Faith’s List


Faith’s List is much like Craig’s List however it’s intention is to help the Faith Presbyterian Church congregation to support each other by seeking or giving away goods or services. All goods or services must be donated for free. Any item accepted through Faith’s List must be taken as-is.

If you are looking for an item or service, or would like to donate an item or service, simply email Faith’s List at a description of the item, your name, email address and/or phone number. We request that you please follow up once you have donated your item or service or received a requested donation so we can keep the list up to date.

Thank you for your support of this important ministry.

Free goods or services:

Posted 3/17 (2) Unopened boxes of C90 minute (45 each side) Maxell Professional Series cassette tapes. Email David Nash at

Posted 4/13 Josh and Tarie Chadwick have some baby boy clothes sizes 3-12 months they’d like to give away – if you are interested, please contact them at 916-822-1618

Posted 4/24 Jon Coupal has a pair of LL Bean, high quality hiking boots.  He could only wear them once because they were too small. Size 10 Wide. 916-391-1370

Posted 10/2 Yvonne Davis has a bookcase to give away. It is brown wood, 16 inches wide by 23.5 inches high. It has a top, middle and bottom shelves. Yvonne is moving and hoping to give this bookshelf to a new home as soon as possible. Call her at (916) 391-6340

Posted 12/26 Samsung computer monitor with VGA connection, no HDMI. David Nash at

Posted 2/14 Free to a good home,Aldrich Spinet Upright Piano by Kimball.  Call Debbie Grabowski @ 916-718-5891

Posted 3/9 I have some free bricks to give away. They were bought from home depot. You can come to my house to pick up. Sandy Yu (916) 793-0267

Posted 5/8 Sherry Beams has approximately 27 Kerr canning jars (24 oz) plus miscellaneous smaller ones, mostly with rings and no lids. She would love these to find a good home to be filled with good food! If you are interested, contact her at 916-942-9996, or email her

Requesting goods or services:

Posted 4/24 Kay Russell needs help hooking-up a DVD and VHS player. It is a Samsung