Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 32, Number 13 June 26, 2007

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am

Crunchies (CREW + Munchies)

Summer Nites





July 4  Pocket Parade

July 15 Founder's Day

July 28 - August 4  Mission Trip

July 29 Coffee with the Ethiopians

September 14 - 16 Faiths Annual Fall Retreat

S. S. I. P. Building Project


For many years, the South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership Food Closet, sponsored by sixteen south area churches, has operated out of a small room with a window to the outside at Bethany Presbyterian Church. As the area’s need grew, we added a lean-to storage room, and later, rented a portable container. Volunteers must run with baskets to these areas to get all types of weather. We are now feeding between 3,000 and 4,000 individuals monthly. We have outgrown our present facilities, and cannot afford to rent new ones.


However, God is continually opening new doors. A unique opportunity has been opened to us. Bethany Presbyterian Church offered us the land at the back of their property to build if we could find the financing. With the assistance of a local realtor, Jerry Landreth, grants and donations, we are going to build this larger facility! The facility will he simple: a small warehouse type building with a reception area for serving our clients, and a larger storage area with floor to ceiling shelving to store our food. We will be able to free up Bethany’s building for the work it was intended and provide a facility to consolidate our operation to more adequately serve our clients and Bethany.


We are almost halfway to our $106,000.00 goal. On Sunday June 24th you will have an opportunity to view pictures of the present S.S.LP. facilities at the Mission table. Should our plight move you, S.S.I.P. would joyfully welcome any donations you might be willing to place in the “church” receptacle at that location.


Frances Lee and Charlie Tucker, Co-Executive Directors South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership

Join us for fun on the 4th!!!


For over a decade folks in the Pocket area have celebrated Independence Day with a “small town” parade and BBQ in the park. And for almost as many years Faith Church has been a part of the celebration. This year will be no different! Our Outreach committee has come up with an idea for an interactive float (that’s right…interactive!) that will add some excitement to the parade and draw attention to our church. Want to be a part of the fun? We need some folks of all ages to walk along the parade route next to the float (Lisbon School to Garcia Bend Park) and help out with activity. Curious??? Call or talk to Outreach Elder DiAnne Brown (395-6129) for details. It’s a short time commitment – 9 to 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 4, that’s bound to be lots of fun!

              Help is also needed with the community BBQ (free to the first 500 folks!) at Garcia Bend. You’ll join other community volunteers to hand out food and drinks. Again, it’s a short time commitment – 10:30 until noon.

              Be a part of the 4th of July in the Pocket along with your friends at Faith Church!!!!

Buy Faith Fireworks


Faith’s Fireworks Stand will be open for business at noon on June 28th and from 9:00AM to dusk on June 29th through July 4th. Not only does Faith have excellent fireworks but you are supporting the mission trip and the Faith Fall Retreat. Better yet, you can volunteer to work a two hour shift at the stand. The stand is at its usual location in the California Bank parking lot, southeast corner of Florin Road and South Land Park Drive.

Dear ARCOfaithfuls,


If you are itching to do some volunteer work and can't wait until the Kings' season starts,  the Mission Team could really use your help.  There are still plenty of slots for volunteer sales people in the Church Fireworks booth located at South Land Park Drive and Florin Road, in the parking lot of the California Bank and law practice of Tosh Yamamoto (a generous supporter of Faith Presbyterian Church).   To sign up, just contact Janet Leader and she will hook you up with a day and time slot (shifts are about 3 hours, starting at 9 a.m.).   We especially need help on the 4th of July. So if  you are able and willing, please contact Janet at 395-0889 or  .

The ARCOfaithfuls are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!       THANKS,  Paul Kelle


A Prayer of Blessing for New Life


On June 17 we did something in worship that we hope might become a long-standing tradition here at Faith.  In the 11:00 service we invited Scott and Sheri Peifer to bring forward the newest member of the Faith community, their newborn son Corbin.  Then, we took time in the service to do something called A Prayer of Blessing for New Life.  Though I gave a short explanation that morning about the prayer, it seems like some further comments might be helpful here.


First, a little background.


It is our practice that when children are born into families here at Faith to encourage those parents to have their children baptized shortly thereafter.  In fact, The Book of Order (the Constitution of our denomination) states the following: “Children of believers are to be baptized without undue delay, but without undue haste.”  We encourage, therefore, parents to take advantage of this sacrament in the lives of their children.  At the same time, we don’t rush them into baptism.  For one, we realize that God’s grace is at work in the life of that child even before he or she is baptized.  The waters of baptism, our tradition teaches us, are a powerful sign of what God has already done!


The way this all works out is that some families here at Faith are eager to have their newborn children baptized soon after they are born.  Others, particularly those who may come into our community from other Christian traditions where infant baptism is not practiced, choose to wait awhile, some even until their children are older and can participate more consciously in the sacrament.  Again, it has been our practice to encourage parents to baptize their children but, ultimately, respectfully leave that decision in the hands of those parents.    


We (i.e. our pastors) spent some significant time recently talking this through.  One of the things that emerged from that discussion was this idea to invite and encourage all families, whether or not their children would be baptized as infants or not, to allow us some time in worship to introduce them to the rest of the congregation and let us offer a prayer of blessing over them.  Then, in the days to come, we would encourage them, when the time is right, to have their child baptized. 


What some of you experienced on June 17th was our first time offering such an introduction.  In the days to come, we look forward to more of these opportunities to formally introduce to you newborn children and their families and to set aside time for us, together, to pray a blessing on these new children and their parents. 


Thanks to all of you who do such an extraordinary job of encouragement and supporting parents in our midst who are raising kids.  I say this as one of your pastors, but also as a dad who is grateful that my two kids are a part of a community filled with so many people who love them with the love of Jesus Christ.


I look forward to worshipping with you, and our children, this Sunday!


Grace & Peace,



Ethiopian Monk cuts their special bread

Faith Folk Fellowship with our Ethiopian Friends

A big group of Faith people joined in the 10:00 coffee/fellowship hour our friends from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church June 24th.  We shared our coffee and they brought some traditional Ethiopian bread to share. There was a lot of interaction which resulted in better understanding of our guests who worship in Link Hall every Sunday. The next coffee with the Ethiopians will be July 29

Pastor Jeff talks with two Ethiopian women

What Are Those Elders Up to Now?

Highlights from June’s Session Meeting


The following are some of the decisions which were made this month at Session and some of the areas of ministry which were celebrated.  We hope you share in the enthusiasm of Session in all that God is doing in our midst.  As a reminder, Session meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 in the east wing.  Unless otherwise determined, they are open meetings and church members are always encouraged to come listen in.  We’ll even share our snacks!


-Psalm 100:4b-5:  Give thanks to him; bless his name!  For the Lord is good, his steadfast love endures forever and his faithfulness to all generations  And so the June meeting of the Session opened with just that—thanks being expressed to God for his goodness and faithfulness to our congregation in so many ways:  Music, youth, life groups, pastors, deepening friendships and commitment through service; and with prayers to open us to the new paths on which he will continue to lead us in the coming years.   We have much to look forward to!

Getting things in tip-top shapeWe welcome Kristi Kampel, our new office manager, who started in May.  She is working hard to learn all the ins and outs of the office and looks forward to meeting you in worship in the near future.   

Deacons elect new leadership and continue their ministry of compassion:  Officers for the deacon board have been elected:  Jan Hill--Moderator, Virgie Cornelius—Vice Moderator, Betty McClure—Treasurer, Jack Ferguson and Jo Thommen—Prayer Chain.  By the time you receive this, the Deacons will have provided for the memorial service of Yvonne Marshall on Saturday, June 16. 

Task force to consider more opportunities for serviceInspired by the Menlo Park Presbyterian CHurch “Compassion Weekend” concept, session will be setting up a task force to explore the possibilities of a similar experience for Faith.  This would involve setting up a wide variety of opportunities for our congregants to serve in mission on a specified weekend(s).  More details to come in the fall when the task force is scheduled to report back to Session.   

Parish Associate proposal to Presbytery:  We are excited about presenting for approval by Presbytery, the Rev. Joan Stock to serve as a Parish Associate for Faith.  Rev. Stock, who was formerly a stated supply pastor on staff at Faith, would not be a member of the pastoral staff in the capacity as a Parish Associate, but would come along side the staff in a non-remunerated role to assist with various activities including teaching adult education courses from time to time, leading a contemplative worship service occasionally, assisting with training and facilitation with staff, and providing some pastoral care.  We look forward to welcoming her back to worship with us!

Ensuring a Home Sweet HomeHousing prices being what they are in the Pocket area, Pastors Quinn and Patrick were granted an increase in loan funding to assist with purchasing a home.  The additional money, if needed, will come from the reserve account while the majority of the money is being drawn from the special manse fund.  We wish them successful home hunting!

Founders’ Day Planning is well underway!  As we prepare to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the beginnings of Faith church, Pat Beal and Joe Parente are busy looking for charter members and gathering memorabilia.  Mark your calendars for July 15 for a special celebration.

Children’s Church Started:  Our Director of Children’s Ministries, Melinda Lewis, initiated our summer Children’s Church on June 10.  Thanks to the skilled hands of Danny Healow, an Eagle Scout candidate, we have newly-constructed wooden pews and communion table.  Stroll down the hallway on Sunday and check out the beautiful set up for our children.


Open Prayer Requests in Worship

Many people here at Faith have pointed out how they enjoy the opportunity to offer personal prayer requests in worship on Sunday morning.  The pastors have committed to making sure that at least once a month, typically on the 2nd Sunday of the month, that we will set aside time for individuals in worship to voice joys and concerns for prayer.  This is always a wonderful time to pray for one another.



This catchy approach to protecting your skin

from the sun comes from the American Cancer Society,

reminding children and adults to slip on a shirt, slop on sun screen

slap on a hat, and wrap on sunglasses to protect your eyes and

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When slopping on sunscreen one thin coat is just not enough.

In addition to applying one coat of sun screen about 20 minutes before going out

in the sun, the Cancer Society recommends applying a second coat

of sun screen 20 minutes after you are in the sun.



There are sun screen sprays and sticks which can be helpful in reaching

those often forgotten areas.



Watch for the New Faith Web Page


DiAnne Brown, Outreach Elder, consults with web page designers as she plans to present Faith with a completely reworked and redesigned Faith page. Sometime in the next few weeks, you will go to and you will see this fantastic new web page. Faith is joining a nation-wide movement toward a paperless nation and this new web page will be a major step in that direction

Come Help us Celebrate the Beginning of Faith Presbyterian Church

This July It’s Been 40 Years of Faith!

On July 19, 1967, fifty-one people gathered here in the South part of Sacramento for a worship service as a part of a community that would later come to be known as Faith Presbyterian Church.  Though a lot has changed in 40 years, some things have stayed the same.  Even back then, this was a community of people seeking Jesus Christ and how God wanted them to serve the world around them.  On Sunday, July 15, we will focus our worship services on celebrating all that God did back in those first days and what God continues to do in our midst.  You won’t want to miss this unique celebration.

 God at the Movies


Wednesday Night Movies at Faith - 7:00pm in  Link Hall


July 11                 Freedom Writers

July 18               The Queen

July 25               Pursuit of Happyness

August 1             Bridge to Terabithia


Though not explicitly Christian, all of these stories are tales that tell of challenge, despair, and hope as we seek to live in this world.  Each week we will meet and view the film and discuss what insights we might discover about for own faith and life. Look for details in upcoming newsletters! Movies will be shown at 7pm in Link Hall.  Pastor Jim Zazzera will facilitate the discussion.

Rumor Confirmed!!!


              It is true that Faith Church won the Decibel Sweepstakes in the South of Folsom Blvd – Broadway

(So-Fo-Bro) neighborhood Sunday June 10th. It was a close thing but the long expected appearance of Cameron Welch and the last minute entry into the contest of Jay Roberts (with TWO kettle drums in tow) and Jennifer Kinkaid with her clarion soprano made it a done deal.


              With Big Dan Pehrson leading the charge, other competitors just faded away in disarray. And pile driver Noteware (The Enforcer) was at Dan’s side should any competitor even dared think that anybody but Faith Church had a chance. And it must be admitted that the diversions initiated by Ken Pisor and Barbara Tracy were effective in keeping our competitors off balance.


              The Faith Church bunch played a take-no-prisoners game, observing rests and decrescendos, and, with great focus, kept their eyes on the baton until the final “Now and Forever – Amen” Stunning performance. And what about that fine inside game execution of Tom Stahl!


(PresbyNews disclaimer: the editors take no responsibility for the wanton flaunting of naked (or clothed) bias by Dennis Merwin, author of the above statement.

Dear Faith Families,


My family and I were overwhelmed by your warm reception.  Wow!  It was truly a great farewell party.  Rest assured that I am not saying good-bye, just “vacating the benches for the next generation to rise up and seize them”—is how I feel!


I also appreciated your continued prayers and support through calls, e-mails, and gifts of all different forms.  Indeed you are all so gracious.  If a human’s value were to be evaluated by the number of friends he/she had, I could be quite smug about it now!


Please continue to pray for my family and me—physically and spiritually.  Pray that God would continue to bless me with all that the medical advancements can offer to maintain me in “workable condition” physically; pray that God would teach and guide Byron and me to be God’s instruments as the parents He wants us to be when Preston embarks on high school this fall; and pray that the “flour and the oil” would never run out while we are heeding God’s call.


I pray for you, my Faith Family, daily because I, too, have missed you.  And thank you again deeply and warmly for the ways you have shown Christ’s love to me through out all the years that I worked at Faith Church serving you.


Grace and peace,

May Tucker and Family

Faith Church Welcomes the Homeless


              Faith members successfully hosted Family Promise during the week of June 10-17th by providing food, activities and shelter to 4 families which included 6 adults and 4 children (1 yr, 2 yrs, 5 yrs and 12 yrs.)  We want to thank all our volunteers who remained flexible as we accommodated the changing needs of our guests.  Our  Leadership Team worked smoothly and added to the efficiency of our efforts along with our daily Team Leaders:  Mary Masterson, Kent Kim, Marthe Sweet and Donna Touros.  

              We would like to thank our Meal Coordinator, Tanya Anderson, and the following people who provided dinners to our guests:  DiAnn Brown, Jennifer Smith, Claire Pisor, Nancy Mirkin, Sally Ravas, Kent Kim, Laurie Rapier, Jeff and Esther Chapman, Audrey Sherfy, Debbie Barton, Virgie Cornelius, Barbara Brown, Marlene Calbo, Ellie Boyce, Deborah Dunn, Mary Nabors, Maria Rodriguez, Cheryl and Margaret Finch, Tom Busch, Donna Touros, Paul & Betty Keller, Jim and Lena Zazzera, Christy and Dan Morris, and Alycia Harshfield.

A big thank you goes to Glenda Arellano our Shopper who purchased and organized the breakfast and lunch food and cleaned out the refrigerator.  A special thank you goes to John Popham who cooked the Saturday morning breakfast.

Our Sign-up CoordinatorRhonda Hankey, helped recruit the following Activities people:  The Popham Family, Janet Leader, Caryn Davis, Laurie and Emily Richardson, Sally Evey, the Zarembski family, David and Sandi Bilbo, and The Noe Family.  We also want to thank the following wonderful people who spent the night at the church:  Conney and Dwayne Willis, Quinn and Patrick Vaughn, Jo and Larry Thommen, Glenda Arellano, Nancy Arkelian, Chuck Bell, Gary Cash and Gwen Markuson.

Our Set Up/Take Down Coordinators, Jeff Brown and Roy Bagby did a great job transforming our church into comfortable sleeping quarters for our guests.  We appreciated the efforts of their team members:  Christina Canady, Mickey Ever, Ken Finch, Vicki Chastain, and Jeff May.

The Laundry Coordinators, Jo and Larry Thommen organized the following volunteers to do the laundry:  Ann Johnson, Julia King and Andeen Lovett.

Our next rotation is the week of September 16th to 23rd.  If you would like to volunteer you may sign up on the white board in the hallway outside the church office.  Cynthia Crow and Sue Hooper


Worship Helpers


July 1

July 8

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

David Leader

Claire Pisor


Mary Nabers

Marvette Swayzer

Hal & Ilah Turner


Bob & Georgianne Becker

Carol & Howard Frank


Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Donna Touros

Donna Touros


Jake Helmich

Katie Teixeira

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Doug Johnson

Lori Glasgow


David Nash

Lori Glasgow

RBob & Barbara Powell


Bill & Dee Nichols

Julia King

Jim & Barbara Tracy


Joe Parente Kevin Roberson

Coffee Servers

Ann Johnson

Debbie Barton

Virginia Esclante


Barbara Powell

Marvette Swayzer

Helen Christenson

Marilyn Becker



Maegan Reynolds

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