Day 1 — I Want to Be That Person

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Oct 112010

I Want to be that Person 

When people talk about you, do you think they often say things like, “She is such a generous person.”  Or, “I’m always so impressed with how he shares so freely with everybody he meets.”  Lots of people use lots of adjectives to describe us when they talk about us.  Is “generous” one that gets used regularly to describe you?  

I know people I would describe as generous.  With these people it never seems forced.  It just seems like they are able to give joyfully without even thinking too much about it, even when it means they will have to sacrifice.  As Gordon McDonald points out in his introduction to Week One of Generosity, there is a big difference between giving and sacrifice.  “Giving can be done begrudgingly and devoid of love,” McDonald writes.  “But true generosity [which always involves some sacrifice] is always initiated by love.” 

I want to be that person.  Really.  I don’t want to just give because I know I have to, or because I’m supposed to.  I want to learn to share freely the resources God has given to me – my money, my things, my time, my energy – freely out of love. 

It is so important that Gordon McDonald begins this four-week study on generosity focusing on God.  For if any of us are ever going to be truly generous people, giving out of love and not obligation, we have to learn how to do so from God.  God, in Christ, is our model.  Nobody out gives God.  Nobody trumps God when it comes to generosity.  God gave us His only Son.  I wouldn’t do that.  But God did.  

When, and only when, I consider what God has done for me, then I can begin to allow God to transform me into the sort of person who does likewise to and for others.  That is my prayer.

Peace, Pastor Jeff