Faith Presbyterian Church

Volume 30, Number 4 February 15, 2005

625 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95831



Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

8:30 and 11:00

Multi-age Sunday School 8:30  

Sunday school, Adult Ed, Jr. High Bible Study


Chilren's Activities 11:00



(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Bible Study

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Young Adult (College Age)

Bible Study

Sundays 7 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439


February 16 - March 16  Lenten Worship 7:00pm No dinners.

February 20  Cingular Forum 12 Noon

March 6   First Supper Club. Sign up now

March 13  Children's Choral Festival 4:30 - 5:30pm

March 20  Palm Sunday  Worship at 6:30am and 11:00am

March 20  Building Fund Pledges are collected

March 24 Maundy Thursday  Dinner at 6:00pm  Worship at 7:00pm

March 27 Easter    Worship at 8:30am and 11:00am

Your Help is needed


In March we will be offering multi-age Sunday School at the 8:30 service, in addition to the 9:45 hour and the 11:00 Service.  We need leaders to help in all these areas.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex on the Sunday School table, or call Sue Kirk at (530) 367-4572 to volunteer to lead these young people.  The new session will begin on March 6, 2005.  We will have an organizational meeting on February 27 after the second service.  We Need YOU!  Come join our team.  We do not change the message, the message changes us.


Schedule of Lent 2005


On Sunday, February 13 over 100 adults gathered in Link Hall for the first meeting of adult bible study of The Seven Last Words of Christ. After 20 minutes of food and fellowship, Pastor Jim spoke about the first word: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Participants in small groups of eight to 12 spent the final 20 minutes of the hour sharing and discussing questions related to the study. If you were not able to attend, please don’t hesitate to drop in next week at 9:45 or on Wednesday night at 7:30. Sunday’s topic will be repeated the following Wednesday. 

Lent is the 40-day period of Renewal and preparation before Easter.  It begins on

Ash Wednesday.  For hundreds of years, Lent has been an important season for Christians to meditate, study, pray, participate in spiritual disciplines, and renew their vows to the Lord as they strive to increase their understanding of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Our hope is that you, and others you might invite, would participate fully in the Lenten activities we have scheduled here at Faith.  May God renew us and prepare us to celebrate again all he did for us on the cross and at the empty tomb!


Lenten Series – The Final Words of a Dying God

Sunday mornings, Link Hall, February 13-March 20, 9:45-10:45

Wednesday evenings, Music Room, February 16-March 23, 7:30-8:30. 

Choose the Sunday or Wednesday option. Sign up today!


Wednesday Evening Lent Worship

Wednesdays, February 16-March 16


Palm Sunday Worship

Sunday, March 20, 8:30 & 11:00


Maundy Thursday Worship

(Celebration of the Lord’s Supper)

Thursday, March 24, 7:00pm

All-church dinner at 6:00 in Link Hall


Easter Sunday Worship

Sunday, March 27, 8:30 & 11:00


Building Fund 3 year commitment is up for Renewal!


       The $184,000 Sanctuary Loan will be paid off within the next 3 years with your help.  A recommitment to the Fund at the current level of giving will pay off the debt and provide some money for preliminary planning to update the master plan and initiate a dialogue among Faith folks about "what do we do now?".  The present 3 year commitment expires March 31, 2005, and pledge cards will be mailed to you to be returned on March 20th (Congregational Meeting Day).  

       When the Sanctuary Loan was secured in 1993, we promised ourselves to pay off the $735,000, loan within 15 years.  That is our Promise to Keep and we will do that with your help.

       In the next few weeks look for:

             * A letter from our Pastor and Session with pledge cards enclosed.

             * Mini Sermon and Moments for Stewardship

             * A Forum to discuss what we've accomplished and to dream about what

             is to come

             * March 20, 2005 collection of Pledges


If you have ideas or questions, please contact Fred Noteware, Elder for Stewardship

Children’s Choral Festival at Faith


The Sacramento Chapter of the Chorister’s Guild presents the Children’s Choral Festival Sunday March 13, 4:30pm to  5 :30pm. This remarkable event brings together children’s choirs from all over Sacramento  (including our Young Faith Singers!) to present an enjoyable program. The repertoire will include All is Well, Tomorrow Shall be My Dancing Day and Prayer Litany by Kemp. Each of the children’s choirs will present special selections of their own.


            Come and support these Christian children. The Chorister’s Guild is dedicated to Nurturing Christian Growth in children and youth through music.

 Pastor Jeff Says:

Give Them the Jeff Treatment


This coming Sunday (February 20th) we will be welcoming a fantastic group of new members into Faith.  Some of them have been already active and serving here for years.  Others are brand new to our community and are just getting to know people.  If you don’t know them, I am very eager for you to meet each of them.  They are extraordinary people and will make a great contribution to this congregation.

Having just come here as a new member of this community myself, I know what Faith is capable of when it comes to welcoming others.  As I have told you already many times before, my family and I have been overwhelmed by the graciousness and hospitality we have experienced from so many.  Just this past weekend we moved into our new house and about 15 members of Faith showed up (with a big truck!) and helped us move all our stuff in 2 ½ hours.  We have been richly blessed!

So let me encourage you as your pastor to give the same treatment to each of these folks who are now just officially joining our community.  Take time out to introduce yourself.  Introduce them to others who you think they might enjoy knowing.  Invite them out to coffee or to a meal in your home.  Include them in some activity here at church of which you are a part.

I’ve always said that it’s not good preaching, or great programs, or beautiful music, or any of those things that gets people to stay in a church long term.  The thing that does it for most people is feeling that they belong, that they connect to others in meaningful relationships.  Let’s continue to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors gets this sense.  It’s one of the things this congregation already does so well!

I look forward to worshipping with you and our newest members on Sunday!


Yours in Christ,



Parish and Pastor Potluck Series!!

The Deacons are pleased with the large turn out February 13 at the first of a series of potlucks, where Faith members and visitors got to know the others in their parish, and hadsome time to meet and talk with Pastor Jeff.

The potlucks will be held in Link Hall from 12 until 2 on several Sundays over the next few months, and will consist of three parishes for each event.  The dates below cover all eighteen parishes.

Before your parish’s potluck, you’ll be contacted by your deacon to be sure you know which parish you are in, and the date of the event for your group.  There will also be a notice posted in the Narthex as an extra reminder.  But in the meantime, please check out the Deacon board in the hallway between the sanctuary and Link Hall, to verify which parish you’re in.

March 6: Parishes 4, 5, 6             March 20: Parishes 7, 8, 9

April 3: Parishes 10, 11,12            April 17: Parishes 13, 14, 15         May 1: Parishes 16, 17

We need a trombone player for the Easter Service on March 27 . If you’re available and interested in playing, contact Dennis Merwin or the church office

Mission Trips 2005


                  Your Mission Committee, along with the Youth Director Kelsey Ingalls and Pastors Jeff Chapman and Jim Zazzera, are pleased to offer the following Mission Trip opportunities for 2005:


Junior High Mission Trip!!!!


What is better than Munchies…Munchies in San Francisco!!!!  I may be a little crazy, but we are planning a junior high mission trip to Frisco this summer.  Since kids have to be fourteen to go on the church mission trip without a parent, most of the junior highers don’t make the cut.  To remedy this dilemma we are taking a five-night mission trip designed specifically for middle school kids.  We are going through an organization called Center for Student Missions.  Pastor Jeff used to go through the same organization at his old church and he always had a good experience.  So on his recommendation we are trying this new trip at the beginning of the summer.  The dates we are looking at are the 19th-24th of June.  If you are a junior higher, than mark your calendar as the time of your life.  If you are a member of the congregation, than mark your calendar as a week of prayer for our junior highers as they do God’s work in the big city.  If you or your child are interested and have not received and application, please contact Kelsey Ingalls at the church as soon as possible.  Hurry for new adventures!!!!

Dear ARCOfaithfuls,


While the Kings were setting the rather dubious record of losing their fourth consecutive game this season, the ARCOfaithfuls were setting a much more positive record of their own for the season.  I mentioned at the pre-game meeting that we had the staff and talent assembled for this game to really do well, and we did!  Your efforts earned a donation of $1314 from Maloof Sports and Entertainment for our Youth Ministry, and add to that an amazing $76 in tips from the appreciative and generous Kings fans, for a $1390 total for the night.   Thanks to Pat Tatro, with help from Craig Yamada, Lily Dong, and Kitty Tatro, for handing over $20,800 in cash and to Betty Keller, with help from Jennie Fong and Lily Dong, for doing the inventory.  Thanks to Vicky Chastain for organizing the carpools from the Church. We had some amazing cashier sales totals, topped by Craig Reiwold (over $1500), Ken Pisor (over $1400), and Claire Pisor (over $1200).  Everyone did a great job helping the customers and keeping the lines to a minimum.  Thank to Brien Bell for being Ice-guy for the night and to Ken Blomberg for keeping the Kings fans happy with all the condiments and supplies they could ever want.  We especially enjoyed having Youth Elder, Cameron Turner join the ARCOfaithfuls to celebrate his 18th birthday.  Cameron really enjoyed helping out and promises to be back.  Thanks to Debbie Granco, Jeri Wormington, Craig Reiwold, Craig Yamada, Jennie Fong, Lily Dong, Carol Keller, and Julie Standiford who do not attend Faith but unselfishly donated their time and talent to support our youth.  We have a month long and well earned rest from ARCO for the next month.  Our next and penultimate game is March 11th.  We will be looking for some additional volunteers early in March.  THANKS to everyone for a great job.  I really appreciate all the support that was received last Sunday in the form of sign-ups to help at the game.  You are the best!!   See you at Church. 

                                  Steve Canaday, Paul Keller,  and Pat Tatro



The proposed lease agreement with Cingular Wireless to place antennas on the sanctuary tower and ground equipment adjacent to the sanctuary next to the south entrance is under study by the

Property Maintenance Committee. Before presenting the proposal to Session for a decision, the committee would like to hear from members of the congregation.


Details of the proposal will be discussed at a forum after the 11:00 a.m. service on Sunday, February 20, 2005. Those interested in obtaining information or have questions concerning this proposal should plan to attend this forum. For further information you can also contact a member of the Property Maintenance Committee.Members of the committee are: Chuck Beal, Jim Becker, Ken

Finch, Howard Payne, Dick Wiley and Wally Smith, Elder.

Youth Ministry Team at Their Recent Retreat

Help Natalie Reyes

My name is Natalie. My friend Rachel Maloney (who attends Peace Presbyterian Church) and I are working on our Silver Award project for Girl Scouts. Our community project is serving St. John’s Women’s Shelter. On March 6th we will be providing and serving a Nacho Bar dinner and donating the following items that they have informed us that they are in need of:


     We are asking for your help with donations. If you are interested in donating toward the food, please make checks to Shari Reyes. If you are able to donate any of the items listed above, please bring them to the church foyer by March 6th.

                       Thank you for your support, Natalie Reyes 

Health Ministries


Calling All Presbyterian Women

Wednesday, February 23


Presbyterian Women meet this month on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 11:30 am in Link Hall.  Suzanne Anderson, a nutritionist will be our speaker.  Suzanne has been trained at Walter Reed Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and currently teaches at American River College.  She will be talking to us about our diets and the latest food pyramid.  She will have all the answers to our questions about eating and dieting, so come prepared if you are looking for special information.  This month, lunch and drinks will be provided.  Our Bible Study Group led by Andeen Lovett will meet before the meeting at 10:30 am.  We will be studying Chapter six in the book “What She Said.”  If you are interested in the study group, join us at the church at 10:30 am


Presbyterian Women meet the fourth Wednesday of each month, September through June.  We have a different speaker each month and alternate brown bag and casserole lunches.  We have a great group of women involved in the church and would love to have you join us.  Please contact Lois Collinsworth at 683-2024 if you would like more information, or just come to a meeting and find out what it’s all about and how you can become more involved in the church.


Our next meeting dates are as follows:

March 23           Brown Bag                                    

April 27              Casserole

May 25              Brown Bag

June 26              Potluck

Faith Book Club


The next meeting of the Faith Book Club is on Thursday, February 17, 2005 at 7:00 PM.  In February we will be reading "Ghost Riders", by Sharon McCrumb, and will meet to discuss it on Thursday, February, 17. If you have any questions, or would like to join us, please contact Ilah Turner at 428-8716.



Supper Club is Just Around the Corner

Looking for a way to meet more members of the Faith Family?  It’s time to be thinking of spring and our annual Supper Club Series.  We will begin the series on Sunday, March 6, continue with April 3, May 1 and conclude on June 5.  All dinners usually start at 6:00 PM and last for approximately two hours. 


There are eight people attending each of the dinners, and each month you will be rotating so that you have a chance to host, provide the salad, main course or dessert for the evening.  Each month you will be with a different group of people so that you have a chance to get to know them better during this period of time.


Please look for the sign up forms in the narthex and get your reservations in early so that we may get this off to a good start.  This activity isn’t just for couples singles are welcome.  If you have any questions about the Supper Club, please contact Doran McDaniel at 683-4687.


Sunday School News

Happy Birthday to Sophie Bagby (2/23), Noel Chapman (2/1), Joey Healow (2/27) and Collin Reynolds (2/11).

Themes for February include Peters Confession (Luke 9:18-20) and Welcoming Little Children (Luke 18:15-17). 



Sunday School Offerings ( See article on March schedule)



Multi-Age Sunday School  for Preschool - 5

Jr. High Sunday School for 6-8

Young Faith Singers for grade 2-8

Adult Sunday School



Younger Youth Sunday School for Preschool-2

Older Youth Sunday School for grades 3-7


All are welcome!  Come join us as we CARE ,DARE, FLARE and SHARE.  CARE enough to come prepared and ready to worship, DARE enough to look for Jesus in your world everyday and bring that experience back, FLARE - show your uniqueness in taking God's word and making it yours, and SHARE all this with a friend!




Westminster Woods Informational Meeting February 20


t's time to start making summer plans, so why not start with Westminster Woods?  Camp Director Bryan Frick will be here in person on Sunday February 20 to let you know what's new at the Woods, plus what to expect for first time campers.  We'll be letting you know what dates have been set aside for Faith Presbyterian campers, and handing out registration packets.  As always, you can save $25 by signing up before March 15.  Please contact Conney Willis at 530-432-2318 or conney@aol.com if you have any questions

Heather Ravas Thanks the Members of Faith

Thank you so much for your support through the Giving Tree for my Gold Award in Girl Scouts. The response was tremendous. The women and children of WEAVE will greatly appreciate all that you have donated and I greatly appreciate you support helping me to complete my Gold Award.

Yours in Christ

Heather Ravas

Session Is Looking at our Sunday Morning Schedule and we still want your input!

As most of you are aware, there have been several changes made in our Sunday morning schedule (i.e. worship, adult education, Sunday school, etc.) over the past months.  Though excitement continues to grow surrounding our time together Sunday morning, we are aware that there have been some areas that have elicited some concern and friction. 

Because of the recent arrival of our new pastor, Jeff, and because we find ourselves in the middle of a program year with Sunday school, Session determined at their January meeting to not rush the process and to take the next couple of months to carefully examine all the issues and components in an effort to discern what might be the best schedule for Faith at this time.  Questions we will be considering include:

              -Times for worship services

              -Programming options for children, youth and adult education on Sunday morning

              -Music leadership in worship services

              -Summer worship schedules

If you have input you would like to share with the Session along these lines, we encourage you to speak with one of the people listed below.  If your concern, idea, or excitement is in a specific area, please share that concern with the person overseeing that particular area.

We look forward to where God is leading us.  We know that Sunday mornings is the central time of gathering for the people of this community and church.  Thank you for your help in making sure we find the best plan possible.

Staff & Elder Contacts:

              -Pat Beal – Elder overseeing Worship and Music

                 686-4814           pat.beal@comcast.net

              -Alice Parent – Elder overseeing Adult Christian   Education 419-3403   vsas77@earthlink.net

              -Don Lewis – Elder overseeing Children’s Ministry

                            725-2810           donald.lewis@homeq.com

              -Cameron Turner – Elder overseeing Youth Ministry


              -Jeff Chapman – Pastor

                            428-3439           jchapman@faithpresby.org

              -Jim Zazzera – Associate Pastor

                            428-3439    jzazzera@faithpresby.org   



Coffee Hour Volunteering


We'd like to add more volunteers so one group will prepare coffee after the first service and another group after the second! It'll be only once every other month and takes just about 40 minutes before and 45 minutes after the service.


Please call Doran McDaniel at 683-4687. 




February 20

February 27

March 6

March 13

Worship Service





Worship Assistant

Nancy Aaberg

David Nash

Bert Brown

Walt McDaniel


Dick/Betty McClure

Roy/Vicki Chastain

Bob/Tanya Anderson

Steve/Collette Benson


Mary Nabors  Marvette Swayzer   Marilyn Becker

Kathy & Rand Ramos

Georgianne & Bob Becker

Jim, Chris, Amanda Becker


David Nash

Bill Baker

Bill Baker

Don Sperling

Coffee Preparers

Debbie/Nate Barton

Dallas Love

John Sugar

Jim & Betty Park


Bethany Draeger

Nina Dramer

Sarah Ainsworth

Joey Healow

Worship Service





Worship Assistant

Walt McDaniel

Nancy Remley-Johnson

Glenda Arellano

Lori Glasgow


John & Sally Ravas

Jarvis/Glenda Arellano

Walt/Doran McDaniel

Bob/Barbara Powell


Bob/Tanya Anderson  Donna Touros

Jeff/DiAnne Brown  Marlene Calbo

Roy/Marge Smart    Ann Johnson

Teri/Dave Williamson  Betty Bateman


Ken Finch

George Warner

Joe Parente

Brien Bell


Helen Christenson Marilyn Becker

Bob Connett    Dick McClure

Kitty Tatro    Jarvis Arellano

Barbara Powell  Charlie Tucker


Preston Tucker

Gabriella McDaniel

Sierra Brown

Emily Richardson




By His grace and for His glory, Joshua 0. Carstensen   So my life is busy, busy, busy. Oh yeah, along with all this I have Meagan, my girlfriend, who takes up all the spare time that I possibly have. We are doing great. So with all this about my life I want to thank you again so much for sending me support for my Africa trip. Have a great Christmas and a great New Year.


By His grace and for His glory, Joshua 0. Carstensen


When I arrived home, life did not slow down. As a matter fact it just got faster. I think I experienced the biggest culture shock imaginable, from Addis Ababa to my new home in Newport Beach. Life here in Newport has been a completely new experience to me. I am on staff at a large Presbyterian Church called St. Andrew’s. I love t but I do have to adjust to the culture. I thought Addis was bad, Newport is just as bad the other way. From Africa, I came from families who owned a donkey for transportation; to Newport Beach where the sixteen year olds are driving sixty thousand dollar cars. It is a world of its own, which makes the ministry here very unique. I work in the high school ministry and things are going great. Along with running a high school program I am going to school full time, still at LIFE Bible College. am trying to graduate in three years instead of four so I am taking a million classes each semester (next semester I have 25 units). So my life is busy, busy, busy. Oh yeah, along with all this I have Meagan, my girlfriend, who takes up all the spare time that I possibly have. We are doing great. So with all this about my life I want to thank you again so much for sending me support for my Africa trip. Have a great Christmas and a great New Year.


By His grace and for His glory, Joshua 0. Carstensen




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