Winter “Stay-at-Home” Retreat


Highlights of the 2018 Stay-at-Home

Audio recordings: (NOTE: There are pauses during the recordings for breakout discussions. Either fast forward or use this time to reflect on the subject matter.)
Friday Night Session
Saturday Morning Session 1
Saturday Morning Session 2

The Third Way-How the Gospel of Luke Can Help Us Follow Jesus

The Roman world did not know quite how to describe or what to do with the Christian movement.  So Roman elites called it “The Third Way.”  It was not pagan; it was not Jewish.  It was something so unusual that it became a “third” alternative.  What did that mean?  Our goal is to find out.  Then we will turn to the Gospel of Luke, specifically the “travel narrative” (Luke 9-19), to discern how Jesus taught his disciples to follow a way of life that later became known as “The Third Way.”  In short, we will explore how Jesus called people into a lifestyle that challenged and eventually changed the Roman world.

Why is this important?  Because Christians in America are becoming increasingly defined and divided by identities (political, for example) that undermine the Lordship of Jesus.  Christians confess that “Jesus is Lord.”  He tolerates no rivals.  What could that mean for us today?  How could we return to the “Third Way” movement of the early Christian period?

Our Speaker: Dr. Jerry Sittser

Jerry Sittser is professor of theology at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington.   He is the author of many books, including the best-seller A Grace Disguised and Water from a Deep Well.  As a part of Whitworth’s Office of Church Engagement, Jerry also facilitates a course entitled “The Third Way”, from which much of his content this weekend will be drawn.  Jerry was our speaker at this event last year.  He has a unique ability to communicate deep and unashamed truth with great compassion and grace, through foundations of history, experience, and Scripture.  We are thrilled that he agreed to come be with us a second time!

What’s a Stay-at-Home Retreat?

Seem like a contradiction in terms? How can you retreat at home? Let us show you!
Usually our retreats involve heading off to the mountains, which can be wonderful. But not everybody can make that journey and so we created this new retreat format which is quickly becoming a favorite tradition. Think of all the things we love most about retreats: extended times together as a church family, great food, room for all ages, vibrant times of worship, and compelling speakers who help us grow in grace and faith. All in a beautiful setting…which we happen to have right here on our own church campus. (And all at a fraction of the cost!)  Late January or early February annually.

Please contact the church office at (916) 428-3439 for more information about our retreats