What do you think of when you see that word? Many of us think immediately of money. We recall that time in our congregation’s life when we are asked to make a financial commitment for the coming year. At some level, however, we are aware that stewardship is more that money. Stewardship is how we live out our calling as followers of Christ. Stewardship is what we do after we say that we believe.

Stewardship is how we use our God-given gifts; it is how we use our talents, our time, and our treasure. These are very familiar words, yet they carry a ring of truth. Stewardship is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world.

Planned Giving- Giving for the Future

Planned giving can mean remembering Faith Presbyterian Church in your will — but that is just one possibility. Members have also named the church as a beneficiary of bank and retirement accounts, life insurance policies, annuities and trusts. Making a planned gift is not just for those who have wealth or special financial expertise, but for anyone with a generous spirit who wants to designate their gifts while they are living.

As members and friends of Faith Presbyterian Church, we share a deep sense of gratitude for those who have gone before us. We worship in a beautiful Sanctuary built in 1992. We serve Christ in a church founded on mission in 1978 in a small strip mall on South Land Park Drive. Each time we gather, we are reminded of the gifts that were so generously given by our ancestors in the faith. They gave gifts to fund the current needs and for the long-term benefit of those who would follow them in ministry at this corner.