Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 31, Number 15 July 25, 2006

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831



Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am

CREW Bible Study 2-3pm


(Jr. & Sr. High School Fellowship)

Game Night

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Last Wednesday in July -- God at the Movies

July 10 - 14 VBS    VBS Program 7:00pm July 14

August 2  Prayer Gathering 6-7:00pm

August 5th   Youth to Sun Splash

August 5th - 12th  Mississippi Mission Trip

September 24 - October 1st  Family Promise

Help Say Goodbye To Kelsey & Donne

After four faithful years of service here at Faith in our Youth Ministry, Kelsey and Donne Ingalls are leaving this August for Dubuque, Iowa, where Kelsey will begin seminary this fall.  Kelsey is under care of our Session and our Presbytery as she begins this journey towards becoming an ordained Presbyterian minister.  Please join us Wednesday, August 2nd, from 7:00-9:00 pm here at church for a BBQ and celebration in honor of them both.  Also, if you would like to contribute towards a gift for Kelsey and Donne, please make your contribution by Sunday, July 30th.  These can be turned into the church office and should be marked “Kelsey Ingalls Gift”. 

The Power of a Handshake


Two conversations this past month reminded me again of the power of a handshake and a warm greeting.


A few weeks ago a young man in our Look @ Faith class told us about what happened the first time he came here to Faith.  As soon as he took his seat in the sanctuary, a woman in our church came over, sat next to him, and warmly welcomed him to our church.  The next time he came to worship the same thing happened.  Different pew and different person, but the same warm greeting.  The third time he came to worship, it happened yet again.


As he put it, “After that third time I knew that is was the church I wanted to stick with.”  Again, the power of a handshake and a warm greeting.


This week, however, I had a very different sort of conversation.  A young family told me that they have been coming to our church for quite some time now and have really enjoyed many things about Faith.  The only thing that has really frustrated them to this point is that they haven’t felt that many people have taken the initiative to get to know them.  They are still coming enthusiastically, but I could tell that they really long to belong to this community and connect with others in a deeper way.


Same church.  Two very different scenarios.  It reminds me that for all of the people who have come here and felt warmly received (and believe me, there have been many – myself included!), we have to keep working on this.  Hospitality, though as much a part of the DNA of this congregation as any I’ve seen, will always take some intentionality and sacrifice on our part.  Along those lines, let me suggest one simple and practical step we all might take.


At the end of worship, would you work to get in the habit of taking just two minutes to look around you for people you may not know, particularly for people who may not know anybody else.  Then, take that opportunity to introduce yourself.  Don’t worry if the people you’ve met have been members 10 years longer than you.  Sometimes people who have been here for a long time still haven’t really connected.


If it seems natural, you might even take a minute to introduce your new friends around to others.  If I meet, for example, some young parents on Sunday morning, I will try and connect them right there to some other young parents in the church.  Often that’s all it takes.


In Romans 12:13, Paul writes simply, “Practice hospitality.”  I like that he uses the word “practice.”  Sometimes hospitality is work.  Sometimes it takes reminders.  Often it has to be intentional. 


I want to say again that I know our congregation is very open to new faces.  I hear all the time how excited people are when guests come to join us.  Let’s continue to make sure others are clearly aware of our enthusiasm at their coming. 


I look forward to worshipping with you, and greeting our guests, on Sunday!


Grace & Peace,



Please Pray for Us

Natalie Crow, Paul Keller, Conney & Dwayne Willis, Pat & Daniel Tatro, Bill Frye, Christina Canaday, Michael & Sally Evey, Greg Rapier, Glenda Arellano, Bob Bagby, Rick Brandsma, Kimberly Char, Vicky & Marina Chastain, Shari & Natalie Reyes, Diana Williamson, Amy Bundock, Carol Keller, Jim, Aaron & Libby Zazzera, Barbra Liberty, Dwayne, Chonnie, Dylan & Megan Thiessen, Jon & Gary Cash, Colby Ainsworth, Aria Tactaquin, Liz Blomberg, Alexandra Powell, Richard & Kyle Markuson

As we seek to serve on the Gulf Coast

Saturday:  We’ll be flying to New Orleans, then taking vans to D’Iberville, Mississippi, where we’ll be getting into our tents around midnight.  Please pray for traveling mercies, and patience.

Sunday:  We’ll worship at the First Presbyterian Church down the road in Ocean Springs and taking a tour of the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina.

Monday - Friday:  We’ll be put to work restoring homes for people who have been out of them for nearly a year.  Thankfully the mucking out and the scrubbing with bleach is almost done, but there’s plenty of work for us all.  We’re told that the most important work we may be doing is listening to folks as they tell their stories.  Please pray for open hearts, willing hands and healthy bodies.

Saturday:  We’ll be packing up and heading to New Orleans for a quick sightseeing tour, then on the plane for our late-night arrival back into Sacramento.  One last prayer for traveling mercies, and we’ll be back to tell you all about our trip on Sunday morning.



Richard Markuson has created a blog for the Mission Trip? Go to http://faithmission06.blogspot.com/

for a running update on the mission trip and a history of the area.. Questions?  Ask Richard at

(916) 798-8826     richard@markuson.us


A car wash  to raise money for the Mississippi trip


Prepare yourself for the July 15th Zoofari!


Make reservations and payment no later than July 12. Contact us at 684-9697 or by e-mail   jalicekern@comcast.net

(We’ll be out-of-town through June 30.) ---  Bruce and Jean Kern


Meet at the front entrance of the Sacramento Zoo at 9:15


Tour by Zoo Docents Bruce Kern, Jean Kern and Jo Thommen


Wildlife Show by Zoo Interpretive Center Staff


Picnic lunch—Total cost $10.00

God at the Movies in July! 


July 26th                       Chronicles of Narnia

Though not all explicitly Christian, all of these stories are tales of hope, redemption, and transformation.  Each week we will meet and view the film and discuss what insight we might discover about our own faith and life.

Joys and Concerns

Faith takes joy in the celebration of Bob & Marlene Calbo's 5oth wedding anniversary.

We have joy for Catherine Simms Azevedo and George Azevedo on the birth of Daniel Brian Azevedo Born July 19, 7lb 7oz. And joy that grandparents Priscilla and Jerry Simms are doing well.

Westminster Woods Summer Celebration – You’re Invited!


You are warmly invited to Westminster Woods' annual Summer Celebration, Saturday, August 5th from 1 - 5 pm. Come with family and friends for an enjoyable afternoon in the redwoods. Ride the zipline, savor a great BBQ meal, and enjoy our Celebration Concert!


This wonderful day at The Woods is free to all ages, but we ask that you make reservations for the meal by July 31st. Email mark@westminsterwoods.org or call 707-874-2426 ext. 629. We look forward to seeing you here!


More information about The Woods and this special day is available at www.west minsterwoods.org





Sunday School News


We are studying the Psalms

Yes, we are

There are 150 of them

Each unique in its own way


Singing praises to God

is what we love to do


We give thanks for our parents,

our brothers and sisters, trips,

animals, friends, and playing

outside.  We praise God for

rocks, flowers, trees, rainbows,

and much more.


Thanks for giving us opportunities

to learn about you, God! Thanks for

your love!


Finally, we give thanks to our

teachers: Gwen Markuson, Helen

Frisch, Mark Bearor, Marcela

Fodor, and Christine Mendoza.

We appreciate our teachers for taking

the time to share your good news.

Vacation Bible School


What fun we had

Traveling and learning about God

Sixty-five of us in all


We made new friends                        

We sang, laughed, and prayed

We traveled to five states

and we learned about Mission

We brought many items for the

Sacramento Food Bank


From pizzas to puppets

We did it all                                             

We made a water mural

And we played in the water

Oh, we wish it wasn’t over


We thank our leaders who made

all of this possible

Forty-five of them who volunteered

their time, energy, and talents to share

God’s love with us.


Oh, what a terrific time we had!

See many more VBS pictures on the web site  www.faithpresby.org  And click on the link "pictures of recent events"

Adult Summer Sunday School

Philippians and Galatians


Explore the passion and intensity of the writings of the Apostle Paul as it comes to us through these powerful letters in the Bible. While engaging as a study of one of the most important leaders in the church, these two books give us insight into critical aspects of our own faith: freedom, joy, partnership and the power of God in our lives. Join us for any or all Sundays this summer as we explore new ways God may speak to us.


July 30th                                                       Leader – Alice Parente

August 6th                                                     Leader – Chuck Bell

August 13th and 20th                                   Leaders – Jim and Barbara Tracy

August 27th and September 3rd    No Class

September 10th and 17th                           Leader – TBA


Study Books: The Bible and Interpretation Bible Studies: Philippians and Galatians by Stanly P. Saunders




RealAge Tip of the Day

All About YOU

How young is your brain? Try this self test from the RealAge doctors.

Stand on one leg and close your eyes. The longer you can stand without losing your balance, the younger your brain is-- 15 seconds is very good if you are 45 or older. Have someone spot you if there is any chance you might not recover your equilibrium in time to avoid a spill.

Tip: To help keep your brain young and prevent memory loss, avoid living on autopilot -- doing the same things day after day. If you stretch yourself mentally, you’ll actually avoid brain shrinkage The classic way to do that is to learn something new-- whether it’s speaking Spanish Or playing the harmonica. Like muscles, your brain grows when it’s working beyond its normal routine.

Another way to build your brain is by ‘testing at your threshold.” Let’s say you can always do Wednesday’s crossword puzzle but you get barely half of Sundays answers. The best thing for your brain is to continue taking a whack at Sunday’s puzzle. Just as an athlete becomes faster or stronger by training to attain goals that are just out of reach, you can train your brain to stay smarter and sharper.



 Notes from Session


We have welcomed new member Carol Toyama, David Ander, David Cox, Krysia

 Falltrick, Loriel Nichols, Michael Nichols, Doug Qua, Elizabeth Qua.


Faith was informed of a gift annuity has been established for the benefit of FPC.


The Time & Talent program is resulting in a good number of volunteers to fill the various needs of the church.


A representative of the accounting firm who just completed a review of Faith financial procedures reviewed his finding and various committees will be asked to act on some of the comments and report back to session.


Apparently the plans for working with the Asian Community Center on a shuttle system to transport those who need transportation to church are probably not going to come about. The possibility of the church purchasing a vehicle will be investigated for that possibility.


The Harvest Dinner/Auction will be held October 10th Cost will be approximately $10.


Bob Connett will be working on the Peacemaking Offering and the CROP Walk will be coming up in the near future.


Some work has been done to repair rain gutters and due to recent leaks, some roof work will be need to be done


The Stewardship Committee is starting plans for our 2007 campaign. There will be articles in PresbyNews and other events to culminate the drive on Commitment Sunday, November 5th


The Associate Pastor nomination committee is hopeful of having the position of Associate Pastor filled by September.


New mikes, new hearing aids, a new sign for out front and more of the Welcome Center furniture are either on order or have been received

Attendance Update                        2006                               2005

          June 4                                      327                                 369
          June11                                     348                                 368
          June18                                     304                                 295
          June 25                                    260                                 271
              Average                               310                                 326

Sign Up to Help Family Promise

September 24 – October 1


You can sign up for our next week of Family Promise on the whiteboard on the wall opposite the church office. Volunteers are needed for dinner, evening activity, overnight teams, set up and take down teams, laundry and Coordinator of the Day (COD). If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex on September 3rd.

If you have not volunteered but are interested, talk to someone who has or team up with them. If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

Family Promise Week Goes Well


              Faith hosted Family Promise for the 6th time the week of July 16th.  We had 3 families, 5 adults and 8 children (ranging in age from 10 months to 12 years).  Three of the adults have jobs already.

              Over 70 volunteers participated in Family Promise this week.  The generosity of spirit that is shown by volunteers continues and makes our job easy and a joy.  The fact that each time there are new volunteers is also a blessing to the program.

              Our thanks to you who make Family Promise possible at Faith:

Set Up/Take Down:  Caryn Maegan and Kori Davis, Rick Crow, Lara and Michael Roach, Jim Tracy, Cameron and Ilah Turner and Carol Eichelman

Coordinators of the DayMarthe Sweet, Rhonda Hankey, Marlene Calbo, Mary Nabers, Gwen Markuson.

Dinner TeamKent and Susan Kim, Liz, Melanie and Daniel Qua, Lois Strong, Vernice Brooks, Mary Nabors, Paul and Betty Keller, Ruth Burkinshaw, Chonnie Thiessen, Shari and Natalie Reyes, Vickie and Marina Chastain, Paul and Karri Haneman, Bob and Tanya Anderson, Audrey Sherfy, Nancy Jenkins, Lisa Driver, Joyce Hathaway, Gloria Bagby, Jennifer and Paul Smith, Jocelyn Johnsrude, Sally Metcalf

Activities:  The Popham Family, Julie Axell, Sande Trezise, Caryn Davis, Terri Williamson, Sandi and David Bilbo, Jim and Barbara Tracy,  and Gwen Markuson.

Sleep Over Team:  Connie and Dwayne Willis, Laurie Richardson, Chuck Bell, Rick and David Crow, Bob and Georgianne Becker, Gary Cash, Gwen Markuson, Glenda Arellano and Julia King.

Laundry:  Kathy Ramos, Ann Johnson, Julia King, Andeen Lovett

              A special thank you goes to Mary Masterson our food coordinator, Bethany Church who handled dinner and activities on Tuesday and Jeff May who transported the mattresses to Congregation Beth Shalom the next group to house the guests. 

              Thanks again to staff, elders and Faith Congregation for your support and help.  Our next Family Promise week is 9/24-10/1 and the following week the guests will be hosted by St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

Sue Hooper and Cynthia Crow

Retreat Goers: Please note that the remainder of your retreat registration fees are due August 15. Either Ilah Turner or Barbara Tracy will be available after both services on August 6 and August 13 to take your checks or you can mail them to Barbara Tracy at 7020 Havenhurst Drive, Sacramento 95831. Also note that no refunds will be made after August 10. If you need to cancel after that date, you will need to find someone to take your place in order to avoid losing your registration fees. This is our biggest retreat yet, and we’re all looking forward to fun, fellowship, and learning!

2006-2007 Horizons Bible Study

Annual Introduction to Presbyterian Women’s

Horizons Bible Study

San Francisco Theological Seminary



September 9, 2006


Author, Celia Brewer Sinclair will present an overview of the 2006 - 2007 study,

“In the Beginning: Perspectives on Genesis”



Presbyterian Women will charter a bus to San Anselmo. We need a sign-up of those interested.  We will (probably) meet at 7am at Westminster Presbyterian Church downtown Sacramento and enjoy the trip without the hassle of driving!

 Cost with lunch and drivers tip will be approximately $40. 


Sorry, bus is not handicapped accessible.

There are 48 seats -- first come first served!


Group Travel Coordinator is
Jean Rae Pilcher

6029 Hollyhurst Way

Sacramento, CA 95823-5251

(916) 428-9036   jeanpilcher@comcast.net

Please submit your name early, PAYMENT DUE BY

August 1, 2006


Hymn of the Month—August 2006 by May Tucker


“Blessed Assurance”—1873


Text: Fanny Jane Crosby                                                                                                Tune: Phoebe Palmer Knapp


Frances Ridley Havergal and Frances (Fanny) Jane Crosby were dear pen pals—the two most famous women hymnists of their age, the former in England and the latter in America.  Havergal once wrote a poem about her American counterpart:


Sweet, blind singer over the sea, /Tuneful and jubilant!  How can it be. /

That the songs of gladness, which float so far, /As if they fell from the evening star /

Are the notes of one who may never see / “Visible music” of flower and tree…/

Oh, her heart can see, her heart can see! / And its sight is strong and swift and free…/


The story of Fanny Crosby’s life is one of many struggles and challenges.  Her blindness was caused by a careless doctor when she was only six weeks old.  Later she would meet her young musician husband, Alexander Van Alstyne, when she was teaching in New York’s Institute for the Blind.  They seemed a perfect pair—however—the marriage broke up painfully over alleged physical and emotional abuse.  The death of her infant child was the third major blow to Fanny’s life.  Until this day no one seems to know whether it was a boy or a girl.  Fanny Crosby’s life was indeed more treacherous than most.  Yet her deep faith and musical talent never wavered.


This hymn tune, ASSURANCE, was composed by Phoebe Knapp (she was a woman with means) and she played it to Fanny during her first visit to the Knapp Mansion in Brooklyn.  In the elaborate music room at the Mansion, as Fanny listened, she rose to feet, clapped her hands, and exclaimed, “Why, that says, ‘Blessed Assurance’.  She quickly penned the rest of the text and a great hymn was born.  It is one of the more up-lifting and encouraging hymns of all time.  You can find it in the Presbyterian Hymnal #341.


Many years later, D. L. Moody was preaching in New York at the 23rd Street Dutch Reformed Church.  The Moody/Sankey meetings had popularized Fanny Crosby’s hymns around the world and had made the blind poet a household name.  But whenever she attended a Moody/Sankey meeting, she refused to be recognized, always disavowing acclaim.  One day she attended a Moody/Sankey meeting and the church was completely full.  Moody’s son, seeing her, offered to find her a seat.  To her bewilderment, he led her onto the pulpit just as the crowd was singing “Blessed Assurance.”  Moody, Sr., jumped to his feet, raised his hand, and interrupted the singing. “Praise the Lord!” he shouted.  “Here comes the author!”  Fanny took her seat amid thunderous ovation, humbly thanking God for making her a blessing to so many. 


This hymn was featured in the 1985 film called “A Trip to Bountiful”, as some of you might remember.  Adapted by Horton Foote from his own television play, “A Trip to Bountiful” is set in 1947 Houston.  Forced by circumstances to live her loathsome son and daughter-in-law, elderly Geraldine Page, as Carrie Watts, wants nothing more out of life than to return to her home town of Bountiful, Texas.  Escaping from her family's clutches, Page boards a bus to Bountiful, where she makes the acquaintance of young Rebecca DeMornay.  The two women immediately hit it off, and their trip is a most pleasant one.  Eventually, sheriff Richard Bradford, ordered to find Page and bring her back to her family, catches up with the old woman just 12 miles from Bountiful.  Feeling sorry for Page, Bradford permits her to complete her sentimental journey, even though he knows that Bountiful is now a ghost town of empty ruins and dilapidated shacks.  It does not matter, though: Page sees Bountiful just as it was when she left it, and for the first time in years she is truly happy and at peace with herself.  Nominated several times prior, Geraldine Page finally won an Academy Award for “A Trip to Bountiful”.


“...nevertheless I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”  2 Timothy 1:12



Worship Helpers


July 30

August 6

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Sarah Ainsworth

Walt McDonald


Mary Nabers Marvette Swayzer

John & Sally Ravas


John & Sally Ravas     Donna Touros

Bill & Em Baker

Jean Kern


Don Sperling

Bill Baker

Coffee Preparers

Pat & Kitty Tatro

Walt & Doran McDaniel


Hailey Popham

 Kari Davis

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Barbara Tracy

Brien Bell


David Nash Lori Glasgow

Bob & Barbara Powell


Bill & Dee Nichols

Jarvis & Glenda Arellano

Julia King


Ken Finch Joe Parente

Coffee Servers

Margaret Finch

Marcela Fodor


Barbara Powell Charlie Tucker

Helen Christenson

Marilyn Becker


Maegan Reynolds

Samantha Parillo

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