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Sunday Services:

8:30 and 11:00


Sunday school, Adult Ed, Jr. High Bible Study




(Sr. High School Fellowship)

Bible Study

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Munchies (Jr. High Fellowship) Game Night

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439.


Young Adult (College Age)

Bible Study

Sundays 7 pm.

Kelsey Ingalls 428-3439

Faith Happenings


January 13 Older Adult Study Group resumes. 2:00  to 3:00 pm


January 16 Mission Trip Planning Meeting After 11:00 am service


January 16 City-Wide Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration 6:00 pm


January 21   Potluck & Game Night:

6:30 to 9 pm


January 23   Annual Congregation Meeting 9:40am

New Members Class 12:30 - 4:30pm


January 29  S.S.I.P. Bowl-A-Thon noon to 2:00 pm

Crunchie Ski Trip 6:00am – 6:00pm


January 30  Pastor Jeff's Installation --3:00 pm


February 13  Endowment Fund Offering


Invite a Guest to Worship this Month!

Our Sunday morning Advent message series, as we continue to work our way through John’s gospel, will focus on answering a question that most everybody asks. Even people in our lives who don’t make it a habit to go to church wonder at Christmas time. “What is the big deal about Jesus? 2000 years after Bethlehem, what difference does Jesus make today, in my life?”
We will look at five remarkable stories of real people who came into contact with Jesus. For them it changed everything. Our hope is that even people who may be just beginning to grapple with spiritual questions would be able to come and think about the difference Jesus might make in a fresh, honest, and inviting way. So, if you know people who might be open to come, invite them along. (Remember, most people who visit a church do so at the invitation of a friend or family member.) When they do come, those of us leading worship promise to work hard at doing what we can to make sure they were glad they showed up. Dennis and May and our other musicians are also planning some extraordinary music.
Our message series continues as follows:

~Christmas Eve, December 24 – John 4:1-42 – How Jesus changes everything for a woman full of shame.
~Sunday, December 26 – John 5:1-15 – How Jesus changes everything for a man who couldn’t even walk.


Who Let The Preacher Out of the Pulpit!?


The last few weeks I have heard several comments about the fact that I have been preaching from the center of the chancel rather than from the pulpit.  Sounded to me like an opportunity for my next PresbyNews column.


First, a little background.  Pulpits first came into use in the later Middle Ages.  For one, they enabled preachers who couldn’t rely on the use of amplified sound to better project their voices to their congregations.  Theologically, the pulpit provided a physical testimony to the belief that God’s Word was living and present to God’s people in a fresh way every time they gathered for worship.  Therefore, when a preacher stepped into the pulpit it was understood that he (and they were always men back then) was not sharing his own thoughts but was instead preaching God’s Word.   


Briefly then, as I understand it pulpits came into use for two reasons, so that the sermon could be heard by all and so that the God’s Word remained central to worship.  The question for us today at Faith is whether or not we can remain faithful to those two reasons when we do not preach sermons from our pulpit.  And I believe that we can. 


First, we certainly want to make sure that everybody can clearly hear what is being said up front in worship.  This may depend, as some of you have already pointed out to me, that we need to improve our sound system down the road at some point.  It also depends on gently reminding preachers like me to speak as clearly and slowly as possible (we tend to get excited about what we are saying!).  And, in fact, it seems to depend on, at times, preaching from the center.  As many of you have already appreciatively recognized, when Jim or I preach from the center we are much better able to connect visually and vocally with folks in the congregation on both sides of the sanctuary (choir folks, we promise to not forget you back there!).  Though there will certainly be many times in the future when our beautiful pulpit at Faith will be used, as a preacher I will tell you that the connection is much, much stronger with the congregation as I speak from the center.


Second, be assured that we will be diligent in making sure that God’s Word remains central to our experiences of worship.  As our reformed tradition teaches us, the scriptures are the unique and authoritative witness of God’s truth in our church today.  We do not gather Sunday mornings to hear about the latest ideas of culture.  We gather to hear the eternal truth – hopefully passionately and relevantly delivered - as it comes to us from God’s Word.


Thank you to those of you who have asked about this change.  Let me remind you that if you ever have questions about things we are doing in worship I hope that you will come and ask us.  Let me assure you that we intend for there to be intentionality behind everything we do on Sunday mornings.


I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!


Yours in Christ-



Property Maintenance Update


If you have attended a function at Faith Church at light lately, you may have noticed that the parking lot lights, those around the sanctuary, and the walkway lights are all working again.  Bulbs have been replaced, one of the two timers has been replaced and the lights controlled by the main photocell have been revised. Also a major short in the parking lot lights had to be located and some wiring replaced due to a squirrel which had gained access to one of the light standards and munched on the wiring. In addition, trimming of the trees around the parking lot lights was recently completed in order to provide better lighting of our facilities and better visibility for those attending night functions. The cost for this major maintenance work was $2, 150.  As our facilities begin to age, maintaining them is satisfactory condition begins to be costly.


You may also have noticed that Room 2 (old family room) has been recarpeted, thanks to an anonymous donor. The old cracked linoleum in the kitchen has been covered with WilsonArt floor panels and the Link Hall narthex has been repainted.


Wally Smith

Property Maintenance and Building Elder.

Youth and ARCO


Triennium, Marine World, 30 Hour Famine, Manteca Water Slides, Kelseyville Retreat, Lock-ins, Westminster Woods… what do all of these have in common???  They are all youth group activities that have been partially funded by the ARCO account here at the church. 

The Arco account are funds set aside specifically for Crew and Munchies to use to subsidize trips and activities that would otherwise cost a lot of money out of the church budget or the pockets of the parent’s.  Over the last few years we have earned several thousands of dollars for the youth groups by working at a concession stand during home games for the Sacramento Kings.  We get over $1000 per game and it is a great fundraiser for the youth groups. 

There needs to be 35 people helping per game, but we have had some problems getting enough people to work at the games.  You don’t have to have kids in the youth program to work, but if you do it is a great way to give back to Crew and Munchies.  The only prerequisite is that all workers have to be 18 or older. 

Working the games is really fun and it is a great way to get to know other parents and church members.  For a schedule of upcoming games, more information, or to sign up for games, please call Paul Keller at 392-0304 or Kelsey Ingalls at the church 482-3439.  Thanks for your support, and we will see you at ARCO!!!

Thank you to all the people who have put in many hours of hard work at ARCO in the past.  You are all amazing!!!!!


Kelsey Ingalls  

S.S.I.P. Bowl-A-Thon 2005 January 29

 Noon to 2:00 p.m.


Alpine Bowling Lanes, 2326 Florin Rd.

$3.75 per person, $1.25 for shoes.


Come all kingpins and gutter ball amateurs for a time of bowling, fellowship, and fun while raising SSIP donations.


And the rest of you can sign a pledge for our Faith bowlers.


Prizes: the church collecting the most pledges, the highest score by kids under 10, and the most strikes in a row.

Coming Up! Potluck & Game Night

Friday January 21 6:30 to 9 p.m.


Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this potluck and game night. Bring your favorite board, dominoes or card game along with a dish to share and join in this time of food and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you there!


A--I  Salad   J--S  Main Dish   T--Z  Dessert


-- Mission Trip Planning Meeting


Please join the Mission Committee January 16 after the second service to begin the planning for this year’s mission trips.


We're considering



Bring your calendars. If you have any questions, contact Conney Willis:  Conney@aol.com

Great Food and Fellowship


We had three great evenings of food and fellowship prior to each of the three mid-week Advent Services. If you did not have a chance to join us for these events, you missed out on some great food and time for fellowship, and hope that you will be able to attend next year.


Many thanks to Howard and Betty Lou Payne,  Debbie and Nate Barton, Kay Geddes, Glenda Arellano and Amy Boondock for all their assistance for these events.


Coffee Hour


We’re looking for more people to help prepare coffee on Sunday mornings. We have a group of nine (9) who are preparing coffee once every other month, but we could use twice that many so that we could have a group to prepare and serve after the first service and another group to prepare and serve after the second service. Won’t you consider signing up now? It only takes about 40 minutes prior to the service and about 45 minutes after the service to serve and cleanup. If you are interested in signing up, please call Doran McDaniel at 683-4687.



 On December 21, 1969, Faith United Presbyterian Church held its organizational service at the Greenhaven Lutheran Church with 110 founding members present. Today there are still 25 active charter members in Faith Church.


In 1965 the Sacramento Presbytery purchased land here at 625 Florin Road for future use of a Presbyterian Church. Faith Presbyterian Church began as a New Church Development (NCD) in February 1967 with the Rev. Walter R. Link as the organizing pastor. The first service for Faith Church was held on July 19, 1967, in a rented room (the upper room) above shops in the South Hills Shopping Center. Faith Church also held services for a while at Parkside Community Church and at Wesicyan Church before construction of facilities here on Florin Road. The first service in Link Hall was held on July 6, 1980.


Prepared by:

Wally Smith

Property Maintenance & Building Elder


Christmas Eve Worship

Come join us as we seek to honor and worship God!


5:30 ~ Family Service

A service of worship that is designed with the whole family in mind.  We are planning an extended time of family carol singing, a special message for children, a Christmas message from Pastor Jeff, and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.


11:00 ~ Candlelight  Service

As is our tradition, we will gather to worship God by candlelight.  The chancel choir and other musicians will assist in our worship.  Pastor Jeff will share a message about “Thirst.”  And we will celebrate together the Lord’s Supper. 

Health News ----- Shaking the Shaker


Protect the lining of your stomach and esophagus by tossing your saltshaker.


Too much salt in the diet may mean a greater chance of developing acid reflux disease, according to new research. Acid reflux disease causes chronic heartburn symptoms. In a study, people who always used extra table salt were almost twice as likely to develop acid reflux disease compared to people who never used extra table salt.


In addition to cutting back on table salt, other ways to lower your risk of developing acid reflux disease include not smoking or quitting smoking, exercise regularly, and getting adequate amounts of fiber in your diet. Symptoms associated with acid reflux disease include heartburn, chest pain, coughing while lying down, and trouble breathing while you sleep... A more serious although fairly rare potential consequence of untreated acid reflux is esophageal cancer. Foods to avoid if you have chronic heartburn include fatty and fried foods, chocolate, alcohol, mint, citrus, and tomato products. These items may exacerbate symptoms. Effective medications are available for the treatment of heartburn and acid reflux disease.

Our Commitment to God’s work in 2005!      A Stewardship Update


              Since Commitment Sunday, November 14, 2004, the Faith Community has continued to come forward with pledges.  As of December 19, 2004, we have pledged $405,525.00 toward our proposed budget of $461.00.00.  We have been blessed and in turn are sharing in very generous ways.


              *158  pledges have been received representing $405,525.00


              *Pledges have increased on average 19 % over previous years.  Our average pledge in 2004 was $2150 per year.  For 2005 the average is $2567.00.


              *Faith folks continue to step up to do more!  We have 100 fewer members than 3 years ago (currently 434).


              *Pledges still under consideration are welcome at any time.


At the January 2005 Session Meeting, our Elders will make the proposed budget a “real” budget based on our commitments for 2005.   If your pledge is outstanding and you would like to have it counted toward finalizing the budget, you can return your pledge card to the Faith Office in care of Debbie Kanner our Pledge Secretary. Questions may be directed to our Stewardship Elder, Fred Noteware.

Thank You, Ken Pisor


As you may know, children have Sunday activity bags avail to them for use during church. Since there was no g esignated place to put them, they often ended up on the floor by the door.


When Ken Pisor was asked if he could help, he said his usual “Sure.” And a week later he came back with the charming and attractive rack you can see to the right of the narthex door. It is the perfect height for the children to help themselves and they enjoy having a special place for their bags.


Thank you, Ken, for being so caring and sharing your woodworking skills with Faith.

“A Look at Faith,” our next new members class, is scheduled for Sunday, January 23 from 12:30 to 4:30. Anyone interested in finding out more about Faith Presbyterian Church and membership here is invited to join Pastors Jeff Chapman and Jim Zazzera. A complimentary lunch will be served. Among other things, we will explore questions like these:

·       In what ways can I connect and build friendships here at Faith?

·       How can I use my gifts and abilities here to make a significant difference?

·       What are the advantages of becoming a member?

·       What are the expectations of membership?

·       What's the vision of this church? Where is it headed in the future?

        If you are interested in taking part in this class, please contact Sue Nolan in the church office so we can save a place for you (428-3439 or snolan@faithpresby.org). Childcare can be provided given advance notice. Questions? Please speak to Pastor Jeff or Pastor Jim.

Christmas Eve Worship

Come join us as we seek to honor and worship God!

Session Considering Joining Family Promise of Sacramento


              Session is considering Faith Presbyterian Church becoming one of the congregations involved in Family Promise of Sacramento.  Family Promise is an interfaith support network for newly homeless families.  It began in New Jersey in 1988 and has spread to over 100 communities and 2200 congregations in over 28 states.  Eighty percent of the participating families find permanent housing and over 6000 adults a year find jobs or enroll in job training programs.

Host congregations provide accommodations for 4 to 5 families (12-15 individuals) for a week in the church, 4 times a year.  The congregation provides meals and Family Promise picks up the families at 7:00 a.m. and returns them at 5:00 p.m.  The children will be taken to their schools and the parents and preschoolers will go to the Family Promise Day Center located near Loaves and Fishes.  There the director and others will work with the adults to find jobs and housing.  There will be showers and laundry facilities available to the families at the Day Center.

Don Fado, retired pastor of St. Marks United Methodist Church, is spear heading this effort.  There are now 8 churches who have committed to the program.  Mr. Fado says (as quoted in the Sacramento Bee) “It’s not just shelter, it’s not just food but it’s a community that offers support.  It also gives those of us in the religious community, some of us who rarely see homeless people, an introduction to individuals--to see them as people and not just a category.”

The newly homeless families would be screened to exclude those with alcohol, drug or mental health problems.  Faith would house the families for our week.  The families would sleep on Coleman air mattresses.  We would ask the congregation for donations of sheets, pillows, blankets, towels and some things for the children.  We would provide breakfast, bag lunches and dinner.  We would need 40 plus volunteers for each week.  Each day we would need:

The dinner and activities would probably take place in Link Hall. Crew and Munchies would probably be involved with the evening activities.  The cost of the program to Faith would not be large (about $1100 per year) and the funding is available.

The churches that have agreed to be host congregations are: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church; Calvary Lutheran, Rio Linda; Florin Methodist Church; St. John’s Lutheran Church; Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento; Grace Lutheran Church; United Methodist Church, Rancho Cordova; and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

              This program, if session deems it appropriate to participate, would enable Faith Presbyterian Church to do “mini” mission activities right in our church for people of need in our own community.  As so often happens, we would probably gain more from this program than we would give.  Finally, Sue Hooper and Cynthia Crow have volunteered to be the coordinators of Family Promise.