Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 31, Number 25 December 26, 2006

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am


(Jr. High School Fellowship)

Thursdays 7-9:00pm

Patrick Vaughn


Sr. High Fellowship

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Quinn Vaughn

Simply Christian

      A Course on Why Christianity    Makes Sense

Designed for those who want to walk through the Christian faith (For the first

time or with new eyes) step by step, and question by question

Facilitator Pastor Jeff Chapman


Why do we expect justice? Why do we crave spirituality? Why are

we attracted to beauty? Why are relationships often so painful?

And how will the world he made right Are these perennial,

unanswerable questions or, perhaps, echoes of voice we dimly

perceive but deeply long to hear? Maybe these questions take us to

the heart of who God is and what he wants from us.

If you are somebody who desires to understand what the Christian faith really stands for, you are invited to participate in this course. We will use a book, Simply Christian by renowned biblical scholar and Anglican bishop N.T. Wright  In his own words, Wright says, "My aim in this hook is to describe what Christianity is all about,

both to commend it to those outside the faith and to explain it to

those inside.” This course will share that aim.

When                     Wednesday evenings, 7:00—8:30 p.m. from January 17 to April 4

Where:                   Faith Presbyterian Church Room El (The Music Room,)

Course Limit:          Course is limited to 20 participants. (Course will be repeated as long as there is more interest.)

Cost:                      $15 to cover hook and materials. (Scholarships are available. Speak confidentially to Jeff.)

Commitment:          Participants will be asked to do at least 30 minutes of outside reading and reflection each week and to                                  make a commitment to attend most, if not all, course sessions.

Sign ups begin Sunday January 7. Sign in at the Welcome Cen ter or contact the church office 428-3439

Parents Take Note!  Homebuilders May Be for You


If you’re the parent of a young child – babies through high-schoolers qualify! – Homebuilders is the Faith fellowship group for you.  We meet approximately 10 times a year to fellowship, sometimes with our kids, sometimes without.  It’s a great way to get to know other parents in the congregation.  Give it a try! (formerly called Young Families)


Here’s what’s coming up soon:


*Friday, Feb. 2, 7 p.m. – An adults-only potluck at Jeff and Esther Chapman’s home, 356 Bay River Way.  We’ll make the soup; you bring a side dish or dessert of your choice.  Our time will be spent getting to know each other and discussing activities for the coming year.  To attend, simply contact Esther Chapman at 421-8894 or


*Saturday, Feb. 3, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. – “Ten Ways to Love & Freedom in Marriage” - A marriage seminar at Faith Church, featuring guest speaker Dr. David Gill.  Participants of all ages and stages of life are welcome, including non-members.  A few of our Homebuilders members saw Dr. Gill, an ethics writer, educator and consultant, speak last year and were very impressed.  This is a great investment in your marriage.  Childcare and lunch will be provided at the church.  Watch for an opportunity to register in the new year. 

Stewardship Campaign Update – Where do we stand?

Our congregation is a giving group of people.  We are still receiving pledges  for 2007 so the final results will be known by the end of the month.  Through December 20th we have received 162 pledges for a total of $473,427.  The average pledge is $2922.  This is a very generous increase of approximately 10% from this years average pledge of $2685!!  The proposed 2007 budget, however, calls for an increase of approximately 13% in overall revenue in 2007 to fund all priorities.  That means will still have a ways to go.  Therefore, if you have not turned in your pledge, we would ask that you send it in this next week.  (Late pledges are always more than welcome!!)  Extra pledge cards are available in the Welcome Center this morning, or you can contact the church office and we’d be glad to send you one.  In January the Session will review the results of the Stewardship campaign and other souces of revenue and develop a final operating budget. We will share these results with you through Presby News and a forum between church services in January.  Thank you.


And Debbi Kanner Wants You to pick up your pledge envelopes in the narthex. And to fill out the amounts on the front of the offering
envelope so that she can allot the funds pledged to the operating budget and to the building fund. She assures everyone that she is only person who knows how much you have given.

If you did not receive a box of offering
envelopes,. call her at 393-8835 or call Sue Nolan at 428-3439

 Heath Ministry

The Health Benefits of Food - Part 4


prevents constipation

Combats cancer

Helps stops strokes

aids digestion

Helps hemorrhoids


Protects against heart disease

Promotes Weight loss

Combats Prostate Cancer

Lowers cholesterol




Strengthens bones

Relieves colds

Aids digestion

Dissolves warts

Blocks diarrhea


Slows aging process

prevents constipation

boosts memory

Lowers cholesterol

Protects against heart disease


Protects your heart

Battles diabetes

Conquers kidney stones

Combats cancer

Helps stops strokes


Combats cancer

Protects your heart

boosts memory

Calms stress




sweet potatoes

Saves your eyesight

Lifts mood

Combats cancer

Strengthens bones



Protects prostate

Combats cancer

Lowers cholesterol

Protects your heart



Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

boosts memory

Lifts mood

Protects against heart disease


Promotes Weight loss

Combats cancer

Conquers kidney stones

Smoothes skin



Protects prostate

Promotes Weight loss

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Controls blood pressure

wheat germ

Combats Colon Cancer

prevents constipation

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

improves digestion

wheat bran

Combats Colon Cancer

prevents constipation

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

improves digestion


Guards against ulcers

Strengthens bones

Lowers cholesterol

Supports immune systems

Aids digestion


Children's Ministry

Thumbprints of Faith


The children never ceased  to amaze me.  Recently, we asked the children to write a few words about why they are thankful to Jesus.  If you would like to smile then you must read on because the children have the most endearing thoughts to share with you. 


I am thankful to Jesus because:


He is the best.  I like Jesus because we pray for Him.   Nicholas – Age 7

He loves everyone and because He was born on Christmas.  Kori –Age 8

He gives me good food.  Margaux- Age 6

I have a wonderful family. – Joshua-Age 5

He gave us eternal life.  – Jaclyn- Age 8

He is always there for you when you are going through a hard time. Joey –Age 10

He gave us a heart.  Kaylah – Age 7

He gave us food, Christmas, and eternal life.  Spencer-Age 9

I have friends and I have a cat.  Cole- Age 4


This is just a sample of the children’s gratitude to Jesus.  It is a privilege to spend time with these young Christians.  May God bless you and your family in the New Year!   –Ms. Melinda



                            Collective Spirit Concert


The RSVP (Reconciliation Singers Voices of Peace) will sing with Faith’s Chancel Choir on Friday, January 19, 2007 - 7:30 pm at Faith Presbyterian Church. The concert is free but donations will be accepted for PRC Compassion . Proceeds willbenefit Hurricane Katrina Relief.

The singers of RSVP have a rich background singing music of all styles and eras. “Collective Spirit” is a sampling of the sacred music that has meant the most to our singers through the years. Hear works by Byrd, Berger, Durufle', Lauridsen, Rachmaninoff, Biebl, and more. Come be inspired by the beauty and spirit of this evening.

RSVP singers are United Nations Friendship Ambassadors this season and will tour Louisiana this summer.  All concerts will benefit Hurricane Katrina Relief.  Proceeds from this concert will support PRC Compassion, a Louisiana based group of clergy who are coordinating efforts to support New Orleans residents as they work to rebuild their lives.

More information:           (916)624-9419

Full House for Christmas


Fourteen Family Promise guests stayed at Faith Church during the week of December 10th – 17th.  While they were here they received the warm hospitality of our volunteers during the Advent season and were invited to worship with us on Wednesday night.  They were treated to 7 delicious dinners, a warm Saturday morning breakfast and a Saturday evening movie on the big screen.  The film “Polar Express” was enjoyed by all, young and old.  The  8 children of these 4 families included a 1 year old boy, 2 year old boy, 5 year old twins, 9 and 12 year old boys, 13 and 15 year old sisters.  The 9 and 12 year old boys, Joey and Scott, were especially popular with our volunteers because of their endearing natures.  The guest families interacted warmly with each other and with our volunteers to make this a very congenial week.  One family moved into their own apartment just in time for Christmas.  Two parents received part time jobs before our week was over.  On Sunday the guests moved on to Freemont Presbyterian Church where they received Christmas gifts provided by all 13 churches in the Family Promise network.


Family Promise Leadership Team Formed


              In reponse to the Time and Talents offerings, the Family Promise program at Faith has now formed a Leadership Team.  We want to thank the following persons who have volunteered to help keep this important ministry running smoothly:  Tanya Anderson will be our food coordinator; Jeff Brown and Roy Bagby will share the Set up/Take Down responsibilities; Glenda Arellano will handle grocery shopping for the week;  Rhonda Hankey will be in charge of SignUps; and the Thommens will organize the laundry volunteers.  Actually they all jumped in, received training and helped with our December 10th week.   We are grateful to our new team and look forward to working with them in the coming year.

We want to thank the following church members who generously gave of their time and resources to make our Family Promise week (Dec 10th to 17th) so successful:

              We needed 7 team leaders, one for each day of the week, and the following people generously volunteered: Lori Richardson, Marthe Sweet, Jeff Brown, Sally Evey, Jane Owen, Janet Leader and Kent Kim.

The following persons provided food to our guests:  Glenda Arellano, Carol Frank, Roy and Molly Bagby, Tanya Anderson, Lisa Driver, Marlene Calbo, Marthe Sweet, Vernice Brooks, Audrey Sherfy, Sheri, Danielle and Natalie Reyes, Patrick and Quinn Vaughn,  Betty and Paul Keller, Ruth Burkinshaw, Cheryl and Margaret Finch, Tom Busch, Judy Hey, Sally and John Ravas, Donna Touros, Mary Lou and James Bailey, Bill and Dian Frye, Ilah and Hall Turner, Mary Nabers, Virginia Escalante, and John Popham.

              The following persons provided hospitality in the form of activities and fellowship to our guests:  The Popham family, Terri Williamson, Tami and Austin Whitted, Sandy and David Bilbo, Jim and Barbara Tracy and the Chapman family.

              The following volunteers provided comfort to our guest families with a safe nights sleep:  Jim and Lena Zazerra, Larry and Jo Thommen, Chuck Bell, Glenda Arellano, Jeff Chapman, Jane Owen, Gary Cash, Sally Evey, Debbie Barton and Connie and Dwayne Willis.

              The following members turned our Sunday School classrooms into comfortable bedrooms for 4 deserving families:  Roy Bagby, Sharon and Carey Kincaid, Ken Finch, Jeff Brown, JoAnn Helmich, Jim Tracy, Cathy and Danny Helow.

              The importance of a warm clean bed cannot be overlooked.  Our laundry team was: Jo and Larry  Thommen, Ann Johnson, Julia King, Leslie James, Betty Star Joyal and Andeen Lovett.

              We would also like to thank the members of Bethany Presbyterian Church who contributed to our success by providing dinner and activities volunteers for one night of the week the past 8 times we have hosted Family Promise.  They have enjoyed the program so much that they are now joining the organization as a host congregation.   We wish them well in their new endeavor and are thankful for all their past support.

              As always our church staff graciously makes accommodations in their schedules to allow for the use of our facilities.  A special thank you to Patrick and Quinn and our church youth who give up the use of Link Hall and Melinda Lewis who shares her office with a family.

              Our next quarterly participation in the Family Promise network will be the week of March 18 to 24, 2007.  The white board is posted in the hallway outside of the church office and ready for signups.  We are adding one more volunteer slot this time.  We are looking for anyone with a pick up truck who would like to transport the foam mattresses to the next church on Sunday March 25th.  If you would like to give this ministry a try just talk to any one listed above who can share their experiences with you.  Cynthia Crow and Sue Hooper


Bulletin Cover Sign-Ups for 2007 Postponed

You may have noticed that we are not yet taking sign-ups for individuals or families who want to sponsor a bulletin cover in 2007.  Currently, the Worship Committee and Session are considering re-formatting our current bulletin.  Once that process has been completed, we will again make bulletin cover sponsorship available.  Questions?  Contact Pat Beal or Deborah Dunn from the Worship Committee.

ARCO Needs for December 30


We still need 15 more volunteers for our next Kings game at ARCO on December 30th, a 7 p.m. start (volunteers need to arrive at ARCO by 5 p.m. and the carpools will leave the Church at 4:30 p.m.)  We had so much fun with the young folks home for the Holidays that we are hoping to have even more work this game.  So, if you know a Crunchie alumn who is home from college or where ever, let them know we will be working at ARCO on the 30th.  I will have someone (like Betty) distribute parking passes and take sign ups on Sunday, and I will be at Church on Christmas Eve at 11 p.m.  Please call  (392-03040, email, or see me at Church and get signed up for this fun event.  And remember we are raising funds for a great cause: to support our Youth Ministry. 

See ya.   ----   Paul Keller

The ARCO schedule of games for the Kings' 2006/2007 NBA season.  Faith received exactly the games that we asked for as follows.

5.    Saturday    December 30th    7:00 p.m. start    Golden State

6.    Saturday    January 13th       7:00 p.m. start    Houston

7.    Saturday    February 3rd       7:00 p.m. start    Denver

8.    Sunday      February 11th      6:00 p.m. start    Seattle

9.    Friday      April 6th          7:00 p.m. start    Utah

10.   Friday      April 13th         7:00 p.m. start    Golden State




Worship Helpers


December 31

January 7

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Hal Turner

   Frank Abbott


Jim & Betty Park

Steve & Colette Benson


Ken & Patty Blomberg

Andeen Lovett



Don Sperling

Bill Baker

Coffee Preparers

Pat & Kitty Tatro

Jim & Betty Park


Hailey Popham

 Jaclyn Mendoza

Isabel Chapman

Worship Service



Worship Assistant

Terry Mangum

Scott Piefer


Chuck & Brien Bell

Dick & Betty McClure


Bob & Barbara Powell

Melodi Anderson



Kevin Roberson Joe Parente

Coffee Servers

Mary Masterson

Margaret Finch


Bob Connett

Dick McClure

Kitty Tatro

Jarvis Arellano


Cole Fahey

Maegan Davis

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