Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 30, Number 9   April 12, 2005

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831


Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

8:30 and 11:00

Multi-age Sunday School 8:30  

Sunday school, Adult Ed, Jr. High Bible Study


Graded Sunday School 11:00



(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Bible Study

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Young Adult (College Age)

Bible Study

Sundays 7 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439


April 24  Benfit show for Family Promise at Crest Theater. 4:00pm

April 24  "A Look @ Faith" -- 12:30 - 4:40pm  Class for those interested in affiliating with Faith CHurch.

May 15 - May 22 Faith Hosts Family Promise Homeless

September 16, 17, 18  Faith Family Retreat


How Can I Get Information Out at Church?

Clear and effective communication is critical here at Faith.  There is so much going on in so many areas of the life of this congregation, it is vital that we find ways to get the word out to people.


Two of the best avenues for doing so are through the PresbyNews and the weekly Sunday worship bulletin.  The PresbyNews goes out every two weeks and its editors are always glad to include church ministry announcements or articles that are delivered to them before each deadline.  Announcement in the Sunday bulletin can be submitted to our office manager Sue Nolan by the prior Monday.


Please note that we are trying to limit the number of announcements made by pastors or other individuals from up front on Sunday morning so as to better keep our focus of worship.  There will be, for time to time, church-wide announcements that need to be made but in general we are working hard to point people toward the printed material.


 Pastor Jeff Says:


Enjoyment Goes Both Ways In Worship


If you go to a wedding today in The Church of England, at one point in the service you will hear both bride and groom make this pledge to one another, “With my body I thee worship.” Couples in England have been saying that to one another since 1549.  And I think that it’s a very interesting context in which to use the word worship.  It seems a little more sensual than we usually like to think about it.  Can we really go mixing worship and pleasure all together like that?


In The Book of Confessions, a collection some of the most important Christian theological documents in the history of the church, the Westminster Shorter Catechism has a very insightful, portion on worship:


Question – What is the chief end of man?

Answer – Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.


As we have already talked about in our current sermon series this month, worship is fundamentally about doing things in our lives that God enjoys.  But enjoyment, we need to be reminded, is a two-sided coin.  When we offer God our pure worship, not only does it bring him joy, it also ought to bring us joy.  C.S. Lewis put it this way, “The scotch catechism says that man’s chief end is to enjoy God and glorify him forever.  But…these are the same thing.  Fully to enjoy is to glorify.  In commanding us to glorify him, God is inviting us to enjoy him.”


Again, God is our Father in Heaven.  And like any good parent, God enjoys watching his children do things that honor him.  But children also experience joy when that happens.  When my kids notice that I am enjoying the way they are going about life, they, in turn, find great enjoyment in my joy.  Do we think it is any different with God?  It is not.


How remarkable it is to consider that the God we serve is one who, above all else, wants us to enjoy one another.  This is another reminder that the thing God most prizes is his relationship with us.  This is something of which we are far from worthy.  And when we realize that, in spite of our unworthiness it is true, we are naturally led to worship God.


I look forward to worshipping and enjoying God together with you this Sunday!


Yours in Christ –



Sermon Series

April 17 – Overcoming the Audience Complex – Text: Isaiah 29:13

April 24 – Leaving Everything in the Pew – Text: Mark 12:28-31

Parish and Pastor Potluck Series Continues

The potlucks are held in Link Hall from 12 until 2 on these Sundays


April 17: Parishes 13, 14, 15 

   May 1: Parishes 16, 17

Food Closet 35th Anniversary

Food Closet celebrates 35 years of serving families in need in South Sacramento. Emergency food aid went to 41,000 people in 2004 and 2005 may be even more active.


The celebration will be marked by a dinner on Wednesday April 27, 5:30pm, at the Japanese United Methodist Church, 6929 Franklin Blvd.  It will be a buffet with tri tip and roasted chicken, salad and beverages.  Tickets are $12 each.


Everyone interested in this local mission effort is urged to attend. See Betty Park or Lois Strong for tickets.

Food Closet Bags


The Faith Faithful have been doing a great job of bringing in paper grocery bags. Food Closet goes through hundreds each week.  It would be helpful to the Food Closet volunteers if you would put the grocery bags into the receptacle bag flat and not folded. When they are folded, it takes volunteer time to unfold them since that is the way they need to use them.

2005 Blood Drive Schedule

June 5, 2005                               St. Anthony’s Church

August 7, 2005                         St. Anthony’s Church

October 2, 2005                       Faith Church

December 11, 2005                 St. Anthony’s Church


Mission Trips 2005


                  Your Mission Committee, along with the Youth Director Kelsey Ingalls and Pastors Jeff Chapman and Jim Zazzera, are pleased to offer the following Mission Trip opportunities for 2005:


Junior High Mission Trip!!!!


What is better than Munchies…Munchies in San Francisco!!!!  I may be a little crazy, but we are planning a junior high mission trip to Frisco this summer.  Since kids have to be fourteen to go on the church mission trip without a parent, most of the junior highers don’t make the cut.  To remedy this dilemma we are taking a five-night mission trip designed specifically for middle school kids.  We are going through an organization called Center for Student Missions.  Pastor Jeff used to go through the same organization at his old church and he always had a good experience.  So on his recommendation we are trying this new trip at the beginning of the summer.  The dates we are looking at are the 19th-24th of June.  If you are a junior higher, than mark your calendar as the time of your life.  If you are a member of the congregation, than mark your calendar as a week of prayer for our junior highers as they do God’s work in the big city.  If you or your child are interested and have not received and application, please contact Kelsey Ingalls at the church as soon as possible.  Hurry for new adventures!!!!

ARCO Update


              We had an amazing year at ARCO this season.  The King’s lineup may have undergone some major changes, but we had some hardcore faithfuls that stuck with us the whole season.  Some of our hard workers are parents of the kids in either Crew or Munchies, but many of them don’t have kids in our youth program any more or they never did. I am still blown away by how much time and effort all these parents and helpers put in over the last few months.  There were over 350 hours donated by helpers and we raised well over $12,400 to support the youth programs at this church.  This makes a huge difference when we try and plan events and activities over the next few months.  Our kids get opportunities in this youth group that few other youth programs can offer due to the budget that we get to work with because of the ARCO funds.  So on behalf of all the kids in Crew and Munchies and all the Advisors that work with the kids, thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to our programs.  We are truly blessed to have a church made up of people who care so much.       

Kelsey Ingalls

Cheryl Finch Passes Exams


Cheryl Finch, studying at the San Francisco Theological

Seminary at San Anselmo has successfully passed the five examinations required before she can be ordained. She has to complete her seminary work now.


The five exams are:
Open Book Bible Exegesis - interpreting the scripture and writing a sermon outline
Bible Content - demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the content of Old and New Testaments
Theological Competence - reflecting on theology as it applies to life situations (and showing an understanding of the Books of Confessions)
Worship and Sacraments - understanding of the Presbyterian perspective on worship and sacraments
Church Polity - understanding of Presbyterian government as explained in the Book of Order.
For more details go to


Christian Music Call


Parents, if you are fed up with the likes of Brittany Spears or Christina Aguliera as music “role-models” for your daughters; there is a breath of fresh air in the form of Bethany Dillon.  I saw Bethany perform last year when she was an unknown fresh-faced 15-year old with a guitar and melodic voice.  She was the opener for a small Matthew West concert at Warehouse Christian Ministries (a nice, up-close-and-personal venue).

Bethany was unknown to me at the time but I sensed I’d be hearing more of her soon.  Her story is one of Christ and music.  Growing up in a Christian household, she learned to sing when she learned to talk.  She says, “God was very near to my heart at a young age.  I wanted to passionately and ardently follow him.”  At age ten she recorded an independent CD and five years later has become a mature songwriter, a talented guitarist, and a “deep well of creativity”.

Her newest self-titled CD, Bethany Dillon, speaks to young girls and women who may be struggling with their looks and with what society demands of them.  In the song “Beautiful”, she wants girls to know that “God has placed a crown of beauty on their heads” and there is no sense in “fighting to make the mirror happy” when God assures “who I am is quite enough.”  Another song, “All I Need,” is a response to the “million voices” telling kids what to do, often with negative outcomes.  The chorus goes, “You are all I need when I’m surrounded, You are all I need when I’m by myself, You fill me when I’m empty, there is nothing else, You’re all I need”.  Her voice is backed up with soaring guitars, mandolins and up-beat electric guitars.

According to her web-site: her only California tour dates thus far are 07-30-05 – Salinas at Spirit West Coast, Laguna Seca Recreation Area, and

07-31-05 – Monterey at Defense Language Institute, outdoor stage.

Other up-coming events include:

              Sunday, April 17th FISHFEST 2005 (pop/rock various groups) Michael W. Smith, Audio Adrenaline, Toby Mac, Selah Kutless, By the Tree, and more, at Arco Arena, groups of 15 or more receive a group rate of $25.00 each for this all-day event.

              Tuesday, April 19th, 7pmZOEgirl and Jump5 (youth pop) at Warehouse Christian Ministries 361-0861, doors open at 6:15pm.

              Sunday, April 24th, 4pm – Benefit Concert: Jean and Jim Strathdee “Mass for the Healing of the Earth” (traditional) benefit for homeless families, Crest Theater 483-7848

              Saturday, April 30 NewSong, (pop/rock) Bayside Covenant Church, Granite Bay

Please contact me, Tammi Whitted, at for more information, suggestions for future columns, or group tickets






Family Promise Coming to  Faith May 15-22

              On Wednesday evening, April 20, at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary, training will be held for all who wish to volunteer for Family Promise (we will host our first week for Family Promise from May 15 through May 22). Training will be 2 to 2 ½ hours long and will be provided by Sarah McCallister, director of Family Promise. A video will be shown, mock situations will be presented, and time for discussion and questions will be offered. This should be an interesting and information first look at Family Promise.

As a reminder, each day during our host week will need a coordinator, volunteers to help with dinners (5 to 7 p.m.), evening teams for activities (7 to 9 p.m.), overnight teams, set-up and take-down teams.

              A white board will be set up in the Narthex April 24 so volunteers can sign up for this inaugural week. You'll be able to sign up for a specific day and activity. If you'd like choose your day/time/activity prior to April 24, please call Cynthia Crow at 392-9141 or Sue Hooper at 393-2633.

              DONATIONS: If you are able to donate twin bed sheets and pillowcases, children's books and coloring books, we would appreciate it. There will be a box labeled Family Promise outside the doors of Link Hall where you can place your donations.

              LOANS: If you are able to loan a portacrib, playpen, high chair, or booster seat for use during the week of May 15 through May 22, please contact Cynthia or Sue at the above numbers

Benefit Performance for Family Promise

Crest Theater 1014 K Street Mall

Sunday   April 24    4:00pm


Jean and Jim Strathdee will present “Healing God’s Earth – A Celebration of Peace, Unity and Justice” at the Crest Theater. The program will blend music for choir and congregation, international instruments including the Australian didgeridoo and African drums. There will be dancers, narrators and visual images of the world.

The $10 admission will benefit Family Promise.  Sue Hooper if you have questions

Health Ministries


Calling All Presbyterian Women

Wednesday, April 27


Presbyterian Women meet this month on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 11:30 am in Link Hall.  This month our own Shirley Robertson will be presenting her story on hair.  She asks that we each bring a picture of ourselves in a hairdo from another era.  This month lunch, dessert and drinks will be provided.  Our Bible Study Group, led by Mary Patterson, will meet before the meeting at 10:30 am.  We will be studying chapter eight in the book AWhat She Said.@  If you are interested in the study group, join us at the church at 10:30 am.


Presbyterian Women meet the fourth Wednesday of each month, September through June.  We have a different speaker each month and alternate brown bag and casserole lunches.  We have a great group of women involved in the church and would love to have you join us.  Please contact Lois Collinsworth at 683-2024 if you would like more information, or just come to a meeting and find out what it=s all about and how you can become involved.  If you work and find yourself with this Wednesday off, or have time to join us, please feel free to do so.


Our next meeting dates are:

May 25              Brown Bag

June 26              Potluck


PW Sacramento Presbytery Gathering


Presbyterian Women in the Sacramento Presbytery will hold a Spring Gathering --  “Celebrate the Gifts of   Women” -- Saturday, April 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Chruch,

11427 Fair Oaks Blvd. in Fair Oaks. Lunch is $7 at the door.

Included in the day’s program are a keynote speech by Rev. Margaret Suttle, “Celebrating

the Gifts and Leadership of Women in the Presbyterian Church,” and a presentation of “

Joining Hands Against Hunger” by India trip participants Easton & Jeannie Long.

A service to install a new moderator, moderator-elect, and central district enabler will

 be held at 1:15, followed by worship at 2 p.m.

Interested in attending? Please call Pat Freund for reservations at 725-4306 by April 18.



Faith Book Club


The next meeting of the Faith Book Club is on Thursday, April 17, 2005 at 7:00 PM.  If you have any questions, or would like to join us, please contact Ilah Turner at 428-8716.


 Transforming Fear Into Love


Twice in the last three years, Faith Presbyterian Church has sent members to attend the Peacemaking Conference.  Attendees Conney Willis, Bill Frye and Marthe Sweet had their eyes opened to peacemaking challenges around the globe, and the exciting efforts from Presbyterians to make peace locally, nationally and internationally.


This year’s conference will be held at Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  Participants will enjoy expanded opportunities to renew, to reflect and to engage the extraordinary challenges of our time.  Programs are informative and enlightening, and each day ends with inspiration worship.


You can visit the website at, or talk to Conney, Bill or Marthe Sweet for more information, or call Conney Willis at 530-432-2318 or email at  Funds are available to make the trip possible for anyone interested in attending.


Play Ball!


                  Members of the Faith Family will have two opportunities to enjoy Rivercats baseball this year: Saturday, June 25 and Friday, August 12. Both games start at 7:05 p.m., and tickets are $16 each. Sign-up sheets will be available in the narthex starting April 17. Come, bring the family, and enjoy baseball Sacramento-style! Call Barbara Tracy at 428-0311 if you have any questions.


Off to the Music Circus Again


                  Faith Family members are invited to join others at this year’s Music Circus production of West Side Story on Thursday, July 21.  Come and enjoy this Leonard Bernstein’s score and Stephen Sondheim’s evocative lyrics in this landmark of American theater. Tickets are $41.90 each, and a sign-up sheet will be available April 17. Call Barbara Tracy at 428-0311 if you have any questions.  

Sunday School News


Youth Sunday will be May 1 this year with all the children and youth of the church leading the service. This annual event is one of the most inspiring services of the year. Our youth make us proud. Come and believe!

Children will be given a part or parts to practice and will meet on Saturday, April 30 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. to rehearse. Participants will need to attend both services on May 1 to fulfill their parts. Questions? Contact Sue Kirk at 530-367-4572 or at

Faith Bibles

It is a tradition of Faith Church to present a Bible to every student in our third grad e class and to those above third who have not yet received their Bible to give the students confidence and familiarize them with the Bibles they will receive, we ask them to memorize the Lord’s Prayer and the 66 books of the Bible. I know this will enhance their appreciation and sense of pride when they receive their Bibles on May 15,2005 at the 11:00 service.


I hope this will become a family activity and that your entire family will encourage your child in this endeavor. You will receive a postcard with the books of the Bible on it. Many students, in the past, have found placing this in their car is a great reminder and a good place to practice. If you have any special concerns about your child completing this, please call Sue Kirk.


To verify your child has memorized the Lord’s Prayer and the 66 books of the Bible, to the best of their ability or is diligently working to do so, please return the enclosed verification form to me by April 24, 2005. Please print your child’s name as you wish it to appear in their Bibles.


Pastor Chapman will lead a Bible workshop for the students on Thursday ,May 12 from 7-8:30 in room 5. Please mark this date on your calendars and plan on attending with your child.


Please contact Sue Kirk, 530-367-4572 or 916-428-3439,  if you have any questions regarding this program. Thank you for your cooperation in this enriching experience.


Westminster Woods Dates


We’ve reserved space for the children and youth of Faith Presbyterian to attend camp at the Woods this year.  While campers can go any week of their choice, these are the weeks that work around Vacation Bible School and Mission trips:


            Camp                           Incoming                    Dates              

            Adventure Camp       Grades 2,3,4              July 27 – 30

            Sherwood Forest      Grades 4,5,6              July 24 – 30

            Railroad Camp          Grades 7,8,9               July 10 - 16

            Buccaneer Camp       Grades 7,8,9              July 17 – 23

            High School Camp     Grades 9 – 12           July 17 – 23


Early Bird registration must be postmarked by March 15, to take advantage of the $25 discount.  Registrations can be left at the church office for Registrar Conney Willis to mail or you may send your registration in directly to Westminster Woods, but please let know, so your child can be included in our list for camperships, which will be provided based on the number of children from Faith attending camp.


You can get in touch with Conney with questions or registration information at 530-432-2318 or

Idell Lutz is Thankful


Idell Lutz wants to inform Faith that her cancer is in remission. She thanks everyone for their concern.

Coffee Hour Volunteering


We'd like to add more volunteers so one group will prepare coffee after the first service and another group after the second! It'll be only once every other month and takes just about 40 minutes before and 45 minutes after the service.


Please call Doran McDaniel at 683-4687. 


 New Address for Lillian and Lindsey Ann


Lillian Waters (formerly Kammeier) says she and Lindsey have a new mailing address. It is P.O.Box 864, Sacramento CA 95812. They live at 47 Starlite Circle, 95831, but she prefers to get mail at the P,O,Box.

Worship Helpers


April 17

April 24

May 1

May 8

Worship Service





Worship Assistant

Helen Frisch

Frank Abbott

Youth Sunday

Claire Pisor


Bruce/Bonnie Alexander

Dallas Love   Marthe Sweet

Youth Sunday

Mary Nabors

Marvette Swayzer


Jim/Betty Park

Marthe Sweet

Janet, David, Ross Leader

Em/Bill Baker

Ken/Patti Blomberg


David Nash

David Nash

Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Tom Busch

Jim/Betty Park

Hal/Ilah Turner

John Sugar


Sophia Bagby

Joey Healow



Worship Service





Worship Assistant

Barbara Tracy

Jim Tracy

Youth Sunday

Lisa Markuson


Hal/Ilah Turner

Roy/Vicky Chastain

Youth Sunday

John/Sally Ravas


Bob/Barbara Powell Ann Johnson

Chuck/Hilde Tetlow Carey Kincaid

Bill/Dee Nicholas Debbie Barton

Dick/Betty McClure Wayne Burkinshaw


Ken Finch

George Warner

Joe Parente

Brien Bell

Coffee Servers

Ruth Warner

Margaret Finch

Paul/Betty Keller

Debbie/Nate Barton


Helen Christenson Marilyn Becker

Bob Connett

Dick McClure

Kitty Tatro

 Jarvis Arellano

Barbara Powell Charlie Tucker


Nina Dramer

Zoe Bill




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