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Volume 32, Number 16 August 7, 2007

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Faith Happenings

Sunday Services:

9:00 and 11:00

Graded Sunday School  P - 5th  9:00  

Adult Ed 9:30-1030am and 10:30-11:30am

Graded Sunday School P-5th   11:00

Munchies Bible Study 9:00am

Crunchies (CREW + Munchies)

Summer Nites

Thursdays 7 - 9:00pm



September 14 - 16 Faiths Annual Fall Retreat



Monthly Adult Discussion Group


Please join us for our first Adult Discussion Group on Wednesday, September 5th, and on each first Wednesday of the month thereafter.  Pastor Jim Zazzera will moderate our discussions on the book, The Jesus I never knew, by Philip Yancy.

In this book Philip Yancey reveals the real Jesus beyond the stereotypes, revolutionizing the reader's passion for Christ. It offers a new perspective on the life of Christ and his work - his teachings, his miracles, his death and resurrection - and ultimately, who he was and why he came.  The author effectively relates gospel events to the world we live in today. TheJesus I Never Knew presents a moving and refreshing portrait of the central figure of history.  Yancy looks at the radical words of this itinerant Jewish carpenter and asks whether we are taking him seriously enough.

Our study will include reading, video clips and discussion.

            If you are interested in joining us, you may sign up on Sunday, August 12th and 26th in the narthex, following both services.  Books will be available for sale. ALL ARE WELCOME.


How Doth Your Garden Grow?

     If it doth prosper and you have a surplus of squash or other vegetables, bring them to church on Sunday and Betty Park will get them to Food Closet.                  

The Mission Team sings some of the campfire songs they enjoyed while relaxing on the beach after a strenuous time working on projects in the Glover City –Nipomo area. This was at Faith at the Sunday August 5th worship services.

After singing their inspiring songs, some of the Mission team were asked to share their experiences with the congregation. They had many rewarding experiences ranging from conducting a bible class for young children to clearing overgrown brush from a seniors apartment complex to painting  houses for low income people.

Pastor Quinn and the Mission Trip

As a Pastor I have the unique privilege of seeing and hearing God at work in other people. Well, in reality, we all have that privilege…we just need to take the time and create the space to stop, look and listen.
This week I saw God at work all over the place on our Missions Trip and we as a congregation had the joy of hearing some of the stories of God’s work. A team of 22 of us were sent as Christ’s Letter to Central California to work with an organization called People’s Self Help Housing where we did construction, maintenance and teaching at the Learning Center. One of the missionaries who went is Laurie Richardson and she shared her testimony on Sunday which struck many hearts (including her own).
I invite you to get a nice glass of water or a warm cup of coffee, sit down and read her powerful testimony that give us all a glimpse of how God, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the extravagant grace of Christ, molds and uses simple “Clay Jar Christians” to accomplish God’s mission of love, hope and redemption in the world. As a Pastor I also have the unique privilege of hearing God’s message from the lips of others…we all, not just the preacher, have a message to share!

Expect The Unexpected
I went on this mission trip without any expectations, open and receptive to whatever may cross my path. For me, this became a week of letting God do for me what I cannot do for myself. As part of our trip, we had daily devotions, both individual and group. In our scripture readings we learned that, as missionaries, God’s spirit is at work in our lives, making us messengers of good news for those around us. In this way he writes letters on our hearts. We also learned that we are like clay jars . . . simple, ordinary and fragile. This ordinariness is what allows us to be Christ’s missionaries because we are just like the rest of humanity, rife with sin and easily broken. However, it is because of this ordinariness that we are able to carry God’s message and share Christ’s love with those we meet.

I want to share with you three ways in which God used me as an ordinary clay jar and wrote a letter on my heart.
First, I chose to work in a teaching capacity, stepping outside my comfort zone. I went ill-equipped, with no plans, no study guide, no idea how I could impart knowledge to a group of multi-age children. So I observed and listened . . . and, in the process, found I was surrounded by two fantastic teachers, members of my own mission group. Conney and Georgeanne, names I knew, faces I recognized, but people I did not know, became my best friends and my teachers. Through them I learned that the best way to teach is with the heart. Stickers, stories and songs were our instructional aides. Laughter, hugs and smiles were our rewards.
The second way in which God wrote a message on my heart and in which I felt his presence was when I was able to put aside pre-conceived perceptions and judgments of others. By choosing to walk AMONG, instead of ahead of or behind the other 22 members of the mission group, I was able to see the unique talents, abilities and perspectives of my fellow missionaries. I know I can call on any one of these persons for comfort, encouragement and hugs, and I hope they know the same about me. It was truly an example of loving and being loved by others without regard to appearance, ability or background.
Finally, the third way in which I felt God’s presence this week was with my family. Although I went on this trip without any expectations, I did have hopes . . . hopes that my faith would be deepened, hopes that God would touch the heart of my son, my daughter and my husband in some way, with the means and method left to Him. I was amply rewarded. His spirit was at work in each of their lives. God wrote a letter on the hearts of my children and my husband and I was allowed to witness them doing God’s work. The scales on my eyes with which I usually see them were removed and I was able to see all three of them in ways I had not, all because I surrendered the outcome. As a fellow member of the mission trip told me, “You got them here, God will do the rest.” And he did.


Sign Up to Help Family Promise

September 16 – September 23


You can sign up for our next week of Family Promise on the whiteboard on the wall opposite the church office. Volunteers are needed for dinner, evening activity, overnight teams, set up and take down teams,

laundry , transport mattresses to the next church and  team leaders. If necessary, we will take sign-ups in the narthex on August 26.

If you have not volunteered but are interested, talk to someone who has or team up with them. If you have questions, call Cynthia Crow 392-9141 or Sue Hooper 393-2633.

Consider A Change Of Heart


Still steamed at your dad for tossing your tadpoles down the toilet when you were

ten?  Miffed at your best friend for spilling the beans?

Whatever's got your feeling slighted, maybe it's time to forgive, if not forget.  You

see holding onto resentment may cause more than relationship tension.  Your

heart health suffers, too.

Some injustices are hard to let go of.  You'll have to be the judge of which ones

you're able to move past and which ones you can't.  But keep in mind that not

letting go may do extra damage.  In a study, college students' blood pressures rose

when they described a time that a parent or friend deeply hurt or betrayed them.

And for the students who were unable to forgive, it took longer for their blood

pressure to return to normal afterward.

When your cardiovascular system has trouble stabilizing after stress--be it  physical

or emotional--that's bad news for your heart.  It could mean high blood pressure or heart


  So, what to do?  First, stress less.  Learning how to let go of negative emotions could

help with that.  Second, get fit.  Fit people's heart rates quickly return to normal after a



                                                           Children’s Ministry                



Vacation Bible School – Hairdryers, tote bags and other items continue to remind me of our great week.  If you have been looking for your hairdryer or your pink watermelon tote bag, look no further because I have these items and many other things.  Please stop by my office and collect your belongings.  Thanks!


We still have a few of the music CDs left.  Even if you didn’t participate in VBS you will definitely enjoy hearing the songs.  In addition to the songs, there are five computer games for your children or grandchildren to play.  The cost is $3 per CD.  Please see me if you are interested in purchasing one.


Children’s Worship - I would like to thank all of the children for their high-level of participation in Children’s Worship.  Each week the children are encouraged to take active roles in the service.  Some of the children light the candles, some pass out the Bibles, some read the Scripture passage, some lead a song, and some act out the story.  We are truly blessed to have so many children willing to serve God.


              The children are hearing a similar message as the adults, but at an age appropriate level.  A few weeks ago, the children learned that when they ask for forgiveness God forgives them instantly.  To illustrate this point I asked each child to write down one thing that was weighing heavy on his (her) shoulders.  We used special magic paper to demonstrate the power of forgiveness.  It is not a matter of hours, days, weeks, or months… when we ask for forgiveness God forgives us now. 


I do not understand the things I do.  I do not do the good things I want to do.  And I do the bad things I hate to do.  Romans 7:15


Like the apostle Paul all of us struggle to make the right choices.  It is my sincere hope that children at a very young age learn the importance of talking and listening

to God.


The children have asked why they need to take the bulletins home.  Included in the bulletin I have provided some application questions and a devotional.  The purpose of these two items is to provide opportunities for the children and their families to talk about the Scripture lesson.  In our busy every day lives, it is often difficult to carry a lesson learned throughout the week.  By taking a few minutes each week, the children can perhaps gain a stronger understanding of the lesson and how it applies to their lives. 


It is a blessing to work with the children and their families! ~Miss Melinda


Time & Talents Offering

July, 2007 ~ Ministry Opportunities




Ministry Opportunity

Date(s) Needed

Approx. Time Commitment


Organize Children’s Classrooms

5-8 people needed to help clean up and organize the classrooms at Faith


Saturday 8/5

9:00am – 1:00pm 


Sign up for 1-4 hours


Christian Education - Youth Melinda Lewis

916-428-3439, ext. 306


Children’s Worship Assistants

1-2 people needed for each service to help the leader provide the children with a meaningful worship experience. Assist w/locating scripture passage in the bible, lead a song, etc.



8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26


45 minutes

(Sign up for one or multiple services)


Christian Education - Youth Melinda Lewis

916-428-3439, ext. 306



New Website Nears Completion


        Sometime in late August when you log on to you’ll see our newly revised website! Take some time to read through the pages and let us know what you think. If you’d like to post information or photos on the site, please contact Jim Park at or DiAnne Brown at


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