remanded a consistent presence on our Session and her face and voice will be sorely missed around that table.  We are grateful, however, to have Claire Pisor immediately willing to step into that important role as Session Clerk.  Claire has begun her work in that capacity immediately

Dear Church Family,

We are overwhelmed by the love and support from our church family, as we welcomed the special addition of our baby boy, Corbin, to our family,

Thank you for the delicious meals, cards, gifts and prayers for us.  Corbin is a true delight and we praise God for your ongoing care and love for him as he grows.

Thank you!

Sheri, Scott and Corbin Peifer

S.S.I.P. Food Closet and Faith’s Volunteers             


South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership (SSIP) is a group of 15 churches that organized in 1970 as SSIP:  Faith &. Bethany Presbyterian Churches, Centennial, Florin, Hope, Oak Park, Sacramento Japanese United Methodist and the Wesleyan Churches, Faith and Parkside Community United Churches of Christ, Chinese Community Church, Fruitridge Christian Disciples of Christ

Church, Prince of Peace Church, Unitarian UniversaIist Community Church and St Anthony’s


All hungry people in Zip codes 95822, 23, 24, 26, 28, 31, and 32 may receive food once a month. They arc given food for 3 days, 3 meals a day for each member of their family.


The numbers for April 2007 were adults (18-62)1525, seniors (62 +} 328

children (4-17) 1342 infants (0-3) 134. Total persons served were 3,379 and total meals given were 30, 411.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Food Closet. Jim and Betty Park have been involved for 15 years. They each volunteer from 40 to 80 hours each month. They and others pick up food for the Food Closet – bread and sweets at Nugget, bakery goods at Vic’s IGA seven days a week. Twice a week, volunteers help unload a truck load of donated items from Trader Joe’s. Those volunteering to pick up food or to work at Food Closet include: Shirley Boyd, the Brandsma’s, Wayne Burkinshaw, Vicki Chastain, Carol Eikelmann, Ken Finch, Lori Glasgow, Dick McClure, Mary Nabers, the Payne’s, John Sugar, Jeanne Puente, Jackie Rule, Pat Shepherd, Jerry Simms, Lois Strong, the Tetlow’s, Nancy Mitchell, Larry Thommen and Susan Yednock. Faith volunteers donated 3,167 hours in 2006. Through April 2007, 1048 hours have been donated.


The Food Closet is located at Bethany Presbyterian Church, 24th and Fruitridge, and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 11:30am, except for major holidays. If you would like to volunteer, call Arlene at 428-5290.


Finally, we have been collecting food for the S.S.I.P Food Closet on the first Sunday of each month since October 2004. We have averaged 30 to 40 bags of food each month. The next collection will be Sunday June 3rd


Hello Former & Present Young Faith Singers!

 As you might already know, Carolyn Tillman & Gail Alexis are retiring from their dedicated years of service on Sunday, June 10th.  We would love to have all former/present singers at the 9am service - they deserve a big thank you!  So, mark your calendars! We hope to recognize them also between services in the Link hall or quad area, more to be determined at the next worship committee meeting.

 Anyway, what we need from all of you now are PICTURES!  Pictures of any shot of a YFS child enjoying themselves at a YFS function, or shots of them singing during service and so on.  For Carolyn, we are attempting to put a collage of pictures together, then frame the collage and let everyone sign the mat.  If we have enough pictures, we will make a smaller collage for Gail.

 Please have the pictures to me, by email, disk, or hard copies (not returnable) no later than Sunday, May 20th.  If I neglected a singer on the above or below list, please email me the name, email, phone # if possible.

 Any suggestions, and/or comments appreciated – We’ll update all of you when more confirmed details are available.

 Thank you!           Erin Ainsworth & Appreciation Committee


Time & Talents Offering

June, 2007 ~ Ministry Opportunities


Ministry Opportunity

Date(s) Needed

Approx. Time Commitment


Family Promise

People needed throughout the week at the church, for multiple tasks: set up, interacting w/families, laundry, dinner team, overnight team, etc.



Sun 6/10 – Sat 6/16


Most tasks: 2 hrs


Overnight team ( two people each night) 10 hrs



Sue Hooper


Cynthia Crow



Vacation Bible School Leaders

4-6 people needed to have fun w/children, youth, & adults: Science Discovery Leader, Story teller, Recreation Leaders 


Monday July 9th – Friday July 13th


3 ½ hrs each day  (8:45am-12:15pm)


1 ½ hrs in the evening (6:30pm – 8:00pm)


Christian Education – Youth

Melinda Lewis

916-428-3439 ext. 306 (church)                                          916-725-2810 (home)


Nursery Care Giver

6-8 people who love young children needed to care for infants & toddlers during services, giving Lisa an opportunity to attend worship service



Sign-up for one or multiple Sundays throughout the year


One service – 1 ½ hrs


Christian Education – Youth

Melinda Lewis

916-428-3439 ext. 306 (church)                                          916-725-2810 (home)

Lisa Swanson-Miller


Loaves & Fishes

14 people over 15 yrs old needed the second Monday every month to help prepare &/or serve meals to the homeless


Begin immediately the second Monday of the month – sign up for one month or as many as you are available


Meal preparation: 7:15AM (3-4 hrs)


Serving Meals

10:45AM (3-4 hrs)



Bob Connett

916-421-0430 (



Children ages 8 and up needed to bring the light of God into the church at the start of worship, and lead the congregation out with the light of God at the end (training provided for newcomers)


Sign-up for one or multiple Sundays throughout the year – one needed for each service


Arrive approximately 10 minutes before the service



Rhonda Hankey


Thank you, Faith Folk:


I feel very honored that so many people came out to recognize my retirement. I thank the Faith congregation for giving me the opportunity to serve them for all these years. And I thank you for the very generous retirement gift.


Sue Nolan


Can You Spare a Bible?

                People who come to the Food Closet often ask for Bibles or dictionaries, in addition to the donated novels that are put out for them. If you have a surplus of either, leave them in the Food Closet cart and Betty Park will see that they get to Food Closet.

Family Promise


As you know, our week for Family Promise is from 5:00pm Sunday June 10 to 8:00am Sunday June 17


If you are volunteering and have questions, please attend a brief training session after second service on Sunday June 10 in Room 5. All volunteers are most welcome.


On Sunday June 17 after the second service there will be a debriefing in Room 5. If you have comments or questions about the week, we will look forward to seeing you.


If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

Homebuilders Camping Trip is Planned for June

June is a fabulous time for camping and our Homebuilders group has chosen a great location and date.  (Homebuilders is open to all but focused on families with children up through junior high.)  We have chosen the Greenhorn Campground located at the beautiful Rollins Lake and we will depart June 22nd and return June 24th.  We have spoken with the resort about availability and there are sites still available.  Before we reserve the sites, we need confirmation on those families committed on going.  The Greenhorn Campground is located approx. 62 miles from Faith Presbyterian Church.  Please respond ASAP by contacting Mark Bearor at 392-8546.

Sign-up for Faith Fall Retreat


Sign-ups are underway for this year’s Faith Fall Retreat at Zephyr Point. Last year’s retreat was the biggest ever, and we were only able to accommodate everyone because some persons were unable to go at the last minute. This year promises to be even more of a challenge so do not wait to make your reservations. Because of these space concerns, we are asking that families who know each other well consider sharing a cabin and that single people consider rooming with other singles.


Our speaker this year is Heidi Husted Armstrong. Heidi is an ordained pastor who has ministered in West Coast churches for more than two decades. She is a gifted communicator and a published writer, and she has served as a retreat speaker and musical leader throughout her ministry career. Her passions are to connect Scripture’s ancient texts in practical ways to modern life, inspire Christians to live the Gospel in word and deed, and help diverse communities of faith strive for unity in Christ. More about Heidi is available at the registration table after both services in the narthex.


Back with again this year are our children’s program leaders, Peggy Prior and Stephanie Saunders. These two ladies are a favorite with parents because our children have fun and learn so much at the same time. Once again, Sandra Redmon will handle our nursery so that parents with little ones can participate fully in the retreat. Jon Sibug, a favorite among youth, is back for a third year and will make sure our youth have a program designed especially for them.


We have changed the structure a little on Saturday this year. All regular and optional retreat workshops will be held on Saturday morning, leaving the afternoon free for other activities. Team leaders have been recruited to lead special activities for those who are interested. Those who want physical activity can participate in a bike ride. Families can join in a family activity. Youth can participate in an activity just for them, and those who prefer quieter activities can be part of a game session. You can also use the afternoon for meditation, prayer, sleep, or whatever else meets your needs.


Sign-ups are taking place from May 12 through June 10. To register, complete the registration form available in the narthex and submit the required deposit. Fees are outlined on the large poster in the narthex or on the several smaller ones that are posted around the church.  If you want to go but need financial assistance, please talk with a pastor as soon as possible. Funds are available, and we don’t want anyone who wishes to go to be left behind because of financial need. If you have any questions, contact Barbara Tracy at 428-0311 or

 God’s Green Earth

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out on Saturday! We had a great turnout and it was a worthwhile event. We cleaned up lots and lots of litter along the riverbank near Garcia Bend Park. Good timing for   the  youth group baptism on May 23


I’m also excited to announce that we have a new blog for our group. Thanks to Richard Markuson for setting it up! I posted pictures from Saturday in case you want to check those out. Here is the link – be sure to add it to your bookmarks:


Committee Wanted:

Jeff had a great idea to form a committee of 6-8 people to evaluate Faith’s use of resources and then brainstorm ideas to help make the church more “green”. The group would meet several times over the summer and then present the ideas to session for approval. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email me.


Today’s Conservation Tip – use concentrated diswasher liquid

“Packaging has gone beyond the function of protecting a product and informing the consumer, and has become a marketing tool. Over-packaged goods vie with each other to seduce potential buyers at first glance, so that a product that was not on the shopping list ends up in the shopping basket.”


“When buying dishwasher liquid, ignore boxes of individually packed tablets and instead choose less polluting and more easily carried alternatives, such as refillable packages, especially concentrated liquids. Dishwasher detergent in tablet form is also higher in phosphorus, which disrupts ecosystems when released into our waterways.”

Rivercats Game


Would you like to enjoy a summer evening out watching baseball at Raley Field? If so, consider joining other members of your Faith family at a Rivercats’ game. We have tickets reserved for the Friday, June 22 game with Tacoma and the Saturday, August 25 game with Fresno. Fireworks follow the Saturday game.


Tickets are $13 each, and you may sign up in the narthex. Contact Barbara Tracy at 428-0311 or if you have questions


Worship Helpers


June 3

June 10

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Sarah Ainsworth

Frank Abbott


Youth Sunday

John & Sally Ravas


Youth Sunday

Mary Lou Bailey

Andeen Lovett


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Tom Busch

Julie Davies

Donna Touros


Melinda Lewis


Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Kyle Carpenter

Nancy Remley-Johnson


Youth Sunday

Renee Larson

Melodi Anderson


Youth Sunday

Tom & Dorothy Hughes


Joe Parente Kevin Roberson

Coffee Servers

Mary Masterson

Lena Newman

Gwen Markuson


Barbara Powel

Marvette Swayzer

Helen Christenson

Marilyn Becker


May Tucker


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