Faith Staff


Eunice Aldrich

Interim Accompanist, 916-428-4704

Eunice has been playing the piano for the last 20+ years. She earned her degree in composition from UC Davis, followed by a Master’s degree in piano performance from CSU Sacramento. She lives in Sacramento with her wonderful husband and their two spoiled dogs, Loki and Miki. She feels extremely blessed to be a part of Faith, and thinks that the Faith congregation is made up of the most welcoming and friendly church members she’s ever encountered.



Laura Anderson

Office Manager,, 916-428-3439

Laura AndersonLaura Anderson joined the Faith Staff as Office Manager in May 2013. She has a variety of skills and experiences gained in several church and non-profit office settings, as well as an extensive background in editing and writing. Laura hails from Upstate New York, but she and her family have been in California since 1999. Her children, Isabelle and Andrew, are now in the process of leaving the nest, leaving Laura with a little more time to rediscover her hobbies: spending time in the kitchen, reading, walking, hiking, taking spur-of-the-moment road trips, and marveling at God’s beautiful creation. Laura has an M.A. in biblical languages and also loves to study and teach the Bible.


Ron Beams

Interim Pastoral Care Coordinator, 916-428-4704

Ron and his wife Sherry have been members of Faith since 2015. Ron has an extensive background as a bereavement counselor, Hospice Chaplain, family support counselor and is an Ordained Minister.  Ron feels that accepting the position of Pastoral Care Coordinator is truly a calling of God for this time. Ron and Sherry have been assisting in raising, Caleb (Ron’s Grandson and a Senior at Kennedy High School) since 2015. Ron enjoys gardening and is known for bringing his harvests to church on Sundays as well as his neighborhood. He also enjoys blessing us with his gift of singing on occasion.



Christine Mendoza

Director of Family and Children’s Ministry,, 916-428-3439

Christine MendozaChristine Mendoza studied Social Media and Communications at UC Davis and holds an Education degree in Montessori Early Childhood Education. By God’s grace and leading in her faith journey, Christine has come to love and desire her ministry with children. She attributes her passion for life to her travels and loves to celebrate life’s great adventure with children. She insists that her greatest joy and accomplishment is being a mother to Jessica and Jaclyn, her daughters with husband Robert. Seeing firsthand that children have a deep love for the Lord at a young age continues to reinforce her view that her work in leading children to know and love the Lord is the greatest calling in her life.


Mark Tootle

Director of Music Ministry,, 916-428-3439

Mark Tootle

Mark joined Faith as Director of Music Ministry in January 2017. He has been in music ministry since the early 70’s, and earned a degree in Composition from CSU Sacramento. He has three beautiful children: Chris (married and teaching music in Elk Grove), Eliza (studying music and art at American River College), and Jesse (in high school). His wife, Tracy, is the love of his life and the most gifted person he knows. He is thankful for being a part of, and inspired by, the people at Faith, who continually show God’s love and grace.