Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 30, Number 14  June 21, 2005

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831



Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00


(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Bible Study

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.

Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.

Young Adult (College Age)

Bible Study

Sundays 7 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439


June 26 Tradewinds Mexican Event -- Martha Smith or Dick McMillan for infor and to sign up.

June 28 - July 4    Faith Fireworks Stand

July 6 6-7:00pm Prayer Gathering

July 24-31 Family Promise returns to Faith (new date)

July 18 -22 Vacation Bible School. 

September 16, 17, 18  Faith Family Retreat

A Gathering For Prayer


All are invited to join Pastor Jeff on July 6th from 6:00-7:00 in the Faith Sanctuary for a time of prayer.  In addition to praying for our congregation, our community and our world, we will spend time praising God for his character and work in our lives.  Our hope is to hold these gatherings the first Wednesday of each month.  Even if you are only able to come for a portion of the time, please do join us.  Questions?  Speak to Jeff Chapman.

Stewardship Briefing


On behalf of the Session and the Stewardship Committee, we want to express appreciation for the new and renewed financial commitments to the Building Fund.  While the prior thirty-six month pledge period ended on March 31, 2005 and the next three year pledge period began on April 1, 2005, some pledge cards have only recently been returned so we now know the totals received.


Members of the Faith family have pledged $137,414.00 over the next three years.  With cash already on hand, these new pledges will allow the Building Committee to reasonably expect to retire the existing loan on our sanctuary within the same period!  This is very good and exciting news.


In the meantime, we wanted to reiterate a few points:


Building Fund and Operating pledges are distinct and separate commitments.  While some of us combine our giving in one check, it is important to remember the monies are accounted for, and used for, two different purposes.  (Building monies are spent to pay off our existing loan on the sanctuary and Operating funds go for salaries, insurance, etc.)  Our offering envelopes contain blanks to record how much of our weekly or monthly giving goes to each fund.


If you made a Building Fund pledge, please know you may begin making your payments effective April 1.


Thank for your generous contributions to our beloved Faith Church!  It is a pleasure to work with such a committed group of believers.


Fred Noteware

Stewardship Elder

Pastor Jeff Says:

Summer Soul Food


One of the things that has stuck me about this congregation since my arrival is that there seems to be an abundance of us who are always looking for books that not only challenge our minds but stretch our souls.  With that in mind, let me suggest a few books I have come across which, at least for me, have been well worth the read.  For those of you looking to have your faith challenged by what you read in some fresh ways this summer, may I suggest:


A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I am a missional, evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, fundamentalist/Calvinist, Anabaptist/Anglican, Methodist, catholic, green, incarnational, depressed-yet-hopeful, emergent,  unfinished Christian, by Brian D. McLaren – Yes, that is the full title.  And if you are somebody who is tired of the battles within the church between the so-called left and right, you may very much appreciate McLaren’s honest approach.  He is not a writer who insists on having the last word, and certainly doesn’t presume to know all the answers.  But he does believe that God must have something better in mind than some of the current divisions and isolation we see in the American church these days.  I didn’t agree with it all, but this was one of the most intriguing books I have read in a long time.


The Divine Conspiracy, by Dallas Willard – Dallas Willard is currently a professor at USC’s School of Philosophy and is a brilliant thinker and writer.  In this work he offers a very timely and challenging call back to the true meaning of Christian discipleship (i.e. what does it mean to follow Jesus in our day and age).  I was most struck by his reminder that the Christian faith is far more than just a ticket to heaven one day, but something that impacts every aspect of our lives now.  Though his writing is clear and concrete, this isn’t a “weekend read.”  The thoughts he presents will definitely take some time for digestion.  But it’s well worth the effort.


Christianity on Trial: Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry, by Vincent Carroll and David Shiflett – None of us can deny that there have been countless atrocities that have been committed over the centuries in the name of Christianity.  What often gets overlooked, however, is the fact that perhaps no other institution in history has been responsible for as much good in the world as has the Christian Church.  I personally learned a great deal about how the progress of science, the abolitionist movement, American democracy, care for the environment, and a host of other movements found their roots in the Christian Church.  This book is a great read to help us regain the perspective that we have a heritage for which we can give thanks.


I could give you a hundred more suggestions, but I think that’s enough for now.


I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday!


In Christ,



Pastor Jim says that Summer Opportunities Abound!


As you begin to think about the summer and how you might deepen your walk with God and growth in fait, here are two possibilities to consider:


Life Changes:Transitions and Biblical Faith In the twenty first century, most of us acknowledge that life is fullof transitions. What some of us do not recognize is that Scripture isfull of stories of life transitions. Together we will explore how thepeople of the Bible were challenged by change in their lives, how Godwas part of their “life changes” and what difference that might makefor us today. Some of the topics we will explore are: birth, death,vocation, moving, relationship breaking and building, organizationalchange, and transformation. Please join us in this time of reflection,study, and  growth in relationship. We will explore these themes in a small group format with two options on Sundays. Session 1 is from 9:30am to 10:30am and Session 2 is from 10:30am to 11:30am. Small groups will have leaders trained for this task. This will be a unique time of Bible study and discussion, please consider making it part of your Sunday morning. God at the MoviesOn Wednesday evenings this summer, we will again hold our “God at the Movies” nights. Our summer movie nights have proven enjoyable in the past as we not only appreciate the films but ask questions that Hollywood might not always expect us to ask. “Where is God in this story?” “Can this film teach us anything about our life with God?” “What questions does this movie pose to which the Christian faith has an important response?” These are just a sampling of the questions we might ask ourselves as we view and discuss. Specific dates will be announced soon – so plan on making these evenings part of your summer fun!

Carolyn Tillman; Gayle Alexis; Dennis Merwin; May Tucker

Music Directors Honored on June 12

Also recognized were over 100 Faith Folk who help make Faith's worship outstanding


Dennis Merwin, Director

May Tucker, Director of Music in Worship


Choir Members

Nancy Aaberg

Pat Heal

Brien Bell

Chuck Bell

Colette Benson

Patti. Bill

Gary Cash

Lois Chan

Lenore Connett

Bob Connett

Joe de lily

Carol Eikelmann

Ken Eikelmann

Jack Ferguson

Frank Fodor

Dian Frye

Bruce Kern

Susan Kim

Jennifer Kincaid

Sharon Kincaid

 Claire Leader

Jeff May

Nancy Mitchell

Brenda Norris

Virginia Northrop

Dan Pehrson

Kathy Pehrson

Ken Pisor

Liz Shahbazian

Janice Slipe

Martha Smith

Nancy Streukens

Pat Tatro

Jo Thommen

Carolyn Tillman

Charlie Tucker

Bill Welch

Cameron Welch

Jill Welch

Kati Welch

Margaret Willey


Carolyn Tillman, Director

Gayle Alexis, Accompanist


Sarah Ainsworth

Dawn Balangan

 Haley Barraza

Zoe Bill

Megan Davis

Joey Healow


Megan Reynolds

Emily Richardson

Mitchell Shahbazian

Catherine Smith

Preston Tucker



Nancy Aaberg

Wayne Appleman

Martin Beal

Pat Beal

Chris Becker

Brien Bell

Esther Chapman

LeNore Connett

Bob Connett

Jennifer Kincaid

Jennifer May

Jeff May

Ken Pisor

Liz Shahbazian

Pat Tatro

May Tucker

Preston Tucker

Margaret Willey








Frank Abbott


Rachael Busch

Christina Canaday

Jeff Chapman

Nina Dramer

Beth Eigenheer

Mickey Evey

Ellen Holmgren

Rob Holmgren

Alex Hughes

Lindsay Kammeier

Marty McAllister

Dennis Merwin

Amy Norris

Fred Noteware

Jim Park

Dan Pehrson

Melanie Qua

Daniel Qua

Martha Smith

Carolyn Tillman

Barbara Tracy

Bryon Tucker

Lillian Waters

Alex Watt

Scott Winneker

A Thankful ?from May Tucker


Dear Faith Family,


Thank you, all of you, for showing such warmth and appreciation for my fifteen years at Faith.  Your love, nurture, and support have sustained my family and me these years.  I believe you are all God’s little angels guiding and guarding me as I have traveled life’s hills and valley in the last 15 years.  Your constant faith and prayers have made a huge difference during my rejoicing as well as in my suffering days.  I look forward to continue to serve you in Christ’s love and mercy.  I pray that the music in worship will lift you and bring you closer to God.  Amen.

Happy Birthday to Helen Kelsey

 who was 100 years old on June 8.

Notes from June Session Meeting


Present membership is 436. Records indicate a decided increase in the attendance at Worship.


Long Range Planning has put together a comprehensive report relative to the recent results of the Mission Study relative to Session Size and Function. Due to the importance of this study and the matters to consider a special meeting will be held devoted to

Exploration of that study.


The Deacons expressed a concern about persons who are unable to drive or have no means of getting to church. Some suggestions were made.


Session members have been asked to prepare a calendar of events for their particular committee for the coming year. It was suggested that the completed calendar be posted where the congregation could be made aware of coming events.


The first Gathering of Prayer saw nearly 30 people come to pray together for the nation. the community, and the church. The next Gathering will be the first Wednesday in July, 6 pm in the Sanctuary. (July 6)


It was voted to permit Friendship Bible Study to use our church for their program.


A most successful first hosting of Family Promise went exceptionally well. All who worked felt very rewarded and the guests appreciated all that was done on their behalf


The Property Maintenance elder will be exploring the possibility of hiring someone to assist with the multitude of duties regarding maintenance and landscape work.


A letter is being prepared to send to the congregation relative to the status of the Building Fund Campaign with an explanation of how it fits into the individual giving plans.


A car wash to be held by the Youth was approved (June 25). Funds will be used toward the Mission trip.


It was voted to have the Nominating Committee select an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee to start the ground work in selecting a person for this position, largely to be in charge of the Youth Ministry since the present director, Kelsey Sturges, will be attending Seminary next year.


Fellowship gave dates of October 2nd for the annual Harvest Dinner and Silent Auction and October 8 for the Golf Tournament.


Faith Fireworks


Faith will be opening the fireworks booth again this summer.  Sales begin June 28th at noon and run until sundown on July 4th.  All proceeds will go to support the Mexico mission trip. These are excellent fireworks so spend you money at the Faith Stand and support our mission.  Parking lot of California Bank, Florin and South Land Park Dr. Conney Willis for information.


A couple of weeks ago Crew and Munchies had our annual End of the School Year Pool Party.  Over 40 kids were there and we had a blast.  The best thing is the party means that it is now officially summer for our youth program!  I am so excited!!!!  We have tons of great events planned.  Every Wednesday night we will have a new event called Crew Summer Nights and on Thursday evenings we will have Munchies Summer Nights.  Both of these start at 7:00 and go until 8:30.  They include great stuff like board games, basketball, football, memorizing Bible verses, and hanging out with friends.  We also have lots of fun special events planned.  In June there is going to be two all girl sleepovers, one for Crew girls and one for Munchies girls (sorry, not boys allowed!).  On the 9th of July we are taking a trip to Great America (and we need drivers).  In August we have the All Church Mission Trip and we are also going to Sunsplash on the 20th.  Plus, we are planning a one-day mission trip to San Francisco.  In September we have the Crew and Munchies welcome nights just before the Crunchies Retreat to Kelseyville.  We also have a guest speaker for the youth at the Faith Fall Retreat and there are still spots open at Westminster Woods.  If you want more details on any of these events please contact Kelsey at the church 428-3439 (ext. 304).  Come join us for a great summer!


New Date for Family Promise


It was necessary to change our host week to July 24 – July 31.

We are trying a somewhat different process for sign-ups to volunteer.


There is a white board on the wall across from the office where you can sign up for

dinner, evening activity, and overnight teams. We also need  volunteers for set up and take down,  coordinator of the day and laundry.


If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex Sunday June 26

We look forward  to another successful week for our guests and volunteers.

                                                                           Sue Hooper

Africa University Choir

Saturday, July 2 at Centenniel Methodist, 5401 Freeport Blvd. Concert at 11:00am. Potluck at noon. Freewill offering. Need more info? 452-4477 or 207-8793

Sunday School News


Vacation Bible School  July 18-22

 God Calls Us Around the World


                                               June Birthday

    Jack Helmich   6/24



There are continuing opportunities to join our VBS team.  If anyone has a knowledge about the countries we are visiting or of trains, we could use your expertise.  Or, are you willing to set up a model train set for the week?  We need several Travel Guides to guide the students during the day;  and art, music and recreation assistants.  Please contact Sue Kirk at (530) 367-4572 or Highlander@foothill.net or Pam Rock at (916) 393-1493 if you are interested in traveling with us


Vacation Bible School team still needs YOUWe are looking for Travel Guides( working with students and moving from area to area) to work with the second and third graders and several people to work in either the cooking, recreation or art areas.  Please contact Sue Kirk or Pam Rock if you can fill this need.



Paper Towel Rolls needed for VBSPlease do not throw out the paper roll when you are finished with the paper towels!  We need the rolls to make "Rain Sticks".  Please put the rolls in Sue Kirk's office.



Summer Session of Sunday School


    The Children need YOU!  We are still in great need of people to assist in the Summer program.  We need at least four people for each service to assist or lead the Preschool - Fifth graders.  The letter that was sent out with the summer schedule had a sign up area.  Please fill this out and return to Sue Kirk or Pam Rock as soon as possible. Training sessions are planned for each month of the summer. 



Internship Opening


Donne Ingalls has done a wonderful job for

the last two years as our youth ministry intern,

but he is ready to hand the reins over to another

 brave soul.  I am glad to report that he will still

 be helping out with the youth groups, and the next

 intern gets the awesome opportunity to work with

 him and all the other volunteers.  We have a thriving

youth program and the intern is a vital part of it. 

The position is ten hours a week and it is a salary paid

 position.  The job runs form the 1st of September

 through the 30th of June.  I did it for a year and a half,

 and I totally recommend it to anyone who is considering

 going into ministry.  If you are interested in applying

 for the position, please contact the church office for a

full job description and an application. Applications are

 due by the end of June and you will be contacted

 about the job by the end of July.  Please call the church

 soon for an application! 


Kelsey Ingalls



The First Presbyterian Zucchini has been delivered to the S.S.I.P. Food Closet, thanks to Marthe Sweet and Betty Park.  The S.S.I.P. cart is in the narthex, ready for your donated home grown vegetables. Don’t let the squash get too big. Check them daily and refrigerate them until Sunday.

Health Ministries


Be Good to Your Heart

Do your breakfast habits include yogurt or cold cereal?

If so, you're giving your heart a treat.

Regular consumption of yogurt and cold breakfast cereals was associated

with reduced homocysteine levels in a recent study.  Keeping homocysteine

levels in check may reduce cardiovascular disease risk.  Other foods in the

study that lowered homocysteine levels include milk, bell peppers, and

cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli.

Calling All Presbyterian Women

Wednesday, June 22

Presbyterian Women meet this month on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 11:30 am in Link Hall.    Our Bible Study Group, led by Mary Patterson, will meet before the meeting at 10:30 am.  We will be studying chapter eight in the book AWhat She Said.@  If you are interested in the study group, join us at the church at 10:30 am.

Presbyterian Women meet the fourth Wednesday of each month, September through June.  We have a different speaker each month and alternate brown bag and casserole lunches.  We have a great group of women involved in the church and would love to have you join us.  Please contact Lois Collinsworth at 683-2024 if you would like more information, or just come to a meeting and find out what it=s all about and how you can become involved.  If you work and find yourself with this Wednesday off, or have time to join us, please feel free to do so.

Our next meeting date is:

June 26              Potluck

Faith’s “Calling Tree”


Do you know what the “Calling Tree” at Faith is? It is a phone call each morning to ensure that each person on the list gets at least one phone call each day; it is mostly for people who live alone. The purpose is to determine that the telephone partner is OK, and to find help if there are problems. 


Here is how it works: 


The first  person on the list calls the second person; that person calls the next, and on down the list.  The call should be just a BRIEF MESSAGE.  You can decide with your calling partner the best time of day for contact. 


If you live alone and would like to participate, or if you know someone who may need a daily phone call, call Em Baker – 392-1337. If you think the daily phone call is too much, please know that we make every effort to keep it simple.


Note:  Sometimes we hear a story that a person has “fallen & can’t get up.” It’s not a joke!  Recently a friend of Faith’s Calling Tree fell and wasn't found for several days.  It was a tragic reminder that it can happen, even if there is family or neighbors nearby.


In doubt?  Please give it a try - or at least have a friend or neighbor be in daily contact with you. It could keep you and your family from a tragic situation. 


Faith Book Club

Faith Book Club Fall 2005 - 2006





Discussion Leader


The Devil in the

White City by Erik Larson

Ruth Warner

Dian Frye


October 17

Coming Attractions

 by Fannie Flagg

Sandra Trazise


Dian Frye

November 21

The Curious Incident of the

Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon

Ilha Turner

Glenda Arellano

Betty Park

January 23

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Melodi Amdreson

Julia King


February 20

The Song Catcher

by Sharyn McCrumb



Becky Bell

March 20

Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Hilde Tetlow

Betty Payne

Jean Kern

April 17

The Jane Austin Book Club

 by Karen Joy Fowler


Melodi Amdreson


May 15

The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl


Lori Glasgow

Marthe Sweet






The above list is our next year’s schedule.  We still need a few hostesses and   discussion leaders.  Please check your calendars to see if you can help.  Note:  We are meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month this year.  Everyone is welcome. Happy reading.  I so excited about the list that I have procured half of the books already.  

                        Ilah Turner  www.ilahturner.com     916-206-4016

Free Music in July

     Saturday nights in July from 6 -8:00pm at the Greenhaven Lutheran Church, 475 Florin Rd. You can sing along, dance to the beat or just enjoy the music. You can browse and even buy work by professional artists. Hot dogs and snacks can be purchased. Since it is outdoors, bring a blanket or lawn chair for seating.


July 9 Machaira. Gospel, pop, rock, blues

 July 16 Slackcats.   Oldies but goodies.

 July 23 North of Disorder.   Favorite songs plus a lot of fun.

 July 30 Mercy Cries    Gospel songs all ages can enjoy.

Christian Music Call


Now that I have your attention, here are the details.  According to their web-site, the Christian folk/acoustic/rock/pop group, Jars of Clay, will be offering a free concert at the “Straight Up Summer Jam” on July 23rd at 6pm at Arco Arena.  This group of four men met at Greenville College in IL where they were majoring in Contemporary Christian Music.  They chose their name as penned by the Apostle Paul in 1Cor. 4:7, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not us.” in order to help keep them humble.  Their latest project is a CD titled “Songs of Redemption”.  It is a collection of re-invented ancient hymns and spiritual songs, time-honored treasures providing assurance that hope remains constant through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.  It has a theme of restoration, focusing on the heart of the gospel message connecting the heart and mind through worship.

Other up-coming events:

*Sat. 7/16 Delirious (rock) and Lincoln Brewster (pop), Bayside Church – Granite Bay

              *Thurs. 7/2/-7/30 Spirit West Coast, (many great Christian bands)- near Monterey, www.spiritwestcoast.com

Please contact me, Tammi Whitted, at davntam@softcom.net for more information..



Worship Helpers


June 26

July 3

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Frank Abbott

Doran McDaniel


Bruce & Bonnie Alexander

Donna Touros John Sugar


Janet, David, Ross Leader

Sally & John Ravas    Sandra Trazise


David Nash

Joe Parente

Coffee Preparers

Hal & Ilah Turner

Walt & Doran McDaniel


Catherine Smith

Nina Dramer

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Betty Payne

Bruce Alexander


Hal & Ilah Turner

David Nash Lori Glasgow


Ken & Margaret Finch Carey Kincaid

Dorothy & Tom Hughes

Julia King


George Warner

Joe Parente

Coffee Servers

Margaret Finch

Paul & Betty Keller


Kitty Tatro Jarvis Arellano r

Barbara Powell Charlie Tucker


Zoe Bill


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