Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 32, Number 9 May 1, 2007

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am


(Jr. High School Fellowship)

Thursdays 7-9:00pm

Patrick Vaughn


Sr. High Fellowship

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Quinn Vaughn


May 1 Tuesday. Vacation Bible School Registration begins.

May 29 Baptism Sunday

June 3 Reception for May Tucker after second service

June 3 Youth Sunday

June 10 Recognition for Carolyn Tillman and Gail Alexis

June 10 - 17 Family Promise

September 14 - 16 Faiths Annual Fall Retreat

Town Hall Was Held April 29th

Many people stayed for the April 29th Faith Town Hall.  Last year, Session decided to hold at least two of these gatherings a year to give members of the congregation to ask questions or share concerns and joys with the church leadership (i.e. elders and staff).  The Town Hall was held after each worship serviceday.

Mission Team Potluck

Whether you are planning on making this summer’s mission trip to the Central Coast of California or still trying to decide, please join us for our first team meeting on Sunday, May 6 at 5 p.m.  We will share potluck and then spend some time getting to know each other, answering questions and begin the spiritual journey together under the leadership of Patrick and Quinn Vaughn.  Information is available in the narthex, by checking out our blog at or calling Conney Willis at 530-432-2318.

Mosquito Nets For Africa


Look for the Presbyterian Women ladies between services next Sunday (May 6)

in the Narthex.  They will be collecting money for the NetWorkers Malaria

Prevention Program-- and providing a Mother's Day card to everyone who

donates.  Honor your mother with a donation!!!  Malaria kills more than one

million people every year, and a simple mosquito net can save lives.

How Can I Get to Know the Bible Better?

10 Practical Suggestions on How to Get to Know Scripture


Many of us have a deep desire to get to know scripture better.  But we feel stuck.  We’re not sure how to dig in, not sure how to get started.  Perhaps some of us have tried to go through the Bible before and we either got bogged-down, overwhelmed, or just plain lost.  Below are some suggestions which you might put into practice in your own personal study.  These are, by no means, the only ways to study scripture.  They are, however, a start.  Like everybody else, you’ll have to develop some disciplines and practices which work for you.  As you do, perhaps these ideas which have worked for many people over time may also prove helpful for you.


Suggestion #1 – Start from the Beginning

This isn’t a bad way to read scripture.  It is, after all, a story and most people start stories at the beginning.  However, you may need some help along the way.  Help might be found in the form of a Bible Reading Plan.  Most Christian bookstores have Bibles or guides which lay out a plan for reading through the Bible.  Also, sometimes people find commentaries to be helpful.  Commentaries are resources written by biblical scholars or pastors that provide some interpretation and explanation along the way.  One such commentary, which is also a devotion (i.e. provides some practical suggestions for application), is The 365 Day Devotional Commentary by Lawrence O. Richards.  This resource provides a daily reading for each day of the year.  In one year, you will have worked through the whole Bible (and yes, you can take longer if you like.)  This resource is available on


Suggestion #2 – Pick Key Books of the Bible and Read them in Big Chunks

Some parts of scripture are more difficult to approach than others.  Below is a list of some key books in the Bible which many people have found to be good places to begin.  As you read these, try reading at least a couple chapters at a time to get a broader flavor of some of the themes and directions in the text. 

              -Genesis – Great story of the origins of the world.

              -Exodus – Another fantastic story of Moses and the deliverance of God’s people from slavery in Egypt.

              -I & II Samuel – The story of the monarchy of Israel.

-Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are all separate accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

-Romans – A letter written by the Apostle Paul, Romans is the most comprehensive presentation of the message of Christianity in the New Testament.

-Galatians, Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians – These are shorter letters from Paul written to the early church to help clarify their beliefs and put them into practice.

-James – Tradition says that the brother of Jesus wrote this very practical book.


Suggestion #3 – Choose a contemporary translation.

There are some fantastic translations or paraphrases of the Bible out these days which put scripture in very contemporary language.  The most popular of these is The Message by Eugene Peterson.  This is widely available on-line or in most any bookstore and is a great resource for helping us hear scripture in a fresh way.


Suggestion #4 – Pray through the Psalms

Many people in our congregation have already made this a regular practice in their lives.  The Psalms (there are 150 of them) are found in the middle of the Old Testament and were written as prayers, often meant to be sung.  What you can do is to simply take a Psalm, or even a portion of a Psalm, and make the words a prayer for yourself.  Let the thoughts there guide you in your prayers.  Personalize them.  If you are somebody who often wants to pray but isn’t certain what words to use, this can be a fantastic practice.  Plus, you’ll be getting to know scripture as you pray.


Suggestion #5 – Join Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

There is a growing group of people here at Faith who are taking advantage of this ministry.  BSF is an international organization which helps people study and apply scripture.  Participants meet weekly for small group discussion and lecture, and then do daily homework during the week.  The course runs during the school year.  Faith actually has a women’s BSF group which meets here every Tuesday morning.  There are men’s groups which meet locally as well.  Many of our own members who have participated in BSF have said that it has been transformative for their faith.  For information on the women’s class, speak to one of our pastors.  To find the closest men’s class, go to




Suggestion #5 – Use these Three Questions for studying a passage.

Whichever passage you are studying, perhaps you could ask these three questions of the text.  If it helps, use a journal and write down your answers.

-Investigate – What does this passage mean?  What is happening in this passage?  What does it teach about God, about people, about the world?  What promises are made here by God?  What lessons are learned?  What good news is shared?  What don’t I understand here? 

-Interpret – What do I sense God wanting me, or my community, to personally take from this passage?  Is there a command for me/us to obey?  Is there a warning for me/us to heed?  If there a promise for me/us to claim?

-Application – What is at least one thing I/we are going to do about it?  Am I (or we) willing to do what God is asking of me or not?  How am I going to be different from now on because of what this passage teaches me?  How do I/we need to ask for God’s help to make this change?


*A similar set of questions has been developed by Dr. Darrell Guder.  They are…

        1. How does this text evangelize us?  What is the good news here?

        2. How does this text convert us?  How does this text want to change us?

        3. How does this text read us?  What does this text say about our current context/setting?

        4. How does this text focus us?  What does this teach us about our role in God’s coming kingdom?

        5. How does this text send us?  How does this text send us out to participate in God’s mission?


Suggestion #6 – Incorporate the ancient practice of Lectio Divina
Lectio divina refers in Latin to the practice of "divine reading."  It is an ancient way of praying with scripture.  This form of spiritual reading originated in the Benedictine tradition and involves a deeply personal and prayerful encounter with the presence of God through sacred scripture. Lectio invites us to listen to the word of God with our whole being and our longing to be touched, healed and transformed by the Holy Spirit.  In order to practice lectio divina, select a time and place that is peaceful and in which you may be alert and prayerfully attentive. Dispose yourself for prayer in whatever way is natural for you. This may be a spoken prayer to God to open you more fully to the Spirit, a gentle relaxation process that focuses on breathing, singing or chanting, or simply a few minutes of silence to empty yourself of thoughts, images, and emotions.  For more instructions on this practice, go to


Suggestion #7 – Read the Bible in a Foreign Language

Writer Fredrick Buechner suggests this: “If you have even as much as a nodding acquaintance with a foreign language, try reading the Bible in that.  Then you stand a chance of hearing what the Bible is actually saying instead of what you assume it must be saying because it is the Bible.  Some of you may hear it in such a new way that it is as if you had never heard it before.  “Blessed are the meek” is the way the English version goes, whereas in the French it comes out, “Heureux sont les débonnaires” (Happy are the debonair).  The debonair of all things!  Doors fly open.  Bells ring out.”


Suggestion #8 – Study it with Another

Many Christians in our tradition have believed that the scriptures are best interpreted in the context of a community.  In other words, we may make errors when we interpret on our own but as we study together we tend to help correct one another.  Find a friend who might we willing to meet once a week for study.  Together, use some of the resources suggested here.  If you can find somebody who has been studying the scriptures longer than you have, all the better.


Suggestion #9 – Take Advantage of On-line Resources

There is an ever-increasing wealth of resources on the web to help with your study.  These sites have commentaries, maps, images, different translations, study tools, devotions, and more.  Some are better than others, so you have to select carefully.  To begin with, you might check out these sites:

           – Lots of tools here.

           – Lots more tools here.

           – Go to “Bible Study Tools” page

           - Gives expanded definitions and roots to biblical words.

           – Great maps of biblical sites

           – Great place to search for scriptures and compare different translations.


Suggestion #10– Go Get More Suggestions

Any of our pastors would always be happy to meet with you and help you think about ways you can immerse yourself more deeply in God’s word.  Just let us know.



Healing Moves


Heal yourself with regular sessions of exercise.  Compared to sedentary older adults,  older adults

who were regular exercisers experienced faster healing of their wounds--up to 10 days faster---in a recent

study.  In addition to faster healing,  regular exercisers also enjoyed increased strength and physical fitness.

so get moving to turn yourself into a faster healer and a healthier person.  Healthy people should aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week to derive the greatest health benefits.


Children’s Ministry for May


Matthew 22:34 – 40


The Greatest Commandment --- Jesus replied, “Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind.”


Parents, loved ones, let us open our love letter from God and share with our children. Sunday School teachers are with your kids for about 40 minutes a week but you are with them for a lifetime. So let us try and share, discuss and pray, pray, pray with our children.


Vacation Bible School registration begins on Tuesday May 1st.


Youth Sunday is June 3rd


Thanks to all who contributed to our Sunday School Teachers Appreciation Breakfast on April 29th.


Important dates:

  June 3rd –Youth Sunday

  June 10th – Children’s Worship Begins
   July 9-13th – Vacation Bible School


Questions??? Call Pam Rock, C.E Elder at 393-1493 or Melinda Lewis, C.E. Director at 428-3439   ext 306.

Hello Former & Present Young Faith Singers!

 As you might already know, Carolyn Tillman & Gail Alexis are retiring from their dedicated years of service on Sunday, June 10th.  We would love to have all former/present singers at the 9am service - they deserve a big thank you!  So, mark your calendars! We hope to recognize them also between services in the Link hall or quad area, more to be determined at the next worship committee meeting.

 Anyway, what we need from all of you now are PICTURES!  Pictures of any shot of a YFS child enjoying themselves at a YFS function, or shots of them singing during service and so on.  For Carolyn, we are attempting to put a collage of pictures together, then frame the collage and let everyone sign the mat.  If we have enough pictures, we will make a smaller collage for Gail.

 Please have the pictures to me, by email, disk, or hard copies (not returnable) no later than Sunday, May 20th.  If I neglected a singer on the above or below list, please email me the name, email, phone # if possible.

 Any suggestions, and/or comments appreciated – We’ll update all of you when more confirmed details are available.

 Thank you!           Erin Ainsworth & Appreciation Committee

Presbyterian Women


Ever wonder what Presbyterian women do?  Yes, we meet once a month for Bible Study, lunch, interesting

programs and of course visiting!!!  We have been very busy with our time and money.

1. Each month, members, bring their 'White Elephants'.  The members may purchase the items for whatever they feel the item is worth.  The items that do not sell are donated to 'The Winn Project'.  Money raise is used for various mission projects.

2. P.W. decided that rather than exchange individual gifts,  we would purchase new pajamas, gowns and slippers for women and children.  The gifts were bagged and donated to W.E.A.V.E.  P.W. donated over $700.00 worth of items,  Christmas 2006.

3. Kathy Keller, missionary in Tanzania, Africa,  was the recipient of donated used greeting and Christmas cards, laminating supplies and tools which will be used by children and women for making placemats.  Also a cash donation of $250.00  was given.

4.  Over the past eight years P.W. has supported, thru World Vision, our Indonesian Girl.

5.  P.W. is participating again, Mosquito Nets For Africa, coincided with Mother's Day.  Last year $1,000.00 was raised.

6.  P.W. purchased a set of books and a dry easel for the Children's Department. Total amounted to $250.00

7.  Our last project was helping build a church, brick by brick, in Brazil.  $500.00 was donated.

All women in the church are welcome!!!!  Come to join us for fun and food.

What Are Those Elders Up to Now?

Highlights from April’s Session Meeting


The following are some of the decisions which were made this month at Session and some of the areas of ministry which were celebrated.  We hope you share in the enthusiasm of Session in all that God is doing in our midst.  As a reminder, Session meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 in Room 2.  Unless otherwise determined, they are open meetings and church members are always encouraged to come listen in.  We’ll even share our snacks!


More about Music!  The Committee on Music Ministry received approval from session to move forward with advertising and recruiting for a new Director of Music and an accompanist.  A variety of advertising formats will be used to ensure the best candidates have an opportunity to apply.


Director of Children’s Ministries now permanently filled:  We congratulate Melinda Lewis, currently the interim Director of Children’s Ministries, who was approved by session as the permanent Director. Melinda’s permanent status will begin July 1st.


Temporary Office Managers:  You will hear new, but familiar voices when you call the church office over the next several weeks.  Esther Chapman will be filling the office manager role until mid-May when Christina Canaday will take over those responsibilities.  In the meantime, our Personnel committee is hard at work to find a permanent replacement.  Our thanks are extended to Esther and Christina for their willingness to help out.


Way to Go, Youth!  Faith church will have nine youth attending Triennium in Purdue, Indiana this summer!  Pastor Quinn will be attending too, with Pastor Patrick waiting to hear if additional men leaders are needed. 


Mission funding acknowledged:  Faith church received a gracious note of thanks from the Ministry of Insured Salvation, a residential care home for children and youth in Lesotho, Africa, and one of the many ministries supported by Presbyterian mission dollars. 


Summer mission trip set:  Mark you calendars and get ready to go on the summer mission trip set for July 29 – August 4.  This year the group will be traveling to San Luis Obispo for some building work and assistance with a 4-R program.  Elder Georgianne Becker noted that many tasks will be available for the volunteers to do, so check with her if you have questions.


Home Sweet Home:  At the request of Pastors Quinn and Patrick Vaughn, session approved use of the manse fund account to use towards the purchase of a home. 


Session Planning Retreat:  New and current elders and the pastors met for their semiannual retreat the weekend of April 13-14.  These are special times of gathering for the leadership help in their growth as a leadership team as well as served to clarify their focus on what they believe Christ is calling Faith church to be and to do.


Other Bits & Pieces: A reception of thanks and acknowledge for Sue Nolan was held on April 15.  Look for additional receptions for May Tucker on June 3 and Dennis Merwin on June 10.  Gayle Alexis and Carolyn Tillman also will be recognized on June 10.


Time & Talents Offering

April, 2007 ~ Ministry Opportunities




Ministry Opportunity

Date(s) Needed

Approx. Time Commitment


Coffee Hosts

1-2 people needed per service to prepare and serve coffee


Sign-up for Sundays throughout the year


1 hr (1/2 hr before service & ½ hr after service)



Kitty Tatro



Vacation Bible School Leaders

15-20 people needed to have fun w/children, youth, & adults: Cooking leader, Art leader, Story teller, Travel guide 


Monday July 9th – Friday July 13th


3 ½ hrs each day  (8:45am-12:15pm)


Christian Education – Youth

Melinda Lewis

916-428-3439 ext. 306 (church)                                          916-725-2810 (home)

Pam Rock



Assisting with Funshops

(hands-on workshops in the Arts)

20 people needed for an art festival for 1,500 children with disabilities.  An opportunity to make some very special kids very happy!!!



Friday, May 18

Coloma Community Center

4623 T Street



8:30am – 12:30pm

Morning refreshments & lunch provided



Alice Parente 


Sunday School Assistants

10 people needed to help teachers w/art projects, take roll, interact w/children, & listen to their stories


Sundays in April & May (sign up for one, or as many as you’d like)


45 minutes – during service



Christian Education – Youth

Melinda Lewis

916-428-3439 ext. 306 (church)                                          916-725-2810 (home)

Pam Rock




Unlimited number of people needed to assist during worship services – pass out bulletins, collect offerings, etc.


Sign-up for a Sunday service once every 2-3 months


2 hrs



Rick Crow


916-441-2980 (work)


God’s Green

Earth Team

A team focused on learning about and caring for creation.  The team will promote ways to conserve resources and sponsor activities to learn about and enjoy creation.

Sign up today and receive a free gift!


The team will meet regularly to plan at least one activity a quarter.


To be determined.


Lay Minsitry

Erin Clay


Food Closet

You can bring food bags any Sunday as well as the first Sunday of the month. Put them in the mini-shopping cart in the narthex.

Workers are always needed for bagging, sorting, stocking shelves..

Every week in the year at The Food Closet, Bethany Presbyterian Church. 24th and Fruitridge.

9:00am to 12 Noon, or as much time as you wish to spend, even an hour.

Betty Park



Sign Up to Help Family Promise

June 10 – June 17


You can sign up for our next week of Family Promise on the whiteboard on the wall opposite the church office.

Volunteers are needed for dinner, evening activity, overnight teams, set up and take down teams, laundry , transporting mattresses to the next church and Team Leaders.

 If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex on May 20 after the 1st and 2nd services.

If you have not volunteered but are interested, talk to someone who has or team up with them.

 If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

Faith’s Fall Retreat


Everyone is invited to attend Faith’s Annual Retreat so put the dates on you calendar: September 14 -16. The theme is Be the Church featuring Heidi Husted Armstrong who is a pastor, writer, retreat and music leader.

More information will be available later. Barbara Tracy can answer your questions.

Roy Smart Says

              Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and cards. The Lord was not ready for me. --- Roy


Worship Helpers


May 6

May 13

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

David Nash

 Hal Turner


Walt & Doran McDaniel

David & Janet Leader


Jim, Chris & Marilyn Becker

John & Sally Ravas


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Donna Touros

Jeff & DiAnne Brown


Sierra Brown

 Jake Helmich

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Glenda Arellano

Rick Crow


Bob & Barbara Powell

Chuck & Brien Bell


Chuck & Hilde Tetlow

Bob & Barbara Powell


Joe Parente Kevin Roberson

Coffee Servers

Mary Masterson

Ann Johnson


Barbara Powell

Marvette Swayzer

Helen Christenson

Marilyn Becker


Brendon Collins

Cole Fahet

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